SUMMARY: After some destruction made by Sabretooth in some major U.S. cities, the X-Men find out his whereabouts. They know he's hiding inside some underground caves and promise the President that they will capture him and turn him over to U.S. officials. The plan is mapped out and everyone is ready. However, when a member of the X-Men comes face to face with Sabretooth, some dark truths are revealed…. Which member is it???

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CHAPTER: "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback

(Two Months Later…)

"Camouflage initiation," Storm said as she hit some buttons on the jet. The jet began to reduce speed. From the outside, the jet quickly disappeared.

"1,500 feet," Emma announced as she steered the jet downwards. Storm got everything ready for the landing, hitting buttons from left to right.

"Alright, team. You know the drill," Cyclops said to his team as Emma announced they were 1,000 feet onto the ground. "Get in, do the job, and get out. I want no fatalities," he said as his eyes lingered towards Wolverine.

Wolverine was pretending as if he wasn't listening.

Cyclops voice grew. "I mean it, Wolverine. Sabretooth is to be brought to this jet so we can give him in to the authorities…alive. Is that understood?"

Wolverine again pretended as if he wasn't listening. He was now filing his claws, wearing the smallest of grins.

"500 feet," Emma announced.

Cyclops' eyes were still glued on Wolverine.

Gambit let out a snicker and he geared himself up. "Don' t'ink he care much, mon ami. You know de Wolfy got it in for de little pussy cat. It serve the cat right if Wolfy decided to take it to de end. After all de murders he committed in DC last week…."

Cyclops turned to Gambit, a frown upon his face. "Whatever the history might be, Gambit, there is no reason good enough to end another life. X-Men do not commit such cruelty. We abide by the law."

It was Gambit's turn to roll his eyes. Cyclops tended to live in a black and white world. Right and wrong. Good and bad. Jail and freedom. There were times when the law could do nothing for justice. Sometimes, it was up to a man to create justice.

As his thoughts took him away, the blackbird finally landed. It was only when his teammates were brushing against him and heading out that Gambit stopped his thinking. He shook his head and followed his team.

When he got outside, he noticed that his fellow teammates were battling with a handful of mutants. Sabretooth's bodyguards, Gambit thought to himself. He took out a new deck of cards and was prepared to charge them when he noticed that the enemy was down.

Behind him, he saw that the door to the Blackbird closed. Now, the jet was completely camouflaged.

Cyclops turned to all of the X-Men. "Alright. Everyone on my team, we go in first. Storm's is up next, then Rogue's is last. Nightcrawler, Beast, and Cecilia will be here, navigating us and preparing the jet just in case things don't go real smooth and we have to make a quick getaway." He pressed onto his X-Men communicator. "Beast? You read?"

"Nice and clear," came Beast's voice from Cyclops' communicator speaker.

"Nightcrawler? Cecilia?"

"Roger," came Cecilia's voice followed by Nightcrawler's, "Crystal."

Cyclops turned to the teammates in front of him. "Now, any questions about what is to be done before we head out?"

No one responded.

He gave a short nod and then turned to Emma. "Are we clear?"

Emma closed her eyes and looked as if she was using her telepathic abilities to know who was inside the caves they were about to enter. Once she opened her eyes, she turned to Cyclops. "We should be."

Cyclops began to lead the way in, Emma, Havok, and Polaris at his heels.

A few minutes later, Storm went through another cave entrance that was hidden. Luckily, Beast had caught it before they left the mansion. It was the perfect way to get in undetected. Wolverine, Colossus, and Angel went with her.

"Tell me again, why do we need this many X-Men to capture a meaningless mutant?" Shadowcat asked.

Banshee let out a small sigh. "Sabretooth is good, but to commit what he has in the last few weeks is too much for him. He has to have some of the most powerful mutants working with him. We're just being smart about it."

"So, why are we spreading out in three teams? Shouldn't we all go in together?" Shadowcat still did not understand.

This time, it was Rogue who answered, "Cyclops is takin' the front. He's gonna take out as many as he can. It is the most strongest team that he's got. Storm's going through the secret way so if any of 'em try to escape, she'll be waiting for 'em. We're takin' the back way, for whoever is left."

Shadowcat pouted. "So, we're the leftovers?"

Gambit smirked and wrapped his arm around the young mutant. "How can you t'ink dat, petite? We have the strongest X-Man wit us," he said a he motioned his hand towards Rogue.

Rogue smiled at Shadowcat and gave her an encouraging wink.

Suddenly, Gambit felt the tense left Shadowcat.

Rogue checked her watch. "Time to go."

The four moved towards the back of the caves, being extremely careful. It took a good while to get there.

Rogue pushed her communicator. "Kurt? How the others doin'?"

Nightcrawler's voice came quickly. "Beast is still navigating Cyclops zrough ze caves. It is a long valk to get to ver ve t'ink zey are."

