The Rose and the Sunflower


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The scene before Tim reminded him of one that happened years ago. It was back before he was an agent-in-charge, when he was still a member of Team Gibbs. The young Marine was standing out on a ledge. Experience had helped him overcome his fear of heights; well that, and his pride refused to allowed him to show his old fear to his own team. He would never be comfortable with heights, but he could work through it. He needed to. For times like now, as he slowly edged his way out to the man.

"What's your name marine?" McGee asked. "Mine's Tim."

"John Davis, sir," the man whispered.

"Well, John, would you like to tell me what we're doing out here?" Tim wanted to know.

"You wouldn't understand," he told McGee, turning his head away for a moment. That moment gave a possible reason for what was going on inside the man's head.

"Try me; you would be surprised by what I could understand."

"You're lying," he paused, "nobody can understand what I'm going through."

"I think I do, John. It starts out so innocent. You feel under the weather. You keep telling your self it's nothing, but whatever it is just keeps getting worse, so finely you go see a doctor. He runs a few test a few x-rays and the like. Then all of a sudden you're in the hospital and people are running CT and PET scans on you," was Tim's reply.

"How could you know that?" Davis gasped. "I haven't told anyone yet."

"I saw the mark on your neck. I know what dye is used to light up cancer cells in the body. I had the same crap injected into me when I had my CT and PET done," he answered.

"You don't look sick, sir, how you could have cancer?" Davis asked.

"I got better when after treatment," this seemed to calm the Marine down a bit, "What cancer do you have?"

"Thymic blastioma…and you, sir? What did you have?"

"Thymic carcinoma."

"That's the worst of the two," Davis said, surprised.

"You're telling me," Tim said wryly, "It seemed like I got all the complications I could get, with this cancer, but I survived."

"Tell me about, sir," the young man had seemed hearten by the news that Tim had recovered and survived.

"Sure," he replied.

McGee learned long ago sharing the burden with someone lessened it. Even his team had leaned in to hear his story. They had always griped that they didn't know a lot about their enigmatic boss, but now it would seem they were going to learn something huge.