War of The Toses

Summary: It's summer time, there are no vampire threats, and the pack is relaxing. Until Embry bets Seth that Seth can't lick Jake's toes without puking. It's ON like Donkey Kong! With humor and drama, this will be a summer that the pack won't soon forget.


Twilighter4Evr: Welcome to the first chapter of War of the Toses. This story will be a joint effort between me and Swimming cutie xoxo. We hope you enjoy it. I wrote this chapter. I will write every odd-numbered chapter, and she will write every even-numbered chapter.

Swimming cutie xoxo: Hello readers. She kinda already got the general message across but once again welcome. Hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I did. This chapter was not written by me but I will be writing the next chapter and all even numbered one after that. So enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: Fuzzy Toe Lickers

"Ahhhhh! I'm so glad those Cullens went on vacation!" Jake sighed contentedly as he stretched out on the tan, grainy sand and soaked up the sun.

"I'm with you there!" Paul sighed as he put his arms under his head to prop himself up.

"I'm bored!" Seth complained as he sat, cross-legged, on a beach towel.

"Get use to it kid," Jake said as he stretched out, closed his eyes, and flicked his sunglasses down, "Ahhhhh! This is the life!"

"Embry! Let's do something!" Seth whined.

"Dude! That did not sound right!" Jared chuckled before he scarfed down another of Emily's egg salad sandwiches.

"You know what I mean!" Seth complained; catching the 30-lb weight Quil had just chucked, right before it hit him in the head.

"Seth! Its summer, we're off duty! Stop with the whining! Go surfing or swimming, check out the babes, go dump a bucket of water of Sam's head!" Jake said as he propped himself in a position similar to Paul's.

"I heard that!" Sam growled from the blanket where he sat with Emily, "Don't even think about it!"

"Duh Sam!" retorted Seth, "It wouldn't be fun, because it wouldn't affect you at all. And it'd be worse for us. You'd smell like wet dog!"

Sam chuckled before returning to his previous task: gazing into Emily's eyes. Emily chuckled as well, never taking her eyes away from Sam's.

Embry saw this and moaned, "Get a room you two!"

"Just because you haven't imprinted…" Quil growled, defending his Alpha, and one of the few people that had met their soul mate, just like him.

"Well, it's better that imprinting on a two-year old!" Embry joked.

Quil chucked another weight, this one weighing 50-lbs. Embry caught it like it was a plastic Frisbee, and tossed it back to Quil before breaking out into a roaring laugh. Jake, Paul, Jared and Seth joined him.

Quil growled and mumbled something that sounded like, "At least I have a guaranteed girlfriend, that won't leave me for anyone or anything else."

They all stopped laughing and looked at Jake's face. He quickly slipped back into his state of depression, which had been caused by losing Bella.

"Good going Quil!" Jared grumbled as he smacked the back of Quil's head.

"Sorry Jake, it slipped out!" Quil apologized.

"It's not your fault man; it's that filthy leech's fault!" Jake growled, his expression very quickly becoming angry.

"Jake, calm down!" Sam snapped, "Or do you want everyone on the beach to see you in wolf form?"

Jake stopped shaking, and sighed again. Quil looked at his friend, and felt concerned. He looked at Embry, and signaled him to do something.

"Hey Seth!" Embry called. (Haha! That was a pun. Cause his name is Embry Call, and he called…yeah. Good times, good times.)


"I dare you to lick each one of Jake's toes without puking!" Everyone started laughing except Jake and Seth, who both look revolted. But Seth decided to swallow his pride.

"You're on!"

Embry and Quil forcefully removed Jake's sandals then placed an empty cooler under his feet, so that they would be easier for Seth to reach.

Seth plugged his nose, and quickly licked each one of Jake's toes before standing up, and running to the nearest water source, which was the ocean. Seth grabbed a handful of salt water, and gulped it down before returning to the pack.

Everyone, even Jake, laughed at their young friend. Then Jared was hit with an idea!

"Let's play Truth or Dare!"