Rogue let out a small grown. "Yeah, we still ain't to the back o' the caves yet ourselves."

As Gambit continued in his small jog, he could tell that they still had another five minutes from reaching their destination.

"I know," came Rogue's brother's voice. "I can zee you. You should be zere in approximately four minutes. Just--" He cut off.

Gambit frowned and turned to Rogue, who was flying three feet above him.

Worry spread across her face. She pressed onto her communicator. "Kurt? Do you copy? What happened?"

Kurt's voice came back only briefly. "Change in plans. Continue on. I vill get back to you in vone minute."

Rogue turned to Gambit with a questioning gaze.

Gambit shrugged.

After jogging for a good minute, Nightcrawler got back online. "My apologies. Apparently, Storm got to Sabretooth first. The secret passage has a much closer proximity to vere zey are at. Cyclops is a good five minutes from reaching them."

"So, we gonna be headin' to another destination?" Rogue asked her brother.

"Yes. No vorries. I vill guide you."

Once they got to the back entrance of the caves, Nightcrawler guided them for a good fifteen minutes. Nightcrawler had been right, Gambit thought as he continued abiding his navigation, these caves were deep and long.

"How the hell are we able to breathe fine down here?" asked Shadowcat. She took out her water bottle and took a gulp.

Banshee pointed toward the pipes that were placed along the walls. They had small holes throughout them.

"Oh," Shadowcat said as she put away her water.

They continued walking.

"Rogue," Nightcrawler's voice sounded a bit stressed.

"What is it?" asked Rogue.

"Havok just announced that a couple of Sabretooth's men are headed your way."

Rogue turned to her team, giving them an encouraging look. "Roger."

"Careful, little sister. Angel said zat zere's many of zem."

"We'll be alright." Rogue sounded confident. She turned to Gambit, Shadowcat, and Banshee. "Banshee, I need you in the back end. Gambit and I will stay up front. Shadowcat, stay in the middle. I want you close by to any one of us in case things get a little too crazy."

For some reason a warmth of pride erupted inside of Gambit as he watched Rogue give out these orders. He found her self assurance and confidence was very sexy. Rogue had always been a very sexy woman, but her self reliance was admirable and beautiful.

After Cyclops had to take on more demanding tasks in the mansion, he and Storm decided they needed two more X-Men to take on stronger leadership roles. Cyclops was now full-time headmaster and father and Storm was co-head mistress. Emma was the first picked for field leader and then Rogue. Neither was a big surprise to any of the X-Men members. They all trusted both of them when it came down to duties.

Rogue was about to reach her 27th birthday and in the two and a half years that Gambit had known her, he had seen her become such an incredible woman. Every day with her, he saw her growth. And something told him that he was just getting a glimpse of who she was capable of being.

He knew he loved her now. Had recognized it. The feelings he had for her were more than infatuation or liking. Never in his 31 years had he felt something as strong as this and he doubted he ever would again. Rogue had cast a spell on him since the first day they had met and he knew it would never go away.

"Remy?" Rogue's voice came to him, pulling him away from his train of thought.

Gambit snapped his head to her eyes. "You say sometin', chere?"

Rogue rolled her dark green eyes. "Jus' stay right behind me, Cajun." She began to lead the way through the caves.

Gambit stared after her as a smirk erupted over his lips. "I won't complain about dat."

For the next few minutes the four X-Men walked along the caves, alert of their surroundings. Sure enough, they began to hear something from up ahead.

Soon, about ten evil mutants came their way. Once they saw the X-Men, they attacked.

Even though Gambit did his best to help his teammates whenever it felt as if they needed it, he was more attentive of Rogue. Although he knew she could more than take care of herself, it was as if he was in tuned with her. Every time she made a turn, he mirrored it. Every time she took a few steps away from his, he followed. And he felt as if whenever he committed the actions first, whenever he made the first moves away from hers, she followed. They covered each other's weak spots. With every battle they shared, this psychic ability they seemed to share just grew stronger.

In just a few minutes time, Rogue and Gambit took down their rivals.

Gambit turned to Rogue, giving her a smile. "Not too bad, chere."

Rogue rolled her eyes and was about to say something; however, something caught her eye. "Oh, good Lord." She rushed passed him.

Gambit frowned and turned towards where she was headed. His eyes opened wide and ran with her.

Banshee was in the floor, bleeding and looking as white as a sheet.

"What on earth happened?" Rogue asked as she crouched over him and examined his wound.

Banshee let out a moan. "Wasn't paying…too much attention." It sounded as if his words were very difficult for him to let out.

Gambit took out his bag and began to take out what was necessary for him to heal the wound as much as he could. "T'ink you might have to miss dis mission, mon ami."

