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[A/N] I won the last fight, but my writing wasn't well researched. If you're interested in continuity my explanation for Lilim's continued presence after her master's death is that Mystique misjudged Raidou's resilience and he was still alive after she tore out his throat. Mystique buried him (unknowingly alive) to hide the body from Lilim and he remained barely alive until just after Lilim was killed.

This isn't my only continuity error, but it is the only one that I feel needs to be defended for the major events of the fight to have happened.

[A/N] The other writers for this fight are Khellan Rafe, Jjp55, and Avatarjk137. They are all excellent writers so please go read their versions of this battle.

Mystique & Shadow Vs Kakashi & Mr. Incredible

Mystique surveyed her latest kill as she stretched out her newly healed muscles. Her plan could not have gone better; she had killed the last of Raidou's demons quickly and was now as healthy as when she had arrived on the island. After a last glance at her sprawled opponent, Mystique returned to the headquarters.

Almost as soon as she got in the door Mystique saw the black, hedgehog enforcer –If she remembered correctly, his name was Shadow –Striding purposefully down the corridor. Mystique caught up and fell into step with him. "How's the situation?" She asked.

"Death by Chocolate is still at large, Tashigi is fighting Deadpool, the communications system is down, and I don't know where Ofdensen or Sakyo are." Shadow said with only a slight tinge of frustration.

"Are there any contestants posing a threat here?"

"They've mostly been neutralized, but Kakashi has turned on us. Incredible was sent to take care of him, but hasn't returned yet. I haven't been able to find out more about the situation."

Mystique nodded. "Course of action?"

"We'll try to get the communications system back online and then hopefully find the bosses. If they're safe we get off this ticking bomb ASAP."

"Sounds good to me."

They continued another twenty feet before Shadow stopped and removed a panel from the wall. The circuitry inside looked intact but dead.

"I have experience with technology if you need me." Mystique offered.

"I think I can handle this. Can you stand guard?" Shadow's voice reverberated in the control box he was already leaning into.

"Of course. I'll check further down this corridor for a second too. I'll call if I see anything." Mystique said over her shoulder as she walked off. Mystique walked the few hundred feet to the next corner and met Mr. Incredible, the red spandex wearing super hero, coming around the bend.

"Mystique," he said, "I'm taking you into custody for cooperation with BORED's tournament. I will need your help to locate Mr. Valdez and Mr. Ofdensen."

Mystique arched a red eyebrow at Incredible's statement. While she was still deciding whether to respond with words or with and attack she sensed another presence to her left. Kakashi's fist connected with Mystique's face just as she turned to see him. She was knocked over, but quickly regained her feet.

Mystique shifted her nose back into place and wiped the green blood from her lip. She expected another attack to follow, but Incredible had stepped in front of the ninja. She had met Kakashi once before and recognized him by his messy white hair and forehead protector covering his left eye. "Kakashi!" Incredible said "We need to give her the chance to come without resistance."

Mystique leapt into the air and spun kicked Incredible in the side of the head. The superhero was only knocked back a step. Mystique landed neatly on her feet and said loudly "I'm afraid you won't get much cooperation out of me." She hoped that Shadow would hear her, or at least the clamor that was sure to follow.

Incredible frowned and charged toward the mutant with his head down like a bull. Not wanting to dodge into Kakashi, Mystique vaulted over Incredible's hulky shoulders. As she landed the mutant scanned for Kakashi. She couldn't see the ninja anywhere but that wasn't exactly surprising seeing as he was… well, a ninja.

A shuriken whizzed past her face from the right so Mystique hurried to that side of the hallway. She caught sight of Kakashi and aimed and elbow strike at his neck, but the next second there was a loud poof and white smoke appeared. Mystique felt the splintering of wood as her elbow connected with the log Kakashi had substituted for himself. Mystique was thrown off balance and before she recovered Kakashi landed a side kick to her ribs. Mystique spun with the direction of force and swiped low with her leg. Kakashi jumped over the attack and hopped back. Mystique sensed an attack coming from behind and rolled forward. Incredible's fist hit only air as Mystique came up and countered with a palm strike to his extended elbow. Incredible winced as it hit, but his muscle mass kept the joint from breaking.

Mystique took the opportunity to check Kakashi's position and saw that he had started making the hand seals for a ninja jutsu. Before she could start toward the Shinobi a black blur rammed into his side, sending him to the ground and interrupting his jutsu. Shadow came out of his spin and drop kicked Kakashi's knee. The ninja's speed was good and he managed to move so that the kick only glanced off his leg.

Mystique returned her attention to Incredible as he tried to grab her arm. While pulling her limb out of the way the mutant struck out with a snap kick and hit Incredible's knee. He grunted, but pressed forward with another attack, this time an uppercut punch. "People like you just don't know when to quit." Incredible said.

"Must we do the comic book dialogue?" Mystique asked. She could see Kakashi fighting Shadow out of here peripheral. Both opponents were zooming around the room; though Shadow was faster, Kakashi was better at unexpectedly changing direction and hiding. Neither was landing many hits on the other.

