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Jasper had been thinking about, and Edward had been having feelings about it. They both knew it, and they didn't know what to do about it. Neither had been with a man before, and they weren't sure it could ever work out. After all, they'd been changed in different times, when a man wasn't allowed to care for another man, let alone go to bed with one.

But times had changed, and so had they. The attraction was palpable, even to those without Jasper's ability. Both man had spoken with their mates in privacy, unsure of their own feelings and desires. Alice had been incredibly encouraging and supportive. Bella was incredulous, but couldn't hide the fact that she found the very idea incredibly erotic. She and Edward had fucked like bunnies after that conversation.

Weeks passed, and the tension merely increased. It became so bad that they couldn't spend any time together in the same room. It was a matter of avoidance and fear of their own emotions.

"Jasper, darling, I've seen it, and it will happen," Alice assured him one night. "I don't know why you keep fighting it."

He didn't know what to say to that. "Who makes the decision?" he asked quietly.


Jasper's eyes widened. "Me?"

"Yes. You and I both know you won't be able to handle the tension much longer. You can fuck me silly all you want, but you're not going to be satisfied until it's Edward."

"Fuck," he groaned. This was not how he expected his life to turn out. To be attracted to one of his brothers… to a man… Was he ready to accept it?

Edward was going through much the same thought process. But he couldn't deny the ache he felt when he was near Jasper. Their other encounters had been passionate, and somehow meaningful. Deep down, it was what they both wanted, not merely what Alice had coerced. After all, they had free will. She hadn't had the power to make up their minds for them. One of them… or both of them… had made the decision to come together.

But just Jasper and just Edward had them both uneasy. There was no way to explain it away as being caught up in the heat, in the moment. They didn't have the human excuses of intoxication or anything that could make them unlike themselves.

This would be their decision to fuck… to make love.

And, just as Alice foresaw, Jasper was the first to crack. Edward was playing the piano, trying to ignore the thoughts and waves of lust Jasper was radiating. He knew it was coming, and he was preparing himself. He wanted it, too, and he was sure that it wasn't just Jasper's gift that was making him feel this way.

Alice must have known it would be today, because everyone else had gone hunting up on Vancouver Island, and wouldn't be back for a few days. Jasper and Edward had both suspected it had something to do with what would occur that night… and that day… and the night after…

Jasper walked down the stairs at almost a human pace… as if he were trying to psyche himself up for what was to come. Edward felt the lust coming off him in torrents, but also the confusion. He wasn't alone in that thought. Edward was nervous and unsure… and yet completely unable to stop it. He didn't want it to start, because he knew once he did, he wouldn't be able to stop it.

And yet he welcomed it. He wanted it, more than he'd wanted almost anything in his entire existence, save perhaps Bella. He'd never experienced such unadulterated need towards another being before. The need to take. Or, perhaps more strongly, the need to be taken.

Jasper sat on the couch parallel to the piano bench. His thoughts were a jumble, but echoed the same pattern as Edward's own muddled mind.

"Hello, Edward," he said slowly, deliberately. "Did you compose the piece you're playing now?" He knew the answer, but somehow felt the need for human pleasantries.

"Yes. It's for Bella," Edward mumbled. "For our anniversary." It had been nearly two years since Bella's change.

"It's beautiful," Jasper said. He was silent for a moment, and then said, "Edward, you know why I'm here."

Edward's hands left the ivory keys in front of him. "Yes, I do."

"Is it what you want?"

"You know it is," Edward said, so quietly that Jasper almost missed it himself.


"Come with me to our cottage."

Jasper felt the urge to gulp. "Are you sure? Won't Bella be angry?"

"She knows. I'm sure she does. And she wants us to be happy, to explore this."

Jasper had to laugh. "So does Alice. I'm surprised the girls aren't here to witness it themselves."

"Bella was also eager to imagine us together."

Jasper's eyes were intense on Edward's. "It will be good. I know you feel that."

"I want it. I want you."

"Let's go."

They ran to the cottage that Bella and Edward shared. The central space of the bedroom upstairs was dominated by a huge bed. The same bed, in fact, that Edward had bought before Bella had been turned. Until now, he hadn't had another in this bed. Edward felt like maybe it was crossing some sort of line, to share this place with Jasper, but then he realized that Bella wouldn't mind. This was a place of passion, a place of fun, a place of… love.

Edward wasn't sure that he was in love with Jasper, and he didn't feel any trace of love in the emotion Jasper was projecting, but there was caring there. There was most certainly passion. And intimacy.

Both men stood, unsure of what to do next. Here was the scene, they were the players. Who would be the director?

Jasper had always been in control of everything in his life, or at least tried to be. Ever since he'd found Alice, he'd restored the order and control in his life, and he would take this trait into the bedroom. Alice was always grateful for it.

He would be a leader here, too.

"Do you want me to help me out of your clothes, or do you want to do that?" Jasper asked, almost wishing that Edward would ask him to help.

"I'll do it," Edward said, and Jasper tried to hold back his disappointment. They both undressed themselves wordlessly, with unsteady hands they didn't want to admit to themselves.

Edward stood before Jasper, completely naked and completely vulnerable… and completely aroused. He looked to find that Jasper was also completely aroused. The desire between them multiplied tenfold, until they both ached for contact. They looked into each others eyes, both knowing what the other was thinking and feeling, and pounced.

Jasper dominated their fierce kiss, holding Edward's head between his hands and deepening the kiss instantly. There would be no more hesitancy between them now.

Edward's hands were busy at Jasper's hips, tracing the V that went down his defined abdomen, hoping his tongue and mouth would soon have time to worship those spots. Jasper was now nipping at his neck and groaning, for Edward had reached out between them and grasped Jasper's cock in his hand.

