This will be a five part story written for a friend - it's all her fault! Enjoy!

The First Time - May 3, 1998

Harry slowly opened his eyes, taking in his blurry surroundings. The red curtains around him seemed familiar. Is it really over? Am I really in my bed in the boys' dorm? A loud moan from another bed caught his attention.

" good."

Hahaha! Yep, I'm in the boys' dorm alright. Wonder who's wanking this morning?

"Er-my-nee" the voice groaned.

No denying who that is! Harry sat up and parted his curtains, finding his glasses he made ready to tease his best mate when he froze at the sight before him. The curtains to Ron's bed were parted about eight inches, enough for Harry to see the freckled expanse of Ron's back as he lay on his side, the muscles shifting as he moved. The covers were pooled low around his waist, showing the indentations at the small of his back, right above his tight–

Whoa! What the hell are you thinking Potter! He's your best mate, you shouldn't notice his– Harry was forced from his thoughts when he noticed slender fingers – ink stained fingers! – crawling around Ron's side.

"Stop, that tickles!" Ron said with a laugh. He didn't hear Hermione respond – except for a moan. Harry assumed it because Ron was kissing her; at least that's what it sounded like. Harry was about to get up and sneak out of the room when he noticed Hermione's hand slip over Ron's arse, causing the sheets to shift lower. He sat hypnotized as Hermione's hand grazed a trail up and down, from the small of Ron's back over his bum and back up, leaving faint red marks in it's wake.

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours," Harry heard her say in a voice so sexy he had a momentary doubt it was Hermione in bed with Ron, until he heard Ron moan her name again. The way she then moaned Ron's name in response made it clear to Harry that Ron was definitely scratching something – and she liked it.

"You still sore, luv?" Luv? He just called her luv? Is she sore from the battle? Or did they...? Surely they didn', they couldn't have. Could they?

The bodies in the next bed shifted as Hermione rolled to her back and Ron rolled on top of her. Their covers moved with them and afforded Harry a side view of a few inches on bare torso – two bare torsos! They did! Blimey!

"Mmmmm," Hermione hummed, obviously enjoying whatever Ron was doing to her, "Yeah, a bit."

"Awwww, poor baby." Baby? She's going to hex him for sure. Harry almost fainted when he heard Hermione's responding giggle. Hermione does not giggle! Then again, he figured, Hermione doesn't usually lounge around naked in bed with her best mate either. "Anything I can do to help?" he heard Ron ask, his voice sounding confident

This is Ron – stumbling, bumbling "now or never" Ron! When did he Well, mean, he has been looking really good for a while now but-

"Well, since you ask..." Hermione answered coyly, "You could, uh...kiss it all better again."

What the fuck? She can't mean...

Ron laughed deep in his chest, "You liked that did you?" No frigging way! He didn't-

"Mm-hmm...very much so. You have a natural talent." Damn, he did!

"Not so bad yourself."

They didn't speak for quite a while after that. Harry could only assume from the wet sloppy noises and moans that they were kissing, rather fiercely from the sound of it. Harry had just decided to grab his cloak and sneak off to the boys' toilet to deal with his burgeoning stiffy when he noticed Ron's body moving lower and lower until his head was lined up perfectly with the opening in the bed curtains. This meant he was also lined up perfectly with the space between Hermione's legs.

Harry sat stock-still, terrified at what Ron would do if he spotted him. His fear of being seen was quashed when Ron took Hermione's leg and hooked it over his shoulder. This effectually blocked Harry's view of exactly what Ron was doing but also, fortunately, blocked Ron's view of Harry. Harry took the opportunity to reach for his invisibility cloak and drape it over himself. Rather than leave the room however, he settled on his bed and continued to watch.

What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn't be watching this! Yet... I just can't stop. Besides, it's not hurting anybody. They're the ones who left the curtain open! Harry tried to justify his actions to himself but the simple truth was, it was the sexiest, most erotic thing he had ever witnessed in his short tragic life and he was riveted by it. It turned him on, and after all the hell he had been through, it felt exhilarating to feel so sexual and so...alive.

Hermione had one hand playing with Ron's hair and Harry was captivated by the tender gesture. Ron's hair has so many more colours than Ginny's...Ginny! I wonder if she'd ever let me– His thoughts of his ex were interrupted when Hermione let out a deep, throaty moan, "Oh God Ron! More!" More what? Ron seemed to know exactly what she was talking about, as he shifted to hook his arm around the leg on his shoulder and used his hand to open her further. Harry caught a of glimpse brown curls and pink flesh and averted his eyes, feeling slightly overwhelmed. Ron looked up at Hermione from between her thighs and groaned, "Fuck yeah, play with your tits luv. That's so fucking hot." Fuck? Tits? Didn't they just kiss for the first time yesterday? What have they been doing all night?