Together, Gambit and Shadowcat tended to the wound as Rogue talked to Nightcrawler about what happened to them.

After Gambit and Shadowcat were done, they went over to their rivals who were passed out on the floor still and shot them with some medicine that would guarantee they would be completely out for the next couple of hours.

Once they finished, Gambit turned to Rogue who had just finished talking to her brother. "What's de plan, chere?"

Rogue let out a sigh. "Storm's team are on their way here. They'll take care of the swamp rats. Meanwhile, we still got a job to do." She turned to Shadowcat. "Ya gonna have to take Banshee by yo'self, sugar. They'll be waitin' for ya outside."

Shadowcat nodded and helped Banshee to his feet.

As they headed towards the exit, Rogue lead the way towards their destination. "Kurt was also tellin' me that Cyclops almost had Sabretooth. However, he got away."

Gambit frowned. "How he manage dat?"

"He took a hostage. A young human girl."

"Perfect," Gambit said sarcastically. "Where he headed?"

"Not exactly sure. He took a secret passage way that Cyclops was unable to follow him through."

"Why not just beam his way in?"

Rogue gave him a look and pointed up towards the ceiling. "Forgotten we're underground already, Remy? If Cyclops or anyone else were to try to tear anythin' down, then we all be in some major trouble."

Gambit gave a slight nod. "Guess de Sabretooth thought t'ings through dis time, non?"

Rogue nodded as well and continued to walk down the passage.

They entered what appeared to be a room. From the look of things, nothing or no one seemed to be inside. On the opposite end was another hallway and decided to walk towards it.

From his calculations, Gambit figured they were about half a mile deep inside the cave. And everything was getting darker and colder. He saw Rogue shivering a bit. He gave a smirk and leaned in closer to her, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

Rogue turned to him with razor sharp eyes. "What d'ya think you're doin'?"

Gambit continued to smirk at her. "Just keeping you cozy, chere."

She gave him a slight push. "Keep those hands to yaself, Cajun. Ah told ya before--"

She didn't get to finish her threat because just then, they saw a figure coming towards them from the hall.

Gambit turned towards Rogue and she gave him a look that told him to hide and get ready for whatever it was that was heading towards them. He gave her a nod and dashed into a hiding place. She did the same.

From the shadows, he heard some crying and panting. In a few seconds, Sabretooth came into view with a fragile terrified looking girl in his arms.

"Shut up, kid," Sabretooth threatened.

The young girl continued to cry, although her voice did lower.

Gambit's fingers went straight to his cards and was more than ready to charge the bastard as soon as Rogue gave him the go.

Rogue seemed to be waiting for Sabretooth's back to face them until she decided to charge and attack him because she kept Sabretooth walking.

Gambit was more than anxious, but kept still.

As soon as Sabretooth was almost to the door of the room they were in, Rogue gave Gambit the signal.

He didn't wait a second more. He charged his card and charged towards Sabretooth as quietly as he could.

Rogue did the same as she flew swiftly.

However, they had seemed to forget that Sabretooth had the senses of an animal because he made a quick and powerful jump towards the door with the girl in his arm. The girl squealed out.

Once to the door, Sabretooth turned to both Gambit and Rogue. He gave a low and evil chuckle and pressed something hidden in the wall.

Rogue and Gambit hurried over towards the door entrance.

However, once they were almost there, a glass closed down on them, blocking them from Sabretooth and the girl.

Gambit frowned but was not completely surprised. Sabretooth had come to know this place very well and knew where all the buttons were to close doors.

He grabbed his card and was about to throw it towards the glass.

Rogue however, pulled back his hand. "Don't! Caves, remember?"

Gambit let out a curse.

From the outside, Sabretooth pressed a button, letting Gambit and Rogue hear his laughter. "This feel a little bit like déjà vu don't it, Gambit?"

Gambit's eyes turned angrier, charging one of his cards. He didn't care if a few little rocks landed on him. Plus, Rogue was real strong and could possible fly them both and the girl out of here. Sabretooth could be burried alive.

Sabretooth lifted up his hand. "Uh-uh-uh." He shook his head. "That heat'll only kill off the oxygen you're already running low on." He gave a dark chuckle and held on tightly to the young girl. Gambit saw him press another button.

Gambit looked up and found that the pipes above them weren't showing to be giving anymore air. Dammit!

Sabretooth continued to hold the speaker button. "Well, I gotta say. This girl here sure ain't a hot looking brunet and doesn't have any jewelry, but she'll still make the list of women I marched away with. Taking her from you. Sucks that you're losing in this game, Gambit."

Rogue frowned, not understanding with this meant or why Sabretooth had just used Gambit's name in a tone as if the two were old buddies. She turned to Gambit, wondering. "What is it, Gambit?"

