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Light silver eyes shone with suspicion as they looked around. He bit his lip almost in a nervous manner, tense and silent. There was a rustle in the trees and he jolted, looking in the direction of the sound. There was nothing there and that's what made him nervous. Suddenly there was a shout of "BANZAI!" and he was tackled. A sharp yelp of surprise escaped him as they tumbled to the ground, the dark haired boy straddling him. "I found you, Silver!" Silver smiled and laughed, "Yeah, yeah, get off Gold!"

"Aw but I'm comfy!" the child whined but he was grinning like the Cheshire cat. The boy underneath him rolled his eyes and pushed the other off. "You're so weird." He told the amber-eyed boy. Gold just laughed.

The two of them were best friends; they had been ever since Silver had moved to New Bark Town. 7 and 8 respectively but strangely mature for their ages, Silver and Gold could hardly be seen away from each other.

Gold took a hold of Silver's hand, "C'mon, c'mon! Our moms will yell at us if they catch us in the forest again." "Okay, okay!" the two ran back to their hometown just in time to smack into Professor Elm. "Oops. Sorry professor!" Both said at the same time.

Professor Elm was actually just an apprentice to his father at the time but the kids insisted calling him professor for reasons unknown to everyone. He adjusted his glasses and smiled at the two, "Been playing in the forest again? You ought to be careful or you'll get caught!" "We know!" Silver and Gold chorused together, grinning identically. "See you later professor!" They scurried off.

"Should we go to my house or yours?" Gold asked, tilting his head. "We went to yours yesterday, let's go to mine!" Silver took his hand this time and the two ran off again.

When they opened the door however, they were surprised to find it empty. "Mom never leaves the house unlocked when she's gone…Even if I am outside." Silver said, a bit worried. "Come on, let's look a make sure she's not here." Gold said with a small smile. So the two split up to search.

Silver went to his mother's room, finding the door closed but he heard muffled sobs coming from inside. Frowning, he opened the door and peeked inside, spotting his mother on her bed, holding something close to her. "Mom?"

She looked up; tears streaking down her beautiful but flushed face. "Oh, Silver…" The redhead went over to his mother, climbing onto her lap where he was hugged tightly. "Oh my son…I'm sorry I'm so sorry…" His mother sobbed. "Mom, what's wrong?" He asked, looking up at her in concern.

"It's your father." Silver stiffened. He didn't like his father and he tried to avoid him whenever he possibly could. "H-he..." She tried to calm herself. "He wants you back in Viridian City." Silver's eyes widened in shock and terror. "Wh-what!? No! I-I don't want to!" Tears began forming. His mother hugged him and he clutched her shirt, shivering. "I'm sorry…" She whispered, stroking his hair. "I wish I could do something…but he will be here tomorrow." Silver suddenly pushed himself away and ran out of the room, his mother making no move to stop him.

Not paying attention to where he was going, Silver crashed into Gold and both of them tumbled to the ground. Gold blinked before looking up at the tear-streaked face. "Silver? What's wrong?" he asked, sitting up slowly. Silver said nothing but suddenly hugged Gold tightly, heavy sobs racketing his body. Gold blinked in confusion but slowly hugged back. Whatever was upsetting his best friend must be something horrible.

"M-my dad's t-trying to take me b-back to Viridian" Silver hiccupped and continued, "B-but I don't w-want to go!" Gold felt his own tears sting his eyes. Silver was leaving? No! He didn't want that! Both of them clung to each other, silently crying for the loss they knew they would feel.

End of Chapter one

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