Whatever it was they had been doing, they seemed to be very good at it. Hermione's moans were getting progressively louder and Harry distinctively heard a wet sluicing sound as Ron's hand pumped in and out of her. Harry was so painfully hard at this point, he had no choice but to reach down to his pants and rub his palm over his throbbing cock to ease the pressure.

Harry had never seen a woman orgasm before, he and Ginny had certainly not gone that far. He couldn't see Hermione's face but he could tell from the thrusting of her hips and the way she clutched Ron's head to her, she was very close. Suddenly Hermione seized up and screamed Ron's name over and over.

Holy shite! That was fucking amazing!

Once she seemed to calm down, Ron released her leg and kissed along the inside of her thighs and up her hips, all the while murmuring soothing words Harry could not make out. Harry wondered what he should do now that they seemed to be finished, when Hermione surprised him yet again.

"Ron, I need you...please." Is she actually begging?

"Are you sure Hermione? Because I'm fine, we can just–" Is he actually hesitating?

"I love you Ron, please make love to me." Love!

"Hermione...I love you, so much," Ron replied so gently and tenderly that Harry thought Ron might have been close to crying. Ron lifted himself and moved closer to Hermione's center, the site of Ron's erect member as he prepared to enter her shocking Harry. Harry had seen Ron naked before, you can't share a room with a bloke for seven years and not, but he had never seen him...hard.

Have mercy, he's– Don't go there Potter! Don't!

Hermione opened her legs even further and accepted Ron fully without any hesitation. Buggering fuck! They...they're actually...they've already...Damn! Ron set what appeared to be a slow pace to start with, all Harry could see was his naked backside as he methodically thrust into Hermione while she ran her leg sensuously along his.

Before too long, Ron reached out a large hand and grabbed Hermione's leg and pulled it up high over his hip. This must have changed something for them because almost immediately Hermione sighed Ron's name in ecstasy. Oohhh, I'll have to remember that move. Harry was surprised to see Hermione's hands reach down and grab two handfuls of Ron's freckled arse as it clenched and released with each stroke. "Faster Ron, harder...please."

Bossy in bed too, no surprise there. Ron certainly doesn't seem to mind. In fact Ron's only response was to groan her name and increase the speed and intensity of his thrusts, driving her into the mattress. Hermione wrapped her legs around Ron's waist, digging her heels into the top of his arse and clinging to him as he pounded her with a force that shocked Harry and obviously thrilled Hermione.

"So good Ron... love you... I think I'm gonna..." Hermione practically sobbed her release, "YES! Oh God, Yes, yes! Oh Ron!" Again? Damn Weasley, impressive!

Ron was relentless through Hermione's climax, helping prolong the experience for them both. Finally he shouted with a thrust on each word, "Fucking love you so much!" before letting out a loud growl that sounded like 'Hermione,' as he obviously found his own release with her whimpering underneath him.

Harry bit his fist to keep quiet, cursing himself for not casting a silencing charm of some kind earlier. He was harder than he'd ever been in his life and the scene before him was just too much to endure. He shoved his pants down and with a few short stokes came all over his hand.

By the time he recovered and was tucking himself back in, Ron had rolled off Hermione and was once again laying on his side with his back to Harry, completely exposed. Ron reached down and pulled the covers over them, arranging the quilt lovingly over Hermione.

"Shit!" Ron suddenly shouted, freezing Harry in his tracks near the door, as he was finally heading to the loo.

"What's wrong?" Hermione cried.

"I must have left the curtain open when I went to the toilet earlier. Force of habit, always left them open to keep an ear out for Harry. Fuck!"

"No need to use that type if language Ron." Now she scolds him? Harry almost laughed out loud. "Is Harry you think he heard? Oh my goodness Ron, what if he–" She sounded on the verge of tears.

"Shhhhh, it's okay." Ron poked his head through the curtains as Harry held his breath, "He's not there. Probably left a while ago. He got a lot more sleep last night than we did." Hermione simply laughed softly in response.

"Besides," Ron continued, "if Harry had heard anything I'm sure he would've left right away, or cast a silencing charm or something." Harry felt the guilt starting to rise in his chest listening to Ron's reassurances. "Let's get some more rest, yeah? It's going to be a rough day." Ron's voice cracked at this last part. A very rough day indeed, Harry agreed. Harry heard them share a simple kiss.

"I love you Ron, so very much." Hermione said sleepily.

"Love you too." Ron reached down and drew the curtains closed, wrapping them in a scarlet cocoon and keeping the world at bay for a few more hours.

Listening to these quiet declarations, Harry had realized what he had just witnessed was not just two people having sex like one of Dudley's porn videos. This was a couple deeply in love and finally free to express it with their voices and their bodies. He felt a pang of guilt for intruding but at the same time was too exhilarated from watching this beautiful moment to feel too guilty about it. This is what they fought for, this is what mattered now. Besides, he rationalized, it wasn't ever going to happen again.