Gambit's angry face instantly turned white as he turned to her. He looked speechless. As if he had just been caught doing something bad. "Uh…"

This only troubled Rogue even more. Gambit was never speechless.

It was Sabretooth that spoke next. He was using the equipment for them to be able to hear him. "What is it, Gambit? She doesn't know about Minnesota?"

Gambit's white face turned to Sabretooth and his anger emerged once again.

Sabretooth showed his teeth as he barked out in laughter. "Oh, Gambit. You never will trust anyone, will you? And from what I've tended to see whenever I bump into you is that this young pistol here is in the list of women that has you weak to the knees. Seeing as to how much you probably love her, I don't blame her from keeping her in the dark about the skeletons in your closet."

Even though Gambit was not looking at her during the moment, he knew that about a million questions were running through Rogue's head at the moment.

Yes, he had history with Sabretooth. Had a passed that he did not want Rogue knowing about. Ever. And if she ever were to find out--which he prayed to never happen--he wanted to be the one to tell her. Because she needed to know his side of the story. Most of his life he had been poorly judged and accused. He didn't want the same thing to happen with Rogue. Because yes, although he had fallen "in love" many times, none of them compared to the way he felt about this fiery Southern belle. Usually his heart belonged to a woman for a good four months or so, but their time expired. This time around, it had been more than two years and Rogue still held the key to his heart.

Sabretooth turned to Rogue and continued to grin. "Piece of advice, doll. The only thing LeBeau feels in his heart is the need to break yours. That's the thing he's best at...stealin' people's hearts...their trust...you'll find out yourself. Once you really trust him, really care, and fall head over heels f'r him...you'll watch as he takes everythin' you have to give…"

It took everything Gambit had in him to not use his kinetic energy at the moment. He knew the heartache he had caused other women in the past, but there was no way in hell that he would ever do the same to Rogue. He never intentionally hurt her.

Sabretooth gave Gambit a wink. "See you around, LeBeau." Then ran off.

Gambit's head stayed in the same spot. He didn't dare to turn to Rogue. He wasn't ready to face her and did not want to answer any questions she might ask.

"Kurt? Kurt, you there?"

She was going to act professional at the moment. Gambit decided to do the same,. There were bigger things to worry about. He began to look around, trying to see if there was any way they could get out of here without them using their powers. Because Sabretooth was right. These walls would trample down on them and they would have no hope.

"'Opy. 'An arely hear you," came Nightcrawler's staticy voice.

"Why am Ah losin' connection with you?" Rogue asked.

"T'ink you might be--too--deep--cave."

It made sense. Gambit and Rogue were bound to lose some sort of connection by how deep they were inside. And it just so happened that it had to happen at that precise moment. Great.

Rogue went on to tell Nightcrawler that Sabretooth had gotten away with the girl and had trapped both her and Gambit in the room, only she wasnt sure where it was located. "Ah think he mighta shut off the oxygen here too, Kurt, cause Ah'm startin' to feel a lack of it."

Gambit noticed it then to. He wondered how far their friends were from them because he wasn't sure how much more oxygen they still had left.

"Spoke--Storm--running low--too. He shut off all--everywhere."

Gambit turned towards Rogue. Both shared a troubled look. If the oxygen was running low then their friends would take even longer to get to them. They would have to go back to the jet to pick up oxygen masks and then head to them. And Rogue and Gambit couldn't even take the chance of using their powers since everywhere around the cave, there was little oxygen left.

Rogue tore her eyes away from Gambit and continued talking to her brother. "Kurt, how long ya think y'all can get here?"

"Not sure. As soon--possible. Just hold tight. Save breath. No more--unnecessary talk."

Rogue nodded and stopped talking. She began to pace back and forth.

For the next several minutes, neither said a word. Whether it was because they feared of what would come out or because they wanted to save as much breath as possible, neither knew.

Gambit was looking around the walls. Maybe there was another secret passage way they could get through. Then, he heard some muffles. He turned and found Rogue sitting on the floor. He walked over to her. "What is it, chere?"

Rogue shook her head. "Ah don't think they're gonna make it, Remy. It took us a good forty minutes to get here. They still gotta go back to the jet to grab the oxygen tanks."

Gambit shook his head as he sat on the floor next to her. "I find it hard to believe that Kurt would allow anyt'in to happen to you."

Rogue continued to shed her tears and turned away from him.

Gambit wanted to continue talking to her. Wanting to assure her that they would be ok. However, he feared to do so.

More minutes passed and still they heard of no one. Gambit's own doubts were surfacing. He still had found nothing in the room that could help their situation. And while it was frustrating at first, it was now starting to make him worry.

For several long moments, he stood just staring at Rogue. He observed her fidgety fingers, her tapping foot, her quivering lip. Whether she was smiling or freaking out, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. And the thought of never being near her--never having touched her was more than shattering him.

He sat again right next to her. "Rogue?"

