The Princess and the Pea

"Stop talking about my ass and whatever you think is invading it to the boys," Sophie told her sternly, hands on her hips.

"Okay," Parker said, looking sheepish for a minute. She pursed her lips and rocked on the balls of her feet before her lips curled up into a small smile.

"Oh don't get cute with me, that doesn't work, you know," Sophie said, her hands coming from her hips to fold over her chest to make her point better.

"I'm not getting cute," Parker said innocently, far too innocently. Sophie could almost see one of those cartoon halos floating around her head… with the horns sticking out beneath them.

Sophie narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend. "I mean it," she warned, before pointing.

"Mhm," Parker said, nodding along with wide eyes. Sophie just sighed exasperated and fell on to the bed, hating that Parker really could get out of anything by looking adorable. But then something hurt so she uttered, "Ouch!" and rolled off the offending area.

"What?" Parker asked, cute act gone. She had gotten away with it after all. She looked at where Sophie was laying. "There isn't anything there."

"I felt something!" Sophie insisted, and dug under the covers. Still no luck. Sighing in frustration she lifted the mattress a bit and stuck her hand in there before pulling out a marble. "Oh for the love of Christ, do they not clean these things?" she asked as she threw the marble across the floor, aggravated.

"Sophie!" Parker exclaimed, her eyes wide. "That's the proof!"

"Proof of what?" Sophie asked as she got back up to sit on the bed, looking at the thief confused.

"That this is a fairytale!" Parker exclaimed and went to go pick up the marble from off the floor, making Sophie try very hard to not roll her eyes at that. Parker ran back over and jumped on the bed, making Sophie let out a sound of 'Oof!' from the impact, but Parker just held it up to her. "See?"

"What are you on about?" Sophie asked, still not seeing the relevance to a marble and a fairytale.

"The Princess and the Pea!" Parker exclaimed with a smile. She waved the marble more. "See?"

"I see a marble, not a pea," Sophie said. Parker narrowed her eyes.

"It's like the same thing. You're a real princess, Sophie," she said, and then smiled wide. Sophie could do nothing else but smile at the girl, captivated by her innocence and sweetness, and didn't want to use logic to ruin that. Maybe she was her princess after all, marble or not.

Before the group retired to bed that night, Sophie was in the bathroom getting washed up, and Parker stood in front of the television to get the boy's attention, which emitted a lot of protests.

"I want to see what happens!" Eliot complained, with made Hardison smirk at his corruption.

"Dr. Who will still be there in a second, now listen to me, seriously," Parker said, putting her hands on her hips. Eliot scowled but pressed pause on the DVR.

"What?" he asked, folding his arms over his chest. This had better be quick.

"I am going to have sex with Sophie tonight," she announced, with made Hardison do a face palm and Eliot smirk. "And we've been interrupted for the last million times we've tried so if either of you… either of you," she stressed. "Fuck this up for me, I am going to tell each of your next girlfriends that you have STDs, clear?"

"So watching is out then?" Eliot asked, which made Hardison smack him with the back of his hand on his chest. Eliot glared.

"No watching, no interrupting, no commenting. She gets weird when she thinks you two are lurking, I don't know why."

"We're not perverts!" Hardison exclaimed, offended.

"Speak for yourself," Eliot muttered.

Parker just rolled her eyes. "I'm going to bed now. Don't fuck it up for me," she finished dangerously before walking off into her and Sophie's room.

Sophie was still in the washroom, so while she waited she closed the door and started to undress. Because hell, there was no way she wasn't about to get laid now. It's been days. Between the interruptions and then the moving… it had been hard. She laid down on the bed once she was nude and started picking at the bed sheets, starting to get impatient. She had been in there for a long time.

Getting up, her feet carried her over to the bathroom they shared and she opened the door. Sophie was in the shower, but that wasn't what she was surprised by. She knew Sophie took long as hell showers. No, what surprised her was the faint sounds she could hear beneath the loud drum of the water against the acrylic base.

Sophie was breathing heavily, moaning slightly as she was whispering Parker's name. Parker smirked.

Oh, this was too good.

