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Inuyasha/Vampire Knight

Pairing: Ichijou/Kagome/Kaname, Yuuki/Zero

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Higurashi Kagome looked towards the large castle-like school, her blue eyes wide. This was the school she was to go to now?! It was so... big – much bigger than Sesshoumaru's mansion.

'I had no problem with my old school...' Kagome thought with a bit of bitterness, her eyes narrowed at nothing in particular. Yes, she had struggled a bit, but that was only because of her time in the past. She was sure that she was doing much better now – but the damn dog had to abruptly yank her out, withdraw her, and enroll her within an entirely different boarding school – all without any kind of real, good explanation.

In short, she was pissed at him.

And now, she had a note – it finally explained things for her, not that she really wanted to accept the stupid explanation.

Apparently, at this school, the supernatural were attending – and Sesshoumaru wanted her to figure out what exactly they were, even if he could've done it himself in much less time. 'He's just lazy,' The miko sniffed, ignoring the chilled breeze of the night, 'He's more than able to run a company and figure out what's up with this school...'

And to make things even worse, he had decided to send her to the damn school in the middle of the damn night! It would already make her weird and strange to the other students – not that she really cared what others thought of her.

And here she was, waiting for the two school prefects to come pick her up and take her to the Headmaster of Cross Academy. Luckily, for her, it didn't take all that long for the two prefects to appear.

"Higurashi-Taisho Kagome-sama?" A sweet voice suddenly asked her, though Kagome wasn't too surprised by the quick appearance. Her fine brow raised, her blue eyes piercing into the eyes of the silver-haired boy – who merely gave a glare back.

What the hell?! This boy had to definitely be one of these supernatural beings that Sesshoumaru had told her about. He was not any kind of youkai she had ever sensed before... and there was no way that he was human either...

A cute-looking girl smiled at her, obviously waiting for her answer. "Err— just Kagome, you don't have to call me Higurashi..." Kagome paused, and then added, "And just forget the Taisho altogether." She said with annoyance, she would never consider herself as a part of Sesshoumaru's 'family,' the dog was just too arrogant, and they weren't much on friendly terms.

The only reason that she was here was he had basically forced her to be here. Otherwise, she would just be living her much-wanted normal life.

The brown-haired girl smile widely, not even thinking that it was strange for a new student to be showing up in the middle of the night. No, in her eyes, that wasn't strange at all. "Alright, Kagome-chan! My name is Cross Yuuki, but you can just call me Yuuki." The girl introduced herself, now turning to Zero expectantly, and frowned when she noticed his glare.

Zero merely had his hand in his pocket, fingering his weapon, and ready to use it any time. This girl was most likely a vampire. Why else would she show up in the middle of the night? She certainly didn't smell like any normal human either... so that was the conclusion he came up with.

He wouldn't be hospitable to a vampire.

"Zero!" Yuuki said sharply, elbowing him in the stomach when he failed to respond. The new girl didn't look so offended; she merely observed the scenery while waiting for his name. Yuuki turned back to Kagome, waving her arms wildly, laughing nervously, and blushing ever so slightly at Zero's embarrassing behaviour.

"Ah— don't mind Zero! He's like this all the time—!" Yuuki said, blushing even more when Kagome merely laughed, Zero frowned at her with even more hostility.

"Don't worry about it." Kagome stated, highly amused. She was used to it, especially since she had been around Inuyasha for the previous year. His rude behaviour wouldn't affect her in the least.

"Well, he's Kiryuu Zero. Would you like us to take you to the Headmaster now?" Yuuki asked kindly, Kagome smiled back, knowing that she would like this girl. It wasn't often that there were kind humans out there.

"Yeah, if you would." Kagome said, now realising that it was rather cold in the air.

"Okay! Follow me!" Yuuki said with a slightly hyper voice, grabbing Kagome's arm to drag her to Kaien's office. Zero followed slowly, his hands still stuffed within his pockets while he grumbled under his breath, feeling irritated that he had to do this.

Just what the school needed – another damn vampire...

None of them noticed the reddish-brown eyes watching their every move – focused intently on the black-haired, blue-eyed girl...

"Ah, hello, hello – Taisho-sama!" The Headmaster of Cross Academy, Cross Kaien, said in a rather hyper voice, Yuuki merely looked away in embarrassment.

Kagome twitched slightly at the name. "It's Higurashi – just forget the Taisho." She said for the second time that night, making a reminder for herself in her mind to kill Sesshoumaru at a later date.

"Right, right," Kaien waved off, he certainly wasn't expecting a girl like this to be the Taisho fortune heiress, and he was glad for it. He certainly didn't want to deal with a stuck-up brat who got everything because of family name or money. This girl seemed like a down-to-earth sort of person... so far, at least.