Her tears were still streaming down. "Save your breath, Remy."

Gambit brushed his gloved hand against her wet cheek. "Dis might be our last minute together, chere." He leaned in gently towards her, filling in the space that separated them.

For a fraction of a second, Rogue closed her eyes. Her body leaned into his as well. The need in her to kiss him, be one with him was much greater than her. He was completely right. There was nothing they could do. They were doomed. However, just as their lips were about to touch, she remembered her damnation.

She pulled away from him, tears streaming down. With every second she spent with Gambit, her hatred towards her curse grew. "No, Remy."

Gambit let out a groan and pulled her to him again. "I beg of you, chere. Allow us dis."

Rogue stared up at him with begging eyes. She had never felt so vulnerable as she did now. "Remy, we can't. Ah'll hurt ya. That's the last thing Ah ever wanna do."

He shook his head a bit, brushing his nose against her auburn mane. "Don't matter much now, don't it?"

She closed her eyes and felt her body winning the best of her. Her gloved hand reached up and wrapped around his neck. With her other hand, she caressed his chest.

Gambit could see that her conscious was quickly losing. If he were to take the chance he would have to take it now before she regained inner strength again.

And she knew he knew this too for he leaned in just as her eyes opened. He waited for her to stop him, but she didn't. She had lost the battle. She was going to give in.

His lips were now only an inch away from hers. He could smell the honey in her breath, her hidden sweetness. He stared deep into her eyes and he slowly saw her opening up a window that he had never seen before. One where hurt, love, agony, hope, clarity, abandonment, strength, fear, courage, and many other powerful feelings lived in. All these feelings that made Rogue. He knew she wanted him to see her, know the feelings inside of her. He had a feeling that not many people had ever had the privilege to see through this window.

And he slowly allowed his own window to open. He to wanted her to know who he was. His deep fear and sorrow and wonder. He had always believed that if he were to open up to someone this way, they would only turn away from him, scared of the baggage he held. But he waited and waited. Rogue did not turn away. He may be wrong, but he believed that he saw the most beautiful sparkle in her eyes at the moment. As if she loved looking into his soul.

He was lost in her. And right before he closed the inch he breathed out, "I love you."

She tasted like the most beautiful Sunday morning. Gambit had never truly believed in God, much less had ever been religious; the rough life he had lived through since youth kept him from ever having any faith. So when he used to hear of others' passions on their faiths and saw the joy it brought to them, he couldn't help but envy them. He wished he had that sort of hope and love. Wished he had an admiration towards something. And then he had kissed her. When he had finaly TOUCHED her, he couldn't help but feel the most amazing hope. Beauty. A glorious amazement. A bright light erupted through his most darkest shadows. And that's when he knew. THIS was what it felt like. She was his heaven. His faith. His halo. Everything he had done. Everything he had been. Every mistake he had committed. Every cruelty he had contributed to went out the door. It erased from him. What he had done and been did not exist anymore. A new him was born. From the moment he felt her lips on his, he was washed and cleansed of all his sins. For the first time since he was 5 years old, he was pure. Good. And it was all because of her. He had only been kissing her for about two seconds when these sudden emotions surfaced. His body came off the chains it had been kept in for the last two years. Freedom. New air. That's what her body was doing to his. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist and brought her closer to him. He heard her moan in pleassure and that only encouraged his fingers to dig deep into her skin. He felt her own fingers climb their way into his hair. She tugged into it and crushed herself closer. It seemed as if her passion was greater than his. While he seemed to be more gentle and encouraging, she was more passionate and hungry. But through her emotions, his own passion rose. He brought his hands up to craddle her face. So sweet. She bit down onto his lower lip. He moaned and licked her top one. She squealed and pulled on his shirt. Their tongues played. God! He wanted more. But as his gloved hand caressed her neck and his lips continued to dance with hers, he felt a pull. Felt his lungs start collapsing. He felt his veins start to erupt. His blood stopped flowing. Dear God he couldn't breathe! He tried to gasp in a breath air but couldn't. What was happening? He felt lips over his, kissing him and keeping him in place. and it hit him. Rogue. Her powers. His energy. She was taking it all away from him. He grabbed her wrists with weak hands and tried to pull away. However, her hold was not loosening. His breathing was now completely gone. He felt his body break down. Then...darkness.


Every fiber in her body changed quickly in that moment. Every cell multiplied. Her heartbeat quickened. Her lungs breathed, truly breathed. His lips on hers brought her up to the heavens.

Rogue stood up on her tiptoes as her arms gently wrapped around Gambit's neck, her back arched so that their bodies could get closer.

And just two seconds into the kiss, flashes of images came into view.

A short-haired brunet woman smiling softly.

A kiss shared with the brunet woman.

"Love you, Genevieve" a deep voice said to the woman.