She snuck over to the shower, leaning against the wall so she could see what was going on from the slight area the shower curtain left uncovered. Sophie was leaning against the wall, eyes closed, her fingers moving with skilled precision against her clit. "Oh god, Parker…" she moaned out softly.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you need to stop with this masturbation habit of yours?" Parker asked, smirking even more now.

Sophie jumped half way out of her skin, which made Parker giggle a bit. "Parker?!"

"Who do you think?" she asked with a smirk before she pulled away the shower curtain and stepping inside, the water from the shower beating against her back. "You know…" she said softly as she pressed herself up against Sophie, who was pinned to the shower wall now. "I don't know why you feel like you have to just think about me while you're doing yourself, when I'm right here."

"I didn't think that here we—" Sophie started, breathless, but was interrupted.

"Just stop thinking, Sophie," Parker tells her, before her lips met the grifter's. Sophie moaned softly and wrapped her arms around the blonde, knowing that the sounds of the shower would mask them from prying ears if need be.

Parker bit Sophie's lower lip softly as her hands slid lower down Sophie's soaked body, sliding down ever curve, over every inch of tanned skin. Sophie was already so close, but she knew it was futile to even beg Parker, because the next thing she'd know Parker would somehow make it so she wouldn't be able to move or something equally as disappointing. She wanted to move, she wanted to feel every inch of Parker against her.

"Jesus," Sophie whispered as Parker started to tease her nipples gently, but not like they needed any more coaxing. She gasped as her own hands ran down Parker to grab her backside, pulling her closer to her as Parker moaned hard against Sophie's lips, vibrating her tongue just a little bit.

"Fuck, I can't do this slow…" Parker gasped out as her hand found it's way between their two bodies, needing to touch Sophie for so long now that the need was overwhelming her.

"Good," Sophie gasped out, before moaning hard and digging her nails into Parker's back as Parker slipped a couple fingers inside of her. She couldn't wait either, it had been only four days, but it felt like forever. Her lips crashed back onto Parker's as her own hand made a path through their bodies, pressing up hard against the thief's clit, making her gasp hard and almost lose her footing in the slick tub.

"Don't make me fall," Parker gasped out against her lips as she sped up the pace of her fingers, her breathing coming out in short bursts before she closed her eyes tight and let out this half gasp, half scream, as Sophie pressed down harder, rubbing her in all the right, but very intense ways.

"I won't… I promise…" Sophie panted out against her lips, then screamed as Parker hit the right spot in side of her, and she slammed her head up against the tile wall. But it didn't hurt, she could barely feel it. She pushed her hips harder against Parker's hand and cried out, "Fuck! Parker! YES!" Sophie was far from caring who heard at this point.

"Tell me you love me," Parker gasped out against her lips, then bit her lip to keep from crying out from what Sophie was doing to her.

"I… I love you… Parker—FUCK!" Sophie screamed again as she clenched deep inside, stilling her body, pressing up against Parker's own clit so hard in the perfect way that Parker gasped before Sophie came, screaming Parker's names and words not even invented yet as she rode out the wave.

She didn't even wait for her head to stop spinning, she just went to work against Parker's clit in tight, hard, fast circles, making Parker's knees buckle as she slammed her hand against the wall to try to steady herself as she started to fall. "Oh god!" she screamed as it was her turn to tumble off the edge. Her knees gave way however, and Sophie scrambled to hold her up, but the two just came crashing down into the tub, Parker on top of Sophie.

"Ow… shit…" Sophie said, out of formality than anything else because she still couldn't feel it. She just closed her eyes and breathed heavily, until Parker moved her head and she got sprayed face first with water. "Fuck," she sputtered as she moved to get up, and Parker giggled.

The two climbed out of the tub, leaving the water still running because they were still so out of breath. They both collapsed on the floor, soaking wet and feeling infinite. "Shower sex is romantic, right?" Parker asked, smirking a bit. She knew Sophie was all for romance.

"Probably would have been a bit better if we didn't fall and get sprayed in the face with water," Sophie replied, laying her head on Parker's chest, giggling a bit.

"Yeah well, no one's perfect," Parker said with a smirk as she wrapped her arms around the woman she loved.

"That's not true," Sophie said softly before looking up at Parker and pressing her lips lightly against the blonde. "You are," she whispered, before smiling.

Because to her, she was.