Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long. My computer is broken *sob* and I haven't been able to get on in so long! But I took the opportunity to write this author's note, and so here you go. For readers of my story, My Sandy Wolf, you'll be glad to know that I'm still writing the story, but I'm writing it in a notebook. I started to write the notebook around chapter 11, and I've been keeping it up ever since. My friends recently started reading the notebook, and I would let them read the first 10 chapters, but I'm not a big fan of those chapters, AND I would have to print them out. That's at least 20 pages. Anyways, in the notebook, I am currently at chapter 47! Plot hint: Someone's getting married! I hope I excited you guys, and I'll try to start posting as soon as possible. Also, I would love for you guys to know that my birthday is coming up on February 1. Ciao for now!