An evil smile from Sabretooth.

An argument shared with Sabretooth. "You have a job to do!" Sabretooth screamed.

A picture of a jewel.

Hands holding the jewel.

The brunet, named Genevieve looking up, horrified. "Remy? What is this?!"

Sabretooth growling and coming towards the woman.

Blood. Screams from the woman. A body lying on the ground.

Genevieve looking up, barely catching her breath. "I did love you, Remy."

Closed eyes, no breathing from the woman.

Screaming coming from within.

Rogue felt the body that was once in her arms was no longer there. She looked down and found Gambit's limp body on the floor.

She let in a small breath, not being able to take anything else in because the oxygen was now so very limited. "Remy?!"

What had she done?! How could she have been so stupid?!

And just when she believed things couldn't get any worse, she noticed that the oxygen was almost down to zero. She had to take smaller breaths and was starting to feel dizzy. Blood filled her head.

She pressed her communicator. "Urt?" She barely let out. She took in a small, sharp breath in. "Urt!" Her body began to shiver. She heart rate quickened with anxiety. Gasps let out, her lungs begging to breathe. She felt her pupils grow watery. She pressed her communicator again. "O air! Urt!" she called out to her brother.

Suddenly, the communicator began to grow bright red. She frowned, as it started to feel very heated. She then remembered she had touched Gambit and had probably absorbed his powers. She quickly ripped the communicator and threw it away from her. Just in time too because once it was in mid air and about a dozen feet away from her, it went off.

Rogue turned to Gambit, who was still passed out on the floor. Tears erupted her then. She reached out towards him, but did not touch him. Tears came harder down now because she knew she must probably only had a minute left of oxygen and she couldn't even touch Gambit--not even with a gloved hand!

Then, everything began to lose color. Darkness began to make its way.

Just when she had given up hope, she heard a pop. Hands embraced her. She thought she saw an image of blue.

Suddenly, darkness.


The first thing Rogue saw after her blackout were the white walls. The stench of medicine filled her nostrils. There was no doubt in her mind that she was inside the mansion's infirmary.

She slowly began to get up. However, she must have gotten up a little too quickly because she got a head rush and grew dizzy. "Oh!"

Beast came to her aid in a hurry. "Easy now. You've been out for about half a day. Lay back down so I can examine you."

Rogue did as the doctor asked.

For the next five minutes, Beast checked her pupils, pulse, and asked her a million questions about her state. When it seemed he was finished, Rogue decided to ask her own set of questions. "So, what happened? Last Ah knew was that Ah had no more air 'ta breathe in. Where's Remy?"

"Gambit is fine. He's in the next room." Beast smiled at her as he examined her heart beat. "Kurt got there in time."

Rogue remembered the blue figure before she passed out. It made sense now, sort of. "But how he get to us? He didn't have a clear map of where we were."

The way Rogue's brother's powers worked was that he could transport in any place, in and out. However, he needed a clear map of where everything was. Needed to examine the layout. It was extremely dangerous for him to just guess. He could end up in the inside of a wall and be crushed to pieces.

Beast let out a small gasp. "We told him it wasn't a good idea, but he kept insisting that we wouldn't get to you in time. He wasn't going to risk it, so…he risked himself."

This only irritated Rogue. She shook her head. "Ah swear. Wait til Ah get a'hold of him. Where is he?" She began to get up. She grabbed the blanket that was covering her.

Beast immediately stepped back from her. "Careful!"

Rogue frowned and was about to ask why Beast was acting so strangely, but she quickly felt the blanket on top of her grow very warm. She looked down at it and saw it start glowing bright red.

She acted quickly. She grabbed the blanket, looked around, found a window, and flew towards it. Once she exited the room, she threw the now burning blanket as far from her and the mansion building as possible. Two seconds later, it exploded.

She let out a sigh of relief and flew back inside. "That was a close one."

Beast nodded. "You want to be as careful as you can. Try not touching anything. Gambit's powers are not protected by gloves, unlike yours. How long did you touch him for?"

Rogue suddenly felt herself flush. "Why?!" The memory of the way her and Gambit kissed right before she took his energy came to her mind.

Beast frowned at her. "To know how long you'll have his powers for. From what I've observed from my studies I've tended to see that when you touch someone, depending on the seconds you held them, you keep their powers for that amount of days. And they end up passing out a week per second you had contact with them. You've never gone longer than twenty seconds touching someone, so after that much time I'm not so sure."

Rogue nodded. She thought for a minute. "It was longer than ten seconds."

Beast's face fell in worry. "Oh, my."

Rogue knew what he was thinking. Gambit would be out for almost two months! But--a thought came to her. "But Hank, Ah don't think Ah started observing his energy from the very first second."

Beast frowned. "Explain."