"Only because you're being the super villain... or are you the evil side kick?" Incredible bent his knees, getting ready to launch into another volley of attacks.

"Very funny." Mystique spat. "But that distinction would only matter if you were strong enough to beat. I don't see that matters so much since I'm going to kill you."

"Mystique!" Shadow yelled from behind her. "Behind you!"

Mystique heard a crackling noise and turned to see Kakashi less than a foot from her at her with a swirl of blue-white energy around his hand. As Kakashi struck Incredible roughly threw Mystique out of the way and shoved Kakashi in the opposite direction.

"Incredible, what the hell?" Kakashi shouted.

"You could have killed her with that lightning thing." The Superhero yelled back.

"That's what the Chidori is for." Kakashi sighed, "Incredible, these people are evil. We need to stop them."

"If we can't do that without committing murder how are we any different from them." Incredible crossed his arms.

"Because we don't kidnap people and make them fight each other to the death for entertainment." Kakashi took a step towards Incredible. "You're completely different from them, but they need to be stopped."

Mystique was sitting where she'd landed on her butt when Incredible threw her. She looked to Shadow who was standing still watching their opponents' debate. She jerked her head toward the two, wondering if they should continue attacking. Shadow shrugged and shook his head in confusion. Mystique stood cautiously. Kakashi glanced at her but looked back to Incredible.

"We don't have to kill to stop them, I won't accept that. And I won't let you kill anyone, just because it's more convenient for you." Incredible said.

"You're going to stop me?" Kakashi scoffed.

"If I have to." Incredible stood with feet apart and grounded.

"You don't have to." Kakashi said. Just leave me alone and worry about your own opponent."

Mystique tensed as Kakashi turned to her. She sprang into a leap over his head as he rushed towards her. Before she landed Incredible was already on Kakashi.

"Incredible stop! We shouldn't be fighting right now." Kakashi yelled. Incredible tried to grab the Shinobi into a bear hug but in a poof of white smoke he was hugging a log.

"I'm not going to let you compromise my morals Kakashi. If that means taking you out before I deal with these two, so be it." Incredible ran towards Kakashi's new location.

"Incredible, you brought this on yourself!" Kakashi yelled and then dashed forward to meet the super hero. The ninja dodged under the bulkier man's first attack and turned swiftly to strike the back of Incredible's head. The super hero shook it off and turned to attack Kakashi, but the Shinobi was no longer in sight. Incredible stood still for a moment, and then pounded the closest wall with his fist. Kakashi fell from his precarious hold near the ceiling, but jumped onto his feet in time to narrowly miss a punch from Incredible.

Shadow found his way next Mystique and whispered, "Should we let them finish each other off or do we join in the chaos?"

"I think we have a better chance of beating them quickly if we attack now." Mystique said. "The confusion will work more to our advantage in this situation."

Shadow nodded and they both sprinted forward to attack. Shadow leapt high in the air and rolled into a spin attack bearing down on Incredible. Incredible caught Shadow in his descent and, though he was buffeted by Shadows spines, by squeezing tightly was able to stop the spin attack and throw Shadow into the far wall. Three cracks spread from the wall where Shadow hit.

Mystique shifted into her raven form and flew around Kakashi once before landing behind the Shinobi. When Shadow hit the wall she dropped into her true form behind Kakashi. She thought that she had been absolutely silent, but the ninja turned as she punched and caught her strike with his palm. Three metallic claws shot from Mystique's hand through Kakashi's. Fighting with Wolverine's claws was almost second nature to Mystique so she twisted sharply, slicing through tendons and nerves. Kakashi brought his knee up quickly and kicked the mutant in the gut. Mystique fell back and Kakashi was freed, if painfully from the blades. Shadow had recovered quickly from hitting the wall and was about to attack Kakashi when Incredible grabbed him from behind and lifted the hedge hog off of the floor.

"What's with you?" Mystique yelled at Incredible, "You're not the freaking Red Cross! Stop saving people."

"People like you?" Incredible asked, struggling to hold onto the cursing, writhing Shadow.

Mystique lifted her chin. "I could have survived that attack."

"Bull shit." Kakashi said, holding his broken hand gingerly. "The Chidori would have ripped you to shreds." Turning to Incredible he added, "I am grateful to you for stopping Shadow from attacking me, but I intend to kill this woman and if you try to stop me I will still take you out." Kakashi then moved his forehead protector to reveal his left eye which was blood red. His manner when he uncovered his eye seemed to suggest he was getting serious now. As if some secret weapon had been unlocked.

"Fine." Incredible said, knitting his brows. He took a step towards Kakashi but at that moment Shadow turned the right way and slipped out of Incredible's arms. The hedgehog wasted no time but immediately swept Incredible's feet out from under him. There was a loud crash and the super hero was down. Not for long though. The incredible stamina that comes with incredible strength meant that Mr. Incredible recovered from getting the wind knocked out of him incredibly quicker than another fighter would. Incredible grabbed a loose piece of pipe by his head and swung it in a circle as he got up to keep Shadow at bay. The hedgehog tried jumping up into a spin attack again, but Incredible swung the pipe like a baseball bat and Shadow was again sent crashing into a wall.

