Hi, this is Lucksta 4eva. I would like to apologize for my absence in delaying to tell you the real reason why it seems as if I've disappeared. If anyone is reading this, they should know that this is my honest fault, and I am truly sorry if this disappoints anyone.

I've been extremely busy, but have still found time to do some updating, the things is, this story is more of an original composition, it was never meant to go Twilight, but for some reason, I decided to do exactly that. I would like to take the chance to change the story back to its original form. But to do this I need the help of you readers.

I think that if I do this, there will be a major improvement, but I cannot guarantee when I am going to start back up. I am planning on starting back up in the New Year, the earlier the better.

Okay, I want to make this story something that you guys will like, so here are some important questions, that will really help me if you answer:

1.I'm thinking of changing the character names. Do you like them or do you think I should change them? I like Tristan, but am thinking of changing Becky's name to Willow, because she will have a strong tie with nature. What do you think, any suggestions?

: the same (What I want may not be what you want), the venomous rose, Forgetting the Scars, scars, The Willow's cry, your suggestion?

, so when I restart, do I restart and update weekly, if so short quicker updates, or long slower updates, or do I write the story, then when I'm finished I update in installments.

this is the last question, do you want me make long chapters and update in parts, or make a lot of short chapter.

I would really appreciate it if you answer these questions, because it will help me update this story. If you want I can work with you like send you a PM when I restart, or if you're anonymous, I could send you an email.

If you've always read, but never reviewed. Review for this, I really need you're help.


Luv ya'll

~Lucksta 4eva ;D