"I must say that I was surprised when the Taisho family sent me a request to enroll you, Kagome-sama. Taisho Sesshoumaru is an extremely private person." Kaien said with some interest as he stared at Kagome, who merely glared at the ground with irritation, rolling her rather unusual blue eyes.

"We're not related." The miko said simply, wanting to the enrollment done and over with without having to talk about Sesshoumaru. She turned back to the chairman, ignoring Zero's piercing glare on her back. "So, there are two classes, correct?" Kagome asked with curiosity, wondering which one she would be placed in.

Kaien nodded, now looking much more serious than he did a moment ago. He looked at his adopted children, both stiffened at his look. "Yuuki, Zero, may I please talk to Kagome-sama in private?" He asked, politely asking them to leave his office.

"Of course!" Yuuki nodded, pulling Zero along by his sleeve. Zero merely gave the girl another glare before the two prefects left the room, leaving the other two in silence.

Kagome's brow rose once again, wondering why they would need privacy to merely place her in a class. "Kagome-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama has told me of your situation." Kaien said with a small smile, intrigued be the girl's said situation. There weren't too many real mikos' out there anymore, ones with power, that is.

"...okay..." Kagome said slowly, just wondering what the inu-taiyoukai told this man. He was a human from what she could tell. Though maybe he knew of the supernatural beings that were attended his school?

"You are a miko, correct?" Kaien asked, watching as Kagome's blue eyes widened, before her face went neutral. She nodded affirmatively; this man just had to know about the supernatural then.

Kaien relaxed and sat back against his chair, his mind made up as Kagome affirmed his thoughts. "Well then, I have decided to place you in the night class within the Moon dorm." He said, watching Kagome simply nod. He smiled some; she must not know who exactly attended the night class, then.

"You are aware of the supernatural?" Kaien asked, and Kagome nodded again, only a bit warily this time. Maybe now she would find out just what kind of beings inhabited this school? "The night class is only composed of vampires." He stated, watching Kagome's reaction with interest.

'Vampires?' The miko thought, she wasn't much familiar with the species, only hearing of them in European myths and legends. In fact, she wasn't even aware of their existence at all. So, it came as somewhat as a surprise and shock.

"Sesshoumaru-sama told me that you are irritated by normal humans and that you do much better with demons and such – so I have thought it over and decided to put you in the night class. I know that you are able to defend yourself if—" Kaien cut himself off, not wanting to imply that one of the vampires would attack her – which actually was a possibility.

Sesshoumaru had told him that Kagome's scent and blood were a temptation to most with a sensitive nose, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if she was attacked – but as Sesshoumaru had said, she could defend herself well.

"Yes." Kagome's blue eyes twitched, fuming internally. What was this crap that Sesshoumaru was feeding this man?! She didn't get along with normal humans?! What crap was that?! 'I'll purify his ass!' The miko seethed, blinking as the man handed her a pristine white uniform.

Kaien sat back. "Is this arrangement alright with you?" He asked, just to make sure.

Kagome looked thoughtfully towards the white uniform, before nodding after a moment of silence. It was true that normal humans could irritate her much easier than other beings, and this arrangement sounded alright to her. She was always eager to learn of another species out there, ones who weren't humans, demons, or half-breeds. It would be... interesting.

Kaien smiled, back to his normally eccentric self. He grinned, looking towards his new student. "Alright, then! I will allow Yuuki – she's my adopted daughter – to show you to the Moon dorm." The headmaster said, Kagome folded the uniform in her arms. "You can come back in, Yuuki!" He said in an overly-loud voice, and Kagome had to suppress her smile. He reminded her of Shippou a bit.

The door opened, and her smile disappeared quickly from her face, staring at the new-comer warily. His own reddish-brown eyes stared back apathetically, quickly reminding Kagome of Sesshoumaru – as irritating as that was.

"Oh, Kaname!" Kaien looked a bit surprised at the unexpected visit from the vampire, but quickly bounced back. "Is there something that you need?" He asked in a polite tone, watching Kaname's alluring eyes slid back to Kagome, obviously sizing her up – seeing if she was a threat.

It was obvious that he did not when his form seemed to relax slightly, a distant, polite smile to his attractive face. He seemed to float over to Kagome, and gave a kiss on her hand.

She frowned, not liking the gesture much, though she didn't mind much because the action was distant and rather cold, so she let it go.

She couldn't help the shiver that ran down her spine when he spoke to her.

"I welcome you to the night class, Kagome-sama. I hope that you will enjoy it." Kaname said in his annoyingly polite tone, and Kagome could read the emotions on his cold, apathetic face.

It was obvious to her that he was unsure of a human joining his night class full of vampires.

Well, she'll show him that she can handle these... vampires.

She wasn't the Shikon miko for nothing, after all...

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