Sliver of Me

Summary: Does it really matter anymore? Just take part of me: any part. You already have all of me anyway. (One-sided IxK, K's POV, drabble.)

Is this what love is supposed to be like? I don't know anymore.

Or is this just a silly fantasy of mine?

My problem is that I care about you too much; it's unnatural and unhealthy. It's hard to think anymore because all I can think about is you.

You're slowly taking over my mind, so slowly that I didn't even notice at first.

Is it possible to die of heartbreak?

I don't want to die, but I can feel it. I'm dying because I can't have you.

Ichigo, open your eyes. I'm a poor boy who loves you too much for his own good.

And I can't let go of you, no matter how hard I try.

But I don't know if I even really want to.

I can't leave you because I don't think I could live with myself. But I can't stay, because if I do I'll break even more than I already have.

But when I honestly think of it...

Nothing really matters anymore to me, but you.

You can take anything you want from me: my heart, but you've broken too many times to heal. You can have my soul, but I think that it might be shattered.

I'm damaged goods, but you can have me anyway you want me.

Nothing really matters anymore because you already have all of me: my broken heart, shattered soul, my unworthy self.

But I do have one thing that I can give to you, one tiny sliver of me, that is completely and utterly undamaged.

You have one entirely unchangeable and unharmed part of me, Ichigo.

You have my love.


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