Hello y'all! Since it's Father's Day I thought I'd make all my drabbles this week either be about John, or at least have him in it as is the case for this one, written for Sensue's birthday. Happy Birthday Sensue! This one's for you! You requested a crossover so I set this in season one of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and since it aired in 1997, Dean's about 17 in this one. Enjoy!

Kids Nowadays

Dean follows John down the halls of Sunnydale High, and frowns when John tells him to wait outside the library while he talks to Giles, his contact. He hates that he's being left out of this hunt and pouts until he sees a tall brunette come his way. She eyes him and he eyes her. He grins flirtatiously.

Later John comes out of the library and finds his son and some girl in a passionate embrace, making out.


Blushing he says goodbye and follows his father out.

Watching them go Cordelia grins, fixes her hair and heads to class.

Hoped you liked it!