"Well," she began but she suddenly started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Intimacy was nothing she had never talked much to someone about, much less a male! Her male friend!

Beast must have caught on to her shyness, because he took a small step towards her. "Rogue, think of me as your doctor. Not your friend. Everything between us will be confidential. Remember, I've heard it all--well, most of it all--before. You can trust me."

Rogue thought about this a little better and nodded. Yeah, thinking of him as her doctor would work better. "Well…we were kissing. It was fine for the first four seconds or so, maybe longer. Wasn't til later that Ah began to get flashes."

"Are you sure?"

Rogue nodded. "Yes. Ah felt the kiss and didn't get any flashes for quite a while."

Beast looked like he was thinking for a minute. He didn't say a word, just kept looking at afar.

Rogue stood patiently.

Beast finally looked up at her. "These flashes that you saw, how much time do you think you remember seeing?"

It was Rogue's turn to think. Although she didn't want to think about the memories she received from Gambit, she knew this was necessary. "Maybe four seconds?

Beast nodded. "Alright. So, for the very least, Gambit will be fine. He'll be out for about a month. Looking at the history of your past incidents, I don't think any permanent damage will occur to Gambit. You should be back to normal yourself in three and a half days."

Rogue nodded. "Can Ah see him now?"

Beast smiled. "Of course." He led the way to the room right next door, where the patients with more serious conditions were kept.

Rogue's heart dropped as she saw Gambit's state. He lay there on the bed, about five or six machines attached to him.

"It's just precaution," Beast explained. He must have seen her worried face.

She gave him a slight nod. "Thanks, Hank."

"You're welcome." He began to walk away as she sat next to Gambit. However turned right before he left the room. "Oh, Rogue?"

Rogue turned to him. "Yeah?"

"I've been thinking. I know that the professor was working very hard with you in controlling your powers and--"

Rogue shook her head, she knew where her friend was heading with this. "There was no hope, Hank. He couldn't fix it." She turned towards Gambit's loving face. "Ah can't be fixed."

"But you can control it," Beast insisted. "I've been looking very hard at my studies on you and the professor's records. I believe that the professor took the wrong angle in trying to control your powers. What I think is that your powers come from your insecurity, your fear of hurting those you care about. The professor's sessions with you were mainly focused on pushing you to physically control your powers. However, maybe the way to control your powers comes from you having confidence in yourself."

Rogue frowned. "What do you mean? How could I do that?"

"Well, I've been talking to Emma about this. She's at the same level with me. We talked about possibly having you meet her every so often so that she could help you. We think that all of this must tie in with your childhood. One's insecurities always start there. Maybe if we can channel that and have you overcome it, then you might be able to have more confidence and not have insecurities. Once your esteem shoots up, you might not have fear anymore and will be able to control your powers. Emma can help you with all of this. She can be--"

"What? Like a psychologist?!" Rogue knew better than to feel offended, she knew that's not what Beast intended, but she personally didn't like Emma Frost. Jean had been a great friend of hers and she wasn't about to betray her this way. Rogue already had an issue with Cyclops as it was.

Beast gave her a look. "Rogue, put the personal aside. This is for your own good. There is no one like Emma. She's a good person, I assure you."

"In all fairness, you trust everyone, Hank."

He smiled. "And you trust almost no one."

Touché. She thought for a minute as she stared at Gambit. To be able to touch him without any barriers…. She decided. "When do I start?"


It was almost four weeks later that Gambit finally awoke from his coma. Rogue was there at his side to welcome him back.

He smiled up at her. "Well, dis has got to be the best wake up I've ever had. Nice to know you were worried about me."

Rogue grinned. "Just doin' my job, Cajun. Guess Ah don't gotta ask how ya feelin'. Ya sound normal."

He chuckled. "Feelin' a bit thirsty an' hungry, though."

Rogue nodded. "Course. Wan' me to go get some food for ya?"

Gambit began to sit up. "Non, get it myself."

Rogue slightly pushed him down. "Get back down, Cajun. Doc says ya gotta rest for a little while."

He groaned. "How long?"

Beast came into view at that moment. "Just a day all in bed. Afterwards, you can start walking--a little, not too much. You should be back on your feet and walking normally by a week."

"A week?!" Gambit seriously felt like Christmas had just been taken from him.

"And no missions for at least a month or two." Beast began to examine Gambit.

Gambit grunted. He turned to Rogue and saw her eyes turned towards the ground, she looked guilty. Then he remembered. "Guess I'm gonna have to get used to playing checkers then. Wanna be my partner, chere?"

Rogue looked up at him and gave a slight nod. "Least Ah could do."

Gambit gave her a look. "Not your fault."

She let out a sigh. "Ah shouldn't have done it, Gambit."

Beast cleared his throat. "I think I have some other things to attend to. I'll be back in an hour or so." He quickly made his way out.