Mystique spared a glance for the crash in-between dodging attacks from Kakashi. The ninja had attacked her as soon as Shadow was free of Incredible. It took slightly longer for Shadow to get up this time, but Mystique wasn't worried about him. Mostly because she was busy worrying about herself. No matter how suddenly she dodged or where she turned to attack Kakashi seemed able to read and anticipate her every move. One of Kakashi's kunai grazed her leg, but Mystique didn't stop to check it. By now she knew to expect the extra attacks that followed right behind. This time they came in the shape of another kunai and two shuriken following the first. The second shuriken sliced a deep cut into her arm before clattering, green streaked, to the floor. Kakashi was keeping his distance more now. She didn't think it was out of fear though; the ninja was simply attacking to do the most damage. He was hardly impaired by his cut up hand. Mystique had hoped that he wouldn't be able to fight as well with his left hand, but Kakashi appeared to be almost ambidextrous. She wasn't sure if he had gotten better at reading her throughout the fight or if it had something to do with the red eye he had revealed. Personally she blamed the eye, there was just something creepy about it.

Sparing another look around Mystique realized that she and Kakashi were suddenly alone. Shadow and Incredible must have taken their fight to another section of the hall. Mystique returned her attention to her own opponent just in time to dodge yet another shuriken. She flipped backwards twice in a direction neither away nor towards Kakashi hoping to mess up his predictions, but no sooner had she landed than a kunai speared her forearm.

"Damn it!" Mystique yelled. She pulled the kunai roughly from her arm and shifted her skin closed leaving the rest until later. She was growing increasingly frustrated each second that he watched her with his red eye. So the next time she saw an opening Mystique leapt for it. Kakashi was far enough away from her though, that he got enough warning to simply step out of the way of her attack. The ninja then spun around and kicked her directly across the kidneys with enough force that she crashed into one of the larger side rooms off of the hallway. Mystique groaned as she sat up, disappointed in herself for being so rash. She put her hand down to move off of the shelf she'd landed on and cut her palm open on a large hunting knife. Mystique cursed quietly and then held her breath when she heard Kakashi approaching. She had about two more seconds to try and figure out how to turn the situation to her advantage.

Shadow had led Incredible all the way around the hall, finally losing sight of Mystique and Kakashi. They fought up and down the different halls. It was an annoying fight. Incredible had good strength in his punches but Shadow was too fast for almost anything to hit. Incredible was fairly good at dodging Shadows attacks, but when they did hit they didn't do enough harm to slow him down.

Shadow struck at Incredible's ribs but he turned enough so that it only hit his gut. Incredible countered with a swipe at Shadow's head but the hedgehog easily dodged it. This time though, Shadow noticed that Incredible had built up some forward momentum trying to get to him. It gave the villain an idea and Shadow began systematically attacking and dodging as close as possible to Incredible while being far enough ahead for the momentum to keep building.

"You little mongrel, you're playing with me." Incredible yelled as Shadow continued to stay in striking range instead of retreating to safety.

"Just a little bit." Shadow admitted smiling. And then he saw his opening. Shadow grabbed one of the chaos emeralds from his bandolier and yelled "Chaos Spear!" Before Incredible could think to move out of the way a bolt of pure energy penetrated through his Chest and out of his back. Incredible was dead before he hit the ground, his heart dissolved in the extreme blast.

Shadow took Incredible's keycard and laid him to the side of the hall with as much dignity as you can give someone who has a gaping, energy seared hole in his chest.

Shadow dashed back to see what help Mystique needed with Kakashi. He didn't know where either fighter was until he noticed the fresh blood outside a door to a side storage room. Shadow peered cautiously inside. He couldn't see Mystique but noticed Kakashi after scanning the room a couple of times. The ninja carefully stalked the perimeter of the room, checking in the corners and on the ceiling for the mutant. Suddenly a knife seemed to flash from nowhere. A line of red crossed Kakashi's waist. He doubled over and fell to the ground with a muffled cry. Mystique pealed herself from the upper wall, her skin and clothes perfectly matching the grey paint and her body shifted into a thinner and flatter form. She reverted back to herself again and though she had already sliced completely through Kakashi's stomach she twisted the knife as it came out and slit his throat for good measure. The mutant fell to her knees in exhaustion and checked Kakashi's many pockets. She found his key card and slid it into her own pack along with a couple of his kunai.

Mystique rose slowly, looking down on the corpse of her opponent. Shadow stood in the doorway and watched as she wiped her bloody hands on her thighs. She felt his gaze, looked up quickly, and then strolled to the door when she saw it was not an enemy. "Incredible is taken care of?" She asked.

"He's dead." The hedgehog confirmed, "I almost had the communication system up before I heard the commotion. It shouldn't take more than another minute to get running."

"Good. I'm sure Sakyo and Ofdensen are as ready to get out of this hell hole as we are. Let's contact them and get moving."

"I like the sound of that plan." Shadow said. He and Mystique made their way back to the communications panel, taking time to step around the smears of gore and pools of blood left behind by the many battles that had been fought through these corridors.