she walks to school with the lunch she packs

know body knows what she's holding back

wearing the same dress she wore yesterday

she has the bruses with linen and lace

all the children knew something was wrong. the teachers did as well. Luna always showed up on the train in long sleaves and pants. Every so often her arm would show a few bruses. Every year the new teachers would ask what they could do. Every year was the same, in the wizerding world child abuse was not a big offense.

The teacher wonder but she never ask,

it's hard to see the pain behind the mask,

burring the burden of a secret storm

sometimes she wishes she was never born

'The year luna was kidnapped was not to get vengece. Arther weasly herd her cries in the night and talked to the rest of the parents (a lot of who were death eaters) they capturefd her in hopes to save her.

A statue stands in a shaded place

a name is written on a polished rock

a broken hart that the world forgot

In the end it didn't work. that summer for just a day all got along to attened Luna's funeral. not an eye was dry. Dumblkedor and the minstry got most of the blame. To this day they all visit her grave