Gambit lifted his hand up and caressed Rogue's cheek with his gloved hand. "Non. Don't t'ink dat way, petite."

A tear cam down Rogue's green eye. "Ah was worried Ah had lost ya, Remy."

"But you didn't. I'm here." He smiled up at her, trying to reassure you.

For a good while, they just stared at each other intently.

It was Rogue that finally broke the silence. "Remy…while we were kissin'…" She looked down from his eyes. The memory of the flashes came to her mind again.

He on the other hand did not know the flashes she had seen. He had actually forgotten the consequences of the kiss. All he could think about was the kiss. "Never knew you were such a wildcat, chere. You really surprised me. Clawed me like you were a cat," he teased her.

Rogue began to flush. "Remy."

He chuckled. "Best damn kiss I've had. Was worth the coma."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Don't say that, Remy. It was horrible, seeing you that way." Her own hand reached over and touched his lips. "Ah can't ever do that again."

He shook his head. "Don't say dat, chere. 'Though there were consequences to da kiss, I don't regret it at all."

Rogue continued to look at him. Would he feel the same if he were to know what she saw in his head? She had to tell him. "Remy…when we were kissin'…when Ah was absorbing your powers, Ah saw some things…."

Gambit's heart sunk. He had completely forgotten that along with her stealing people's energy by a simple touch, she also took with her memories. He was almost too afraid to ask what she had seen. He had done many things before he met her. Many things he wished he could go back and change….

Rogue saw this was difficult for him. She knew Gambit was deep down the best man she had ever met, but she was not sure if she could say the same thing about his past self. And she had to know. "Who's Genevieve?"

He closed his eyes. Damn. How much had she seen of that? He let out a sharp breath. He knew that Rogue was always going to ask and he didn't think he had the will to ever tell her. He looked up at her. Her wanting eyes. He knew what to do.

Gambit reached out his bare hand to her. "Touch me, chere."

Rogue looked up at him, bewildered. "What? Remy, no!" She took two steps back, as if the close proximity now was a even more a danger to Gambit.

He looked at her sadly, his hand still outstretched and he took three steps forward. "No more secrets, chere. Touch me and be inside my head. Let dis be your choice."

Rogue stared deep into his eyes. Was he bluffing her? Was he serious? She looked down at his hand. No, she couldn't. She wanted to know, but not this way. She would not put his health in jeopardy.

She reached her glove hand and placed it on his chest. "No, Remy. Ah know you're a good man. What you were in the past…shouldn't matta. Ah didn't do good 'fore Ah met you either."

He smiled, knowing full well what she meant. "An I know what's inside you, chere. Dat truly is all that matters." He grabbed her hand. "So, why is it that you kissed me, I've been wondering." He was teasing her, like always.

However, she took it as serious. She couldn't lie to him about this, couldn't hold it in anymore. "Ah jus' couldn't die without kissin' you once, Remy."

He nodded. "I know what you mean." Because he felt the exact same way.

"An' Ah want to kiss you again and hate that Ah won't be able to," she confided.

He stroked her fingers with his. "We'll find a way, sweetheart. Maybe we'll both end up learnin' what love really means. An' I can't think 'bout anyone else I'd rather try t'learn with, Rogue."

Love. The word brought her both joy and heartache. Especially when the name Remy was attached to it. She felt her tears begin again. "Remy, please understand. Mah powers are outta control. Ah'm dangerous. If ya stay too close, you'll get hurt."

He gave a nonchalant shrug. "My choice. My risk."

She shook her head. "Ya have no idea what you're askin' for, Remy."

He leaned in to her. "In case you've forgotten, sweetheart, I just woke up from a coma because of your amazing kisses. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. And I'm more than willing to suffer the consequences."

She rolled her eyes.

He knew this was a struggle for her, so he decided to meet her halfway. "How about if we just take things slow? I'm fine with holding hands until you ready, chere."

She frowned at him. Gambit? Wait? "Ya sure about that?"

He gave her a nod and kissed her gloved hand. "More than I've been sure of anyt'ing else."

She thought for a minute as she looked into his breathtaking, beautiful red pupils. It didn't take her long to decide. "Alright, Cajun. Lets give it a try."

Gambit felt as if Christmas came early.

Rogue made a mental note to talk to Emma first thing in the morning, right now she wanted to spend her time with her...boyfriend. The word made her feel as if she was flying high above the clouds...!


NOTE: I LOOOOOVE taking quotes from the comics and incorporating them here. Most came from issue 45. :D

Alright, so I hope you understood the whole flashes that Rogue had when she was kissing Gambit. Basically it's about the mission Gambit and Sabretooth had with retrieving the jewel of Genevieve's father.

Yes, I know I didn't have Rogue say those three words back to Gambit. But she's not ready yet. So…be patient! LOL

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