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Pairing: Kaname/Kagome/Ichijou, Zero/Yuuki

Kagome found in a matter of moments that she did not like Kuran Kaname – at all.

"Kagome-sama, why did you enroll into Cross Academy?" His almost annoyingly polite tone asked her, causing her to glance in his direction – trying to mold her expression into something apathetic, though she thought it didn't work well as she could feel her eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

'None of your damn business.' Kagome secretly thought, finally answering the vampire's question, "My.... Nii-sama," Kagome bit out – she hated calling Sesshoumaru that, "Thought it would be best if he enrolled me into school that was more.... private than my other one." Kagome answered, not revealing her true intent of being enrolled into Cross Academy – to gain some information on the very species that filled the night class.

Kaname closed his reddish-brown eyes and gave a small smile – something that made Kagome bristle in a literal sense, "That is not what I had heard from Kaien," Kaname glanced back at the annoyed miko, his stance growing a little more tense from his relaxed form, "You are a miko, correct?"

"Oh, so you were listening in to our conversation, then." Kagome confirmed, sneering just a bit, "But yes, I am a miko – and I'm here to watch your species." The miko didn't see any harm in revealing what she sought to do. It would most likely get this vampire angry, and it would get Sesshoumaru pissed off that he found out that she revealed her 'mission' so soon.

Kaname smiled – it was almost dangerous, yet it seemed amused in some way, "How very interesting. I wouldn't mind learning about a miko in turn," Kaname stated, guiding her to the Moon Dorm, "I have already instructed the others about your presence, and ordered them that it is forbidden to attack you in any way."

"How very kind of you," Kagome said in an obviously sarcastic tone, rolling her blue eyes, "I only request that my room is far away from your classmates." The miko sighed, wondering why she couldn't go to class with the humans – she was starting to regret her choice in agreeing to the night class. Perhaps she could still go back and make other arrangements? 'Might as well try it for one night to see.' The miko thought, eying Kaname's back – annoyed that he was so much taller than her rather short height, "Is Yuuki in the night class?" Kagome asked, a small smile appeared as she thought of the nice girl.

Kagome already liked her and her attitude, but sincerely doubted the girl was in the night class because she seemed human and the differences in their uniform colour. Kagome watched as Kaname seemed to tense ever-so-slightly at the mention of Yuuki – ah, so they had some sort of relation, "No, Yuuki is not in the night class. However, she is the prefect that helps protect our secret from the humans in the day class," Kaname said in what seemed to be a slightly softer tone, "Along with Kiryuu Zero – it is best to listen to what they say."

"Yeah, yeah – relax, I'm only here to observe," Kagome rolled her eyes at the vampire, finally realising why she didn't like Kaname at first glance. He was far too like Sesshoumaru for her to possibly ever like, "It's not like I chose to be here." She muttered, though Kaname heard it.

His smile was small, and he gestured to a room, "You may change in here. I will alert the others to your coming. I sincerely hope that you do not react in any way that might warrant an attack." Kaname said, satisfied with Kagome's nod as she opened the door to change in her pristine white uniform as Kaname went on ahead to the classroom with quick speed.

Kagome took her time changing in the uniform, looking at her new mobile phone with some distaste. Sesshoumaru had given it to her so she could call him every night to give him her report on the beings attending the school, 'He'd probably yell at me if he knew that I didn't report it as quick as I found out.' Kagome rolled her eyes again, sighing tiredly as she adjusted the white uniform to her liking, slipping into thigh-high black stockings and knee-high brown boots.

"How the hell do you work these things?" Kagome muttered, knowing that she was rather horrible with modern technology – cell-phones were just the worst with all their little details, "How the hell do I text?" The miko wanted to throw the phone against the wall, but would rather text Sesshoumaru than talk to him because she didn't want to hear his annoying voice.

A knock on the door interrupted Kagome's fuming, and she hurriedly looked up, "You can come in." Kagome called out, blinking as the door opened to reveal Yuuki's cheerful face, "Oh, Yuuki-san, can I help you?" The miko said with a smile – perhaps she could make a new friend while she was here at this academy? It would make this hell just a little bit better for her.

"Oh, you've changed! Wow, that uniform looks good on you," Yuuki complimented, giving Kagome a cheerful smile, "Kaname-sempai asked me to lead you to the night class. So if you could follow me, please." Yuuki gestured as the two girls walked out of the room – Zero was standing out in the hallway, frowning deeply with his arms crossed over his chest, "Zero! Stop being so rude!" Yuuki called out, giving Zero a light glare as he simply snorted at her statement.

