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Introduction: New Surroundings

"Mutants are everywhere. Hiding among us, waiting and watching for their opportunity to gain control. They could be the clerk at your grocery store or your children's teacher! The friends your children bring into your homes may be mutants.

There is no way to tell who is a mutant, so be aware of who you and your children are letting into your lives. Keep vigilant guard against those who would tear your family apart and you will help hold this country together."

The politician stood in front of the capitol in Washington DC, the street below was overwhelmed with people. Even after a month of repeated speeches and meetings after the mutant incident at Bayville High School the people of America were still in a panic. The crowd was restless, stealing glances at friends they weren't sure they could trust and there was a low murmur of whispering. One young woman, however, stood absolutely still. She held a grounded stance and her eyes never wavered from the politician. There was something intense about her gaze… it was challenging and resigned at the same time.

"My fellow Americans you may even find that one day your own sons or daughters show these mutations. You must talk to your children openly about the mutant problem, so they will not be afraid to come to you when they first notice the changes. We are getting closer to understanding what makes someone a mutant everyday and the more we learn, the more information we have to find a cure.

"Until that cure is found we have many resources available to mutants willing to accept help. Counseling, special homes, and gene therapy are only some of the ways we can help mutants. Make sure your children get the help they deserve, don't let them be won over by the growing groups of mutant terrorists and brain washers.
Many mutants scorn our efforts to help. They believe themselves to be above us, that they are superior to humankind . . . and they are gathering followers. Do not underestimate their powers or to what lengths they will go to snare your children. Mutants will divide this country unless we all hold strong together!"

As the crowd applauded, at once enthusiastic and terrified, the Mystique broke her focus from the politician, turned sharply, and walked away. A man with dark black hair and scar followed her leisurely. She had noticed him watching her for the last part of the anti-mutant speech. Despite his suit, he didn't seem like a government goon, but Mystique kept track of him just in case.

Almost everyone in DC was at the speech or behind locked doors; the streets were eerily deserted. The man made no attempt to hide the fact that he was following Mystique, striding casually just 15 feet or so behind her. After a block she turned to face him expectantly.

"Band together but don't trust anyone." He summarized with a small smirk. "That should work well don't you think."

Mystique's guard dropped the tiniest bit, she would at hear him out, but at the same time she became more suspicious.

"I have a proposition for you. Shall we walk?" He asked as he started down the street without a response from her. Mystique fell into step next to him, but stayed a cautious five paces to the side of the dark haired man. She still didn't speak, she didn't know how much he knew yet or who's side he was on.

"I have some idea of what you may be or, at least, who you may be allied with. My organization is in need of talented individuals for some specialized work. Interested?"

Mystique thought for only a minute. "Tell me more." She said. She had no intention of returning to Magneto and her latest encounter with the X-Men hadn't been successful.

"I'm afraid you won't be informed of the details before you reach the destination. This is a secret operation. You will leave immediately, help our operation run smoothly for however long it may take, and be returned to your choice of location at the termination of your employment, and of course you will be amply rewarded. Your payment will be agreed on before the job, but that's all."

Mystique nodded and this time thought carefully about her options. There weren't many, and this was clearly the most profitable. This man seemed to show no more than mild interest in the mutant issue. "That sounds less than reasonable, but as long as the payment is fair I'll take it." She said.

The man smiled. "Good," he said. "Show me what you can do."

Mystique only nodded at the blunt request and walked into a nearby ally. The dark haired man followed, he was either incredibly trusting or assured in his ability to protect himself. Mystique turned and transformed her image from the young black haired woman to a dark skinned policeman, uniform and all.

Sakyo looked thoughtful. "Nice, but what else?" He then attacked with three quick punches and a kick, though obviously as a test. Mystique dodged the first two punches then naihanchi blocked the next punch and brought her arm down hard on the kick. Before the leg could be forced down she caught it with her other hand and with a precise movement sent the man spinning to the floor. She then front flipped, landing next to the supine man and pinned him with her leg across his neck and arms holding his legs. Then she let go and stood.

"I'm also good with weapons and computers." She said, transforming back into the previous woman.

The man also stood and nodded. "How would you like to be paid?"

"Ideally with a way to counter the mutant cure they're developing?" Mystique managed to say it calmly.

"We can get all of the files on their research so far."

Mystique frowned and thought, she would need funding to restart the Brotherhood. "The files and 10,000 US dollars a day, not to amount to less than one million will be sufficient."

The man nodded. "Done." He said and shook her hand firmly. "Please come this way."

They proceeded down the road discussing methods of hacking the research on the mutant cure on the way. Something about his manner made Mystique suspect he spent much time in the company of non-humans. Soon they turned down an alley, coming out onto another street where a helicopter was waiting for them.

