Title: London Bridge Is Falling Down
Author: Sapphire Smoke
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: M
Pairing: Parker/Sophie (some Nate/Sophie too, and Parker/OC)
Prompt: Sophie/Parker - burning bridges over at InsaneJournal's community "promptsrus"
AU: Set two years into the future (from the end of season one). Nate and Sophie have been dating for awhile, and now live together, and team has moved back to LA
Summary: When everything seems to be going wrong, Sophie finds a little bit of right somewhere unexpected.
A/N: There's hella angst, be forewarned. Don't worry too much though, I tend to have this sickness with happy endings...


"Why do you always do this?!"

"Because I care about you!… You... You bloody fucking… tosser!" came the response, having trouble even falling from Sophie's lips. Chest heaving, wet trails down her cheeks, and her chest was squeezing so hard she could barely breathe. Her heart was racing, terrified at the result of yet another fight between her and the man she loves, but yet at the same time it seemed to routine that even contemplating the ending of the relationship due to that would probably seem a bit mad anyway.

She didn't understand why he never realized that she got on to him because she cares; she worries for Christ's sake. He has no idea what it's like to lie in bed at night and worry if he's even going to come home, or end up with his car smashed into a tree because he was too hammered to see straight. All she can do is tell him, cry, hope that for once he might actually understand what this is doing to her, how much it bloody hurts inside, and maybe just for once push down the urge to go to another sleezy run down bar and pick up a drink.

Why can't he just be happy here, with her? What's so wrong with here?

"Don't you see how much this kills me, Nathan?!" Sophie screamed at him, trying so desperately for him to just see. But he shook his head and took off his coat, hanging it on the rack before kicking off his shoes.

"Oh, stop being so dramatic, Sophie," he slurred a bit, and waved his hand like he was dismissing her emotions on the subject. He held out his hand to her, "Just come to bed."

"No!" Sophie exclaimed, backing away from his outstretched hand. She wiped furiously at her tears and repeated, "No, I won't just come to bed with you like nothing's wrong!" She paused, looking at him infuriated. "In fact, you're not coming to bed at all! You're sleeping on the bloody couch tonight!"

Then she turned, retreating into their bedroom and slamming the door so hard she's sure she heard it splinter… again. A few more of those and the damned thing might fall off its hinges. But it didn't matter. None of it ever really mattered, did it? She sat down heavily on the bed and laid down, grabbing his pillow and burying her face in it to silence her sobs.

But there was a click as the door opened, and Sophie let out a frustrated half scream into the pillow before throwing it across the room and sitting up to look at Nate, who had invaded the room. "Did you not hear what I said?!" she yelled at him, looking at him like he's clearly suicidal to walk in there.

"It's my room," Nate tells her, anger on his face now from being presumably kicked out.

"It's mine too!" Sophie screamed, just wanting him to leave. She needed to be alone. "And I want you out!"

"It was mine first, so if you're so content on not sleeping with me tonight, then you can find somewhere else to sleep then," Nate told her and started undressing to get into his nightclothes. Sophie just looked at him like she couldn't believe he just said that to her.

"So what, then? You move me in, 'what's yours in mine', that's what you said, isn't it? And now what? It's all rubbish?!" Sophie screeched, probably a few decibels louder than what was relatively safe for human hearing.

Nate just shrugged, like that was that. Sophie screamed again, and started picking up the pillows from off the bed and throwing them at him. The first hit him in the head and he turned in surprise before putting up his arms to shield himself from the others. "You wanker!" Sophie yelled at him before picking up the alarm clock, the very big and solid alarm clock, and throwing it at him. Nate ducked just in time before it smashed against the wall, denting the plaster a bit. "Is that all you think of me, then?! Just some whore in your bed that you can kick out whenever you feel like it?!"

"You said it," Nate said under his breath, but Sophie heard him and screamed again before taking off her heels and throwing those at him too.

"Stop throwing shit at me, damnit woman!" Nate yelled finally, getting sick of all the blunt objects being thrown in his general vicinity, some with amazing accuracy.

"I hate you!" she screamed, before picking up the lamp. But Nate rushed over and held her hands; making her drop the lamp and having it shatter against the wood floor. "Let me go!" Sophie yelled at him, struggling against him. She tried to pound her fists against his chest but didn't have the leverage to be able to have enough force for it to hurt. "Let me go, Nathan!"

"Calm down!" he yelled at her, but she didn't. She was just so bloody sick of all of this, it was one day after another, the same shit to the same tune. All she wanted was for him to get it, to love her and appreciate her but all he did was treat her like she was nothing more than a criminal that he took in under the goodness of his heart, like she owed him something.