"Is there something wrong?" Kagome asked in a polite tone, seeing how he was glaring at her in particular, "You don't seem to like me." She stated bluntly, and Yuukia panicked – trying to defend Zero's behaviour.

"Oh! Don't worry about Zero! He's like this way with everything! Please, don't be offended–!" Yuuki said breathlessly, interrupted by Kagome's snicker.

"No, it's fine. A lot of people don't like me at first glance for some reason," Kagome said thoughtfully, thinking back to when she had first met all of her companions. Most of her friends had tried to kill/harm/kidnap her when they had first met – so, it wasn't too foreign to her, "I'd just like to know why, though." Kagome looked expectantly to the tensed Zero.

"You're one of them, aren't you?!" Zero growled lowly, glaring fiercely, "One of those damn vampires?! Why else would you be joining the night class?!" Zero looked at her hatefully – obviously hating the vampire species altogether.

Kagome looked so completely amused – and almost burst out into laughter. However, she couldn't keep in her snickers, causing Zero to glare at her even more heatedly while Yuuki tried to calm down the silver-haired boy, "You think I'm a vampire?!" Kagome shook her head bemusedly, "I would think that vampires have a superior sense of smell compared to humans. Honestly, what do I smell like?" The miko asked lightly, not wanting to make too many enemies at this academy – Kaname was probably enough with judging how strong he seemed. He almost seemed like a pack-leader type, especially with how similar he seemed to Sesshoumaru – only he was more polite.

"I don't know!" Zero said with frustration – the girl was nothing like he had ever smelled before. Underlying the pure power was a fresh scent, but now that he finally concentrated on it – he could smell the humanity.

"I'm a human – a human," Kagome repeated, still amused that Zero actually thought that she was a vampire, "Though, I am a miko as well." She added, blinking as Yuuki's face instantlty lit up.

"You mean like the ones at those beautiful shrines?!" Yuuki looked excited, "Do you have any power?" The girl asked, remembering reading somewhere that most mikos' nowadays were purely fake – that the true mikos had died out long ago.

"Yeah, it's partly the reason why I was enrolled into the night class," Kagome said, smiling cheerfully back at Yuuki, "Because I can handle myself."

"Tch," Zero snorted again, though his glare had lessened just by a bit. Good, so this girl wasn't another one of those damn vampires, but it didn't mean he was going to start acting all friendly. He just hoped that the girl purified one of those in the night class, "We'll see." He muttered in response to Kagome's statement.

The miko looked back at Zero, wondering what his problem was, "And why do you hate vampires so much?" She asked curiously, seeing very easily that Zero was a vampire himself, "You seem to be one of them yourself."

Zero instantly frowned, not liking being reminded of his situation. Yuuki frowned at him warningly, eying him in case he lost his cool. Zero didn't bother to say anything; instead, he simply turned and walked away.

"Wow, he's not the sociable type, is he?" Kagome raised a brow at the boy's rude behaviour, though she wasn't much offended by it.

"It's complicated," Yuuki stated in Zero's defense, "Anyways, should I lead you to the night class?" Yuuki smiled again, trying to change the topic of conversation as the two girls walked slowly to the Moon Dorm, "So, why did you change schools in the middle of the term, if I may ask?"

"My idiot guardian," Kagome said without hesitation – Kami, she hated Sesshoumaru right now, "He thought it would be nice if I got away from my other school for a while."

"Oh," Yuuki blinked, though was smiling a moment later. Kagome smiled back, this girl really reminded her of Rin – it was a refreshing change for once. All she mostly had to deal with was a dog with an ten-foot icicle up his ass (obviously Sesshoumau), a stalker wolf (Kouga, who couldn't take a hint), a perverted fox (Shippou, who was rather disturbing with his sudden infatuation with her), and an arrogant bitch-dog (Sesshoumaru's mother, who seemed to dislike her entire existence).

Okay, so maybe the vampires were looking golden in comparison now....

"Alright, this is it," Yuuki gestured to the large doors, giving her an apologetic look, "I'm sorry, but I've got to get back to patrol." The girl said, bowing politely as she gave a wave. Kagome smiled at the girl, looking up and pushing the doors open, tensing to prepare herself for what might be inside.

It was Kaname who was the first she saw of the vampire students, giving her that annoyingly polite look while all his classmates were gathered in the dorm – all their eyes intently fixated upon her, effectively making her even more uncomfortable. Kaname was the first to greet her – his reddish-brown eyes almost glowing eerily in the moonlit room.

"Kagome-sama, welcome to the night class...."

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