"Oh God, Edward," Jasper moaned. "Don't stop."

Edward increased his pace and grip, until Jasper's knees were giving out. They moved to the bed, Edward overtaking Jasper, continuing to grasp his cock, stroking him up and down, brushing his thumb against the tip, Jasper moaning and writhing with the sensations. "So good," he whimpered.

Edward nipped at Jasper's neck, breathing unnecessarily and heavily in his ear.

"Edward, stop," Jasper gasped. "Not yet." He wasn't ready to cum. "It's your turn."

Edward nodded, and laid in the middle of the bed, head propped up by pillows. Bella always liked to use them so she could see when Edward was pleasing her with his mouth. Perhaps he would do the same with Jasper now.

Jasper looked Edward straight in the eye as he lowered his head to Edward's cock, which was already aching with need for release. Jasper sucked Edward's head into his mouth, and Edward groaned and dropped his head back onto the pillow, staring at the ceiling. He was wrong. If he looked at Jasper giving him the best head of his life, he was going to cum too soon.

Jasper's head bobbed up and down on Edward's cock, using varying pressure and grip. Edward was close, almost as close as Jasper had been before. It was then that Jasper cupped Edward's balls, and stroked the perineum, moving closer and closer towards Edward's entrance.

Edward knew it was coming, and tried to relax. Jasper sent waves of calm and relaxation towards him, helping him further.

"I'll be gentle," Jasper promised, circling Edward's entrance with his finger. Edward bucked his hips up towards Jasper, silently begging for more. "Trust me."

"I trust you," Edward said. "Take me, Jasper."

Jasper gently pressed a finger into Edward, preparing him for his intrusion. Fuck, Edward was incredibly tight, and Jasper knew it would take all of his control not to cum right away. He eased in his finger, gauging Edward's reaction. Edward looked slightly pained, but determined. "More," he gasped.

Jasper pressed in another finger, preparing the area more. Edward's hips thrust up, his breathing becoming hard and labored.

"Are you alright?" Jasper asked. Edward nodded, unable to speak. It hurt, but in a good way. He knew if he was just patient, it would feel incredible. Just as he thought this, Jasper brushed against his prostate, and Edward groaned. Yes, it would feel very, very good.

"Do you have anything to make this easier? Um… lubricant?" Jasper asked shyly. Edward almost wanted to laugh. The man had his fingers in his most intimate place, but he was shy about asking for lube.

"In the drawer," Edward said. "Bella and I use it for…" He stopped himself, and if he could of, he would have blushed. Now who was the shy one?

Jasper flipped the cap open, and gently eased his fingers out of Edward. He poured some oil into his hands, and spread it onto his own cock liberally, then spread some across Edward's ready entrance. Jasper reached out and pumped Edward's cock a few times, kissing him. He wanted this to feel just as good for Edward as for him.

"Are you ready?"

Edward nodded, grabbing Jasper by the shoulders and pulling him for a kiss, intense and forceful.

Jasper pulled away, and then slowly eased himself inside Edward. He had to still his entire body to ensure that he wouldn't cum with only his tip inside. Edward was incredibly tight and tense, and he felt incredible surrounding Jasper.

"Oh God," Edward gasped. "Jasper," he whimpered. "More."

Jasper pressed in further, waiting for Edward to ease up around him, slowly and painfully. Edward was gasping and whimpering, making it even more difficult for Jasper to maintain his control. He pushed in until he was fully seated inside Edward. He waited, trying to regain control, allowing Edward to get used to the bodily intrusion.

Jasper leaned forward to kiss Edward, trying to reassure him with affection and care. Edward returned the kiss, telling Jasper that he was OK. The sensation was bizarre and new, but not unwelcome. Jasper was stretching him beyond his limits, but he liked it. He pressed his hips upwards, trying to get Jasper to move.

Jasper began to slowly pull out and push back in, his thrusts shallow at first. They were both panting with unneeded oxygen, mouths close, sharing breath.

Edward's cock was trapped between them, aching for Jasper's touch. Jasper moved one hand from Edward's hip and reached between to stroke Edward's manhood in his grasp, timing each stroke with a thrust. Edward thrust up to meet with Jasper, increasing the pace and force of each thrust until they were both panting and moving together in an ancient and somehow familiar rhythm.

"Edward, I'm not going to last much longer," Jasper gasped.

"Me either," Edward said, straining to hold back his orgasm. Jasper's hands felt amazing on him, and his cock kept hitting Edward's prostate over and over, making his eyes roll up in the back of his head. "Cum with me, Jasper, please."

Jasper's hand was a blur on Edward's cock, and Edward couldn't hold out any longer. He choked out Jasper's name as he came, hard, feeling it land on his abdomen. Jasper pounded into him, searching for his own release, and found it as Edward clenched around him, making it impossibly tight around Jasper's cock.

"Shit," Jasper moaned as he came deep inside Edward. He very nearly collapsed onto Edward's chest, panting for breath and trying to deal with the overwhelming emotions bombarding him from Edward and himself.

He pulled out reluctantly, and laid on the bed beside Edward. He wasn't sure what to do now.

Neither was Edward. They both laid in silence, waiting for the other to speak. Edward listening in on Jasper's thoughts which were more along the lines of "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," and smirked to himself. He was feeling just about the same.

"Are you OK?" Jasper finally asked.

"Yes," Edward answered. "You?"

"I'm great," Jasper answered honestly. "That was…"


Jasper rolled over on his side to face Edward. Edward had a silly grin on his face, and Jasper was sure his matched the same. "It was fucking amazing is what it was."

"Want another go?"

"Do you feel like it?"

"Well maybe we can switch roles?" Edward had a playful look in his eyes, something Jasper rarely saw in him. He liked it. He was already aroused again.

"Sounds good to me."