"Get off of me!" she yelled, still trying to hit him. Make him feel something at least, but she didn't get the chance. He wrapped her in a bear hug, stilling her arms to her side as she tried to thrash out of his grasp, calling him every name in the book and then some as he picked her up. "PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!"

"So you can hit me?" he asked with an angry laugh. "I don't think so." Then he started carrying her to the door, and as he got to the threshold she used her weight to plant her feet on the ground and slam him into it, making his groan in pain, but he didn't let go of her. "Fuck, Sophie! Goddamnit!"

Then she was out of his grasp, thrown to the floor in the living room before he slammed the bedroom door behind him. Angrily she got to her feet and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge, he was standing in front of it. She banged on it with her fists, furious. "Let me in, Nathan!"

"No, you need to calm the fuck down," came the reply on the other side of the door. "Just sleep on the damn couch."

"I am not your whore, you bloody prick! Now let me in!" Sophie screamed at him, refusing to be treated like this wasn't her home too. It was. She bloody lived here, she slept in that damn bed, and she was not… she was not going to be thrown out here like this is all her fault!


Sophie screamed again, beat on the door until her fists were red and raw, cursing up a storm until she finally collapsed from exhaustion onto the floor, and just cried. "I hate you, " she whispered through her tears, barely audible. She knew he couldn't hear her, but like it even mattered. Never did, anyway.

She couldn't stay here; she didn't want to do what he wanted her to. Sleep on the couch like nothing better than a bitch. She got to her feet finally and grabbed her purse, tears still flowing, and tried to find her shoes. But she remembered she threw them at him in there, and all of her others were in the bedroom as well. "Bloody brilliant," she scolded herself, but not having shoes wasn't going to stop her from leaving. She didn't need them to walk, after all.

Sophie slammed the door as hard as she could as she left the house, and just started walking down the street. She didn't want to take the car, she knew Nate had Hardison put GPS trackers in all of them, and she didn't want him to find her. Wanted him to worry for once, though she knew he never would.

Six blocks. Her feet were starting to hurt. The tiny pebbled in the street would dig into her feet and she knew she was going to have to figure out somewhere to go… but nowhere was close. No Eliot, no Hardison, no Parker, and not even any hotels. She finally just collapsed on the side of the road, sitting on the curb and just cried. There was nothing left else to do.

Headlights blinded her as a car pulled around the corner, and Sophie shielded her eyes from the brightness. But instead of going on, the car slowed down and stopped where she sat. She got up, trying to see who it was, but the windows were tinted. It rolled down slowly and a man stuck his head out, "Need a ride, miss?"

"What?" Sophie asked, not even seeming to comprehend the question. She looked at him; he was an older gentleman, maybe in his fifties. He looked nice enough, but Sophie suddenly had a bad feeling run down to the base of her spine. She knew better than to get in a car with just anyone, anyway.

"No, thank you," she tells him, wrapping her arms around herself, backing up a few steps.

"Come on, it's freezing. Where are your shoes?" he asked her, looking at her feet.

"I just… lost them, is all," she tells him, backing up a few more steps, before turning to walk away. But then he opens his car door, and steps out.

"A pretty thing like you shouldn't be walking alone out here, not at this time of night," he says with a smile that Sophie finds in no way comforting, and comes closer to her. She started to get terrified, and grasped at her purse… only to only realize that she had left her gun at the house. That was her one protection, and she stupidly left it at the house.

"I'm fine, thank you," is all Sophie says before briskly walking away, hoping to every God there is that he would just let her go. That he really was a nice man, just seemed a bit creepy with the nature of the meeting. But then he grabbed her arm.

"Come on, get in," he tells her, a bit more forcefully, pulling her a bit.

"Get off of me!" she yells, trying to jerk her arm away, but can't because of the grasp he has on it. "Let me go!" She couldn't deal with this now, not after everything that had happened. This just couldn't be happening to her right now.

She was so fucking scared.

"I said come on," he tells her, louder now, the nice tone out of his voice. His grip tightens and she winces; it hurts.

"Stop!" she screams, but then suddenly is thrown back against the pavement as someone comes out of bloody nowhere and elbows him in the back of the head. She lay there on the ground, stunned as she looked up to see her rescuer.


But Parker doesn't answer, she's too busy kicking the shit out of the man from the car. Sophie blinks, not even finding the scene before her real. Where the hell did Parker come from? She doesn't even live around here!

But with a knee to the gut the man finally falls to the ground, slumping over and groaning in pain. She knelt down next to him and clocked him one of the back of the head, knocking him out. "Dick," she said to him as she rose to her feet and then looked down at Sophie, who was trying to get herself off the ground.

Parker held out her hand and pulled her up, only to look at her and exclaim, "Man, you look like shit."