"Right Love, Wrong Time"

TITLE: "Right Love, Wrong Time" after the song by Anuhea! (LOOOOOVE HER---all chapters will be after songs)

SUMMARY: Intro to the upcoming story…

CHARACTERS featured in this chapter: Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler

RATED: PG-13, due to language

BACKSTORY: So, basically Storm met up with Gambit during one of her missions (which she went by herself) where she had a run-in with the Shadow King. She gets herself into some trouble and cannot contact the rest of the X-Men for help. Thankfully, Gambit--somehow!--sees that she is in danger and while trying to help her escape, ends up imprisoned with her. While the X-Men worry and look for Storm for two weeks, Gambit and Storm team up and escape the Shadow King. This is after they have gotten far away from him…

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT own ANY characters! That all beclongs to MARVEL! ^_^


"Thank you very much, Gambit," said Storm to her new mutant friend.

"Don' mention it, petite," Gambit replied with a warm smile.

He didn't know what had empowered him to help this mutant woman escape the evil mutant, Shadow King. But there was something about her that caused him to reach out to her protection. It was almost like a…brother feeling. He'd never felt this way before. For some reason, he felt as if he and Storm were long-time friends and something told him that she felt the same.

"So, where are you off to now that there is no chaos anymore?"

Gambit shrugged. "Don' know. Mebbe Gambit find a new chaos to get into." He gave a low chuckle, and when he saw that Storm wasn't doing the same, he turned to her and saw that she was deep in thought. "Storm?"

She finally looked up at him. "Gambit…what if you came with me?"

Gambit frowned. "Where? To de X-Men?"

Storm nodded. "Yes. You said it yourself that you have no where to go and I can tell that you are in a need of a home. Let Professor Xavier help you…the way he helped me."

Gambit shook his head.

But before he could say anything, Storm took his hand. "Please, Gambit. You have helped me tremendously these past few weeks. I want to make it up to you. Please."

Looking into her desperate eyes, Gambit thought about for a short while. "I don't know, petite…"

"Just…give it two weeks, Gambit. If you do not feel comfortable in the school, then you may leave and will not say anything to oppose it." Her blue eyes pleaded him.

He took a deep breath. Maybe two weeks wasn't so bad. It would give him food and shelter until he figured what his next move was going to be. One thing was for sure…he wasn't going back to his ways from a year ago.

He turned back to Storm and gave her a small smile. "Two weeks, Storm. Dat be it."

Storm gave him a wide smile. "You will not regret it, my friend."

Gambit sighed. He hoped he didn't….


10 Days Later…

"Gambit!" came a voice from behind.

It caused Gambit to jump; therefore, the kiss he was having with one of the mutants females of the X-Men--he forgot her name already--stopped. He frowned as he turned to Storm. "Yes?"

Storm shook her head and gave Gambit a look that he already knew by now meant she wanted to talk…in private.

Gambit grunted. He turned to the mutant woman. "Won't be long, petite."

She gave him a flirtatious smile and nodded. When she turned to leave, she swayed her hips, giving him a nice view of her rear.

He stared after her and gave out another grunt when Storm came up behind him and gave him a push. "What be de problem, Storm?!"

"Gambit, you do realize that you have basically dated almost every single one of the women in the X-Men?" she asked in a disapproving tone.

Gambit rolled his eyes. "Kissing not be de same as dating, Storm."

"Gambit, these can be your future teammates, do you not care? They may want something more and I'm more than sure that you cannot give that to them."

"Storm, dey be old enough--I be old enough in my 28 years. If dey cannot distinguish a relationship from just kissing, den dat not be my problem! Dat be there's. Plus, Gambit warn every woman before he gets into bed wit dem. Also, I still not be too sure bout dis X-Men thing. More den likely I be leaving in four days time since there is nothing that can keep Gambit here."

Storm began to make an argument that Gambit was now tuning out.

Then something caught his eye. It was the X-Men woman he had just been making out with. She was standing outside of her room and giving him a "come-hither" look…and wearing nothing but a VERY short bathrobe.

Gambit's sly smile returned. "Now, if you will excuse this Cajun, Storm. Gambit got to give another woman a warning…."

Storm shook her head as he began to walk away. "Well be sure to be in the Professor's office in two hours. The rest of the team are coming in after their two week mission. And the Professor whishes you to meet them."

Gambit barely heard her. He just gave her a slight nod before entering the room. "Sure, petite. Be there in two hours…" Once he entered the room the mutant woman dropped the bathrobe. His smile only grew. "Or maybe a little more than dat." He closed the door….

Storm shook her head. Unfortunately, she didn't think that Gambit was going to stay here longer than two weeks. There were no ties that kept him here….


"Rogue, you did great," Nightcrawler said for the 10th time in the past half hour.

Rogue shook her head. "Drop it, Kurt." She didn't mean to sound rude to her brother, but she couldn't help it. She was frustrated as hell and she didn't need him to try to cheer her up.
Nightcrawler opened his mouth to argue, but Wolverine immediately stepped in. "Let it go, Blue. Kid's upset."

Rogue bit back a groan. She hated when she was refered to as a kid! She was 24 years old dammit! When were Nightcrawler and Wolvering going to face it?! She had a big urge to just exit this building and fly home. However...that would be a very childish thing to do....

"We'll be home in 2 hours," Wolverine announced as he continued to fly the jet.

Nightcrawler sighed. "Thank the Heavens."

"Wonder if the Professor sent Storm on another mission," Wolverine almost muttered to himself.

"I hope not. All that worrying about where she was... I'm forever grateful that the good Lord sent her home safe."

Wolverine said nothing. He just kept looking into the distance and Rogue noticed that he was flying the jet a little faster than usual.

"Cannot wait to get back home," Nightcrawler said.

Rogue stared out of the window. Home.... For more than 20 years she didn't have one, she was glad the professor had found her and taken her in. It had taken a while to get the trust from the team, but thankfully it was there now. They were almost like her family.... Rogue let out a tiny smile. Yes, she had a home now and true friends...and she was heading back to that now....

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