"This helicopter will take you to the location." The man explained. "I have other business to attend to. I will call ahead and let my colleagues know to expect you. Ms. . . .?"

"Mystique." She replied curtly.

"My name is Sakyo Valdez. I know it's soon to be asking you to blindly trust us, but it serves as a proof of your dedication to the job as well."

"I'll be fine, whether or not you keep your word."

Once she was inside, the helicopter took off to the west. Mystique transformed into her true blue-skinned form, adding a slinky white halter dress and boots. "That's better." She said, shaking out her long red hair. The generic thug piloting the copter looked only slightly surprised at the transformation.

The helicopter was high class. There were two mini fridges with fancy drinks, expensive cheeses, sausages, and fruits. The seats were made of leather, there were large windows on both side walls, and medium flat screen TV on one of other the walls.

Mystique was content to watch the landscape passing beneath them. After about six hours the landscape of America gave way to the deep blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. After another hour the thug said, "The windows will be shielded from here to the location." Metal sheets unfolded from the hull to completely shut off the view outside. Mystique shrugged and sat down in one of the plush chairs. After about five more hours, Mystique suspected much of this to be doubling back and meandering, they finally landed.

The thug handed Mystique a gas mask and she put it on without question, though she did double check that it worked properly before leaving the aircraft. As they crossed through hot, murky clouds of fumes Mystique caught a sweeping view of tropical forest canopy and ocean spreading in a wide arc as far as was visible. Then they were inside and the thug lead the way to a large meeting room where a few other people were waiting. The thug stopped a few feet from the entrance and indicated that Mystique should continue.

An older man with bushy white hair and an elaborate costume slumped lazily in his chair, feet on the table. He didn't turn around when Mystique entered, but he was obviously aware of her silent presence. Another man in a suit was standing at the far side of the table where a lot of buttons and control panels were, obviously the one in charge.

He looked up, managed to hide any astonishment at her blue skin, and said. "Ah, you must be Mystique. I'm Mr. Ofdensen and this is Jiraiya who will be another enforcer." Jiraiya turned, looked at Mystique unbelievingly, then shrugged as if he'd seen extraordinary things often.

Mystique sat and Ofdensen started the debriefing. "The BORED organization is holding a survivalist style tournament on this island. We have brought together the best fighters from around the world. These people will challenge each other to fights to the death, for the final prize.

"You, along with several other elite specialists, are to be enforcers. Your job is to make sure that the action doesn't stagnate. You will mostly be fighting contestants who are avoiding fights. You may not challenge or otherwise attack a fighter unless so assigned by myself or Mr. Valdez, but if a fighter challenges you we strongly encourage you to accept it."

A hologram of the island appeared above the table. Jiraiya scowled uncertainly at it and moved his feet to the floor. "This is Grand Cross Isle," Ofdensen continued, "the main base is here, between the twin peaks of Split Mountain, a volcano. Each enforcer will be required to station themselves at one of the satellite bases scattered throughout the island -this will allow us to reach contestants as quickly as possible. The more control we have of the contestants the better.

"Lastly, the rainy season is coming up, so get your bases together asap. Any questions?"

Jiraiya spoke. "Do we answer to anyone besides you or Mr. Valdez?"

Ofdensen shook his head. "For now the two of us speak for all the BORED members, but you will be made aware of any other members who might be sending orders. Also, the henchmen might deliver a message for us, but it won't be possible to fake an order. We will mostly contact you by radio."

"What weapons will we be supplied with?" Mystique asked.

"Standard military equipment. We have a variety of guns, explosives, etc. and you will also have the option of using an ATV. Any other questions? Very good, if you'll just follow me we're almost finished." Ofdensen lead them to a supply room. Mystique chose some hand guns and rifles, several rounds of ammunition, a few explosives, and took the keys to an atv. They would be good to have for back up, even if she didn't plan on using them much.

"Don't forget your keycard." Ofdensen stopped her at the door. "You'll need it to get into the bases." Mystique nodded and took the offered card. She shifted her outfit to a more fighting practical leather top and shorts, swung a fully loaded back pack onto her shoulders, then strapped on a gas mask and left the main base.

She drove the ATV two miles northwest, then hid it in a think tangle of jungle vines, removed a couple necessary wires, and covered the tracks for half a mile back. She continued on foot and found a base almost another mile to the North. She activated the keycard and arranged the weapons in easily accessible locations. She scouted out the best watch positions from the base and nearby trees, then filled several canteens and foraged some fruits and roots to supplement the rations she'd taken.

When she had finally satisfied herself to the security of the fort Mystique slept. It was a fitful rest, like that of a predator waiting to hunt.

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