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~An Arranged Marriage~

Chapter One

Arranged marriage.

Those very words made Sakura recoil with disgust.

She wondered what was wrong with her family, no, Konoha as a whole! Everywhere she went, she received both congratulations and death glares.

She shuddered with loathing as she remembered last week, when her parents had told her.


Sakura yawned, coming out of her room. She ran a hand down her face tiredly and entered the kitchen. Both her parents were sitting at the table, staring at Sakura intently.

"Who died?" Sakura asked.

"Sit down, Sakura," her father said.

Sakura knew to listen to her father. He was not only her father, but the Haruno patriarch. She sat down in the chair across from her parents.

"Sakura, I'm sure you've met Uchiha Sasuke, correct?" Her father asked.

"Sure. We were on a team with Naruto about seven years ago. The Genin team, remember that?" Sakura asked, not knowing exactly where this conversation was going.

Her father nodded. "I have discussed this with Uchiha Fugaku, and he agrees with me."

"Discussed what?" Sakura asked, exasperated.

"You're getting married," her mother said, smiling.

"Excuse me?" Sakura asked, her voice rising an octave.

"Uchiha Sasuke has agreed to make you his bride. This is an honor. We accepted on your behalf."

"How dare you! How dare you? I'm nineteen years old! I am my own person, not an object to throw around!" Sakura yelled rising from her chair.

"You will lower your voice," her father commanded.

"I will not! This is absolute bull shit!" She screamed.

"You will not speak to me like that! I am your father and the Haruno patriarch! You will not raise your voice to me or curse in front of me. Are we clear?"

Sakura met his glare with one of her own.

"Are we clear?" He asked again.


"Good. Lady Hokage wants you."

Sakura stormed up the stairs and got dressed. Her mother came up and knocked on her door.


"Don't even start, Mother," Sakura said, strapping on her weapons pouch.

"We just want what's best for you."

"An arranged marriage? You think that's what's best?"

"I married your father through an arranged marriage," her mother reminded her.

"And look what happened to you! You're so afraid to speak up against Father! I want to marry for love! I don't want to be like you!"

Sakura stormed out of her bedroom and down the hall. She opened the front door and slammed it shut.

She mumbled curses under her breath all the way to Lady Tsunade's office. She slammed the door open, greeted with the surprised look on her shishou's face.

She looked at the door off its hinges and frowned. She turned back to her teacher.

"I'll pay for that," Sakura muttered.

She approached Tsunades desk and bowed her head. "You wanted me, Tsunade-sama?"

"Yes, I did. Though, I'm very curious as to what has angered you." She laced her fingers together and leaned her chin on her hands. "I'm listening."

"My parents...they want me to get married," Sakura began.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that. You're very beautiful, Sakura, and-"

"They arranged one for me."

Tsunade leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her large bosom.

"That complicates things."

"They want me to get married to Sasuke. I want to marry someone who loves me, whom I love back. I don't want to become like my mother."

"Sasuke you say? Aren't you in love with him?" Tsunade asked.

"You know what, Tsunade-sama? I don't think I am. When we were younger, I think I wanted him because Ino did. It was merely infatuation."

"I see. Well then, I expect payment for that door, plus interest."

"You only want the interest to get more sake," Sakura complained.

Tsunade merely grinned. "Now, Haruno Sakura, you have been charged with going to Suna. Their hospital needs a top medic to help. Do you accept this year long mission?"

"Hai, Tsunade-sama! I won't let you down!" Sakura said.

Tsunade smiled. "You will leave exactly one week from now."

Sakura nodded and left Tsunade's office.

End Flashback

Sakura grinned. A whole year without her parents or Sasuke. She was scheduled to leave tomorrow, and she had to meet her friends at Ichiraku.

She grabbed a stool and murmured a 'hello' to Ayame.

"So, you're getting married, huh?" Ayame asked.

"Don't remind me," Sakura sighed.

"Aren't you happy?"

"It's an arranged marriage. I hope Chicken-Ass Uchiha chokes on his rice before I get back." Sakura said.

Ayame laughed. "I'm sorry, Sakura-san. I wish you could marry for love."

"Sakura-chan!!" Someone called.

Sakura and Ayame stared at each other. "Naruto," they said in unison.

Sakura greeted Naruto happily. Ino and TenTen swamped her with a group hug, also pulling Hinata in. Neji and Shino waved, and Sakura gave Shikamaru a slight hug. Lee began spouting off things of youthfulness, and Kiba smiled at her. Akamaru barked happily at her, and wagged his tail profusely. Choji stood beside Shikamaru, and he gave Sakura a small wave, returning to his chips.

All of them flooded Ichiraku. All the girls and Naruto grabbed a seat, while Kiba chose Akamaru as his seat. Shikamaru chose to sit on the ground, and Choji stood beside Shino, Lee, and Neji.

"We'll miss you so much, Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

"It's only Suna, Naruto," Sakura said.

"And we heard you're getting married!" Ino squealed.

Sakura's happy mood immediately dampened. Hinata was the first to notice. "S-Sakura-san?"

All eyes flew to her.

"What's wrong, Forehead-Girl?" Ino asked, using her old nickname.

"It's an arranged marriage. I don't want to marry him." Sakura said.

Silence followed her statement.

"We're sorry, Sakura-chan. I suppose going to Suna is your last year of freedom?" Naruto asked.

Sakura nodded. "Because of this mission, the date of the wedding has of course been moved. If I hadn't received this mission, I would've been married by next week."

"Well, say hi to Gaara for me!" Naruto exclaimed, grinning.

Nothing more was said as food came. Bowls were passed around to one another and they all ate in a comfortable and friendly silence.

"See ya in a year, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said, hugging her the next day.

"I'm sure you'll receive missions to Suna, Naruto. Just make sure you grab them before Sasuke." Sakura whispered.

They both laughed, and Sakura turned to everyone else. All the teams from her Genin days turned up, even Sasuke. Kakashi-Sensei came too, along with Tsunade.

"Take care, Sakura," Kakashi-Sensei said.

"You too, Kakashi-Sensei. I'll see you in a year." Sakura said hugging him.

She turned to all her friends and was swamped with hugs. They were a mess of brown hair, purple hair, blonde hair, black hair, and pink hair. Sakura was surprised at how many boys had joined the group hug as well. The only one who stayed behind was Sasuke.

"Thanks guys," Sakura said, smiling.

"See ya, Ugly," Sai said.

Sakura drew back her arm to punch him, but she hugged him instead.

"Make sure Sasuke gets no missions to Suna," she whispered in his ear.

Sai nodded just barely, and she drew back, smiling at him. Shikamaru stood beside Sakura at the gate. He was to be her escort to Suna, and she was grateful it was him.

"Do you have a goodbye for your fiancé, Sakura?" Sasuke finally spoke.

"One, I am not your fiancée. I have no damn ring on my finger, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm single. Two, no. You will receive no goodbye."

Sakura turned to her friends and smiled. She glanced at Shikamaru, and he nodded.

"I'll miss you all!" Sakura exclaimed. "Except Sasuke!"

Sakura and Shikamaru jumped off, their friends laughter echoed in their ears behind them.

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