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Epilogue: August 27, 2005

Harry initially felt guilty about abandoning his wife and child for the afternoon but Ginny had insisted he take advantage of the clear day and go for a fly. He suspected she just wanted him out of her hair while she and James took a nap. Poor thing, she's bone tired. Can't blame her really. James wasn't even a year old yet and they had just discovered that Ginny was already pregnant again. He tried to stay behind, in case she needed anything, but she just clucked her tongue, called him a mother-hen and suggested he go see if Ron was free for a fly. "Hermione will probably welcome the chance to get the prat out of the house," she speculated.

Somehow I doubt that, Harry had thought. Ever since Hermione had announced her pregnancy a few months earlier, she and Ron seemed even more connected. There was an odd serenity surrounding the couple that Harry honestly found disconcerting at times. From all he had observed, and he had seen plenty, 'serene' was not common for Ron and Hermione. And yet, that's the first word that came to his mind when he saw them together lately. When they met every week at the Burrow, Hermione sat quietly, with Ron constantly at her side. Even when they bickered, he caved almost instantly, doing anything to placate her before she could become agitated.

Harry didn't know if this was their first pregnancy, though he suspected it wasn't. A few months before he and Ginny discovered she was pregnant with James, Ron had been practically giddy for weeks, making vague references to 'secrets' and 'plans.' Finally one Friday Ron confided that he and Hermione had an announcement to make at Sunday dinner. Once that Sunday rolled around however, neither Ron nor Hermione were there, just a note sent with Pig saying they weren't able to make it. Ron was out of work for the entire week following and stammered some excuse about a surprise holiday when he returned. Harry knew his friends well enough to know it was a lie, but felt it best not to press the subject.

He discovered another clue to their troubles the day he and Ginny told the family about her pregnancy. Hermione and Ron were genuinely happy for them, but Harry sensed a sadness behind their smiles. This was confirmed when he came across Hermione crying in Ron's arms as he comforted her with reassuring words. "Our time will come," he told her while stroking her hair and Harry felt has heart clench as he deduced the source of their pain. Accordingly, he wasn't surprised Ron and Hermione had waited so long into her current pregnancy to tell everyone. Ginny thought it was some Muggle superstition, but Harry suspected they just wanted to be certain everything was okay, Hermione not fully trusting the Magical diagnostic spells.

Ron, of course, was thrilled beyond words and once they shared their news, Harry wondered if he ever stopped smiling. He certainly seemed to be enjoying the changes in Hermione's body, having confided to Harry over drinks a few weeks previous that he could barely keep his hands off his pregnant wife. "She's just so damned hot," he explained after several Firewhiskeys. "It's so fucking sexy to see. It's like watching our love grow, right there inside her, ya know?" Harry did know – all too well – yet no matter how supportive Ron was of Harry's relationship with Ginny, Harry didn't think Ron wanted to hear about Harry's own randy thoughts about his sister, so he just kept his recollections of his own adventures when his wife was pregnant to himself.

Harry was truly excited for his best friends, finally getting the family he himself had been blessed with. He knew he owed his own happiness to Ron and Hermione, to the love they showed him and shared with him as he was growing up and as he healed after the war – and after Ginny. He knew without a doubt that without Ron's words that Halloween night he would never had been able to face Ginny after their relationship went to hell. Thanks to Ron's explanations and encouragement that night he had gathered his courage and talked to Ginny – more importantly he listened to Ginny. By Christmas they could be in the same room together without stifling tension, by Ron and Hermione's wedding that summer they had shared a few tentative kisses and private moments. Now, they were happily married with a beautiful son – and another baby on the way!

Harry was always relieved that his relationship with Ginny was the only real change that came from that drunken Halloween with Ron and Hermione. The bond that the three of them shared was too strong to be severed, they had certainly strained it at times over the years but it always mended and strengthened. The biggest concern Harry had immediately after their encounter was Ron's reaction to him, he knew he would be embarrassed in front of Hermione, but figured she wouldn't stand for any awkwardness – he wasn't sure about Ron. He didn't want Ron to think he harbored any lingering romantic –or sexual– feelings about him, or, Merlin forbid, about Hermione. Harry had elected to crash on the sofa that night rather than running away and acting ashamed. Ron put him instantly at ease the next morning when they met in the kitchen. Ron slapped him on the back and laughed, "Mate, you have the funniest sex face I have ever seen," while contorting his face into a horrid approximation of Harry's expression while orgasming, "Thank Merlin I'll never have to see that again!" He then turned back to the cooktop to continue making breakfast, only stopping to give Hermione a passionate kiss when she presented him with his morning coffee.

That was the last the incident was ever mentioned between them.

Harry landed with a soft 'pop' in the back garden of Ron and Hermione's house and made his way up the porch, intending to let himself in as usual. His hand froze on the door as he peeked in the back window. Ron stood in the middle of the kitchen wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms. That in itself was not unusual, Ron rarely dressed before noon on his days off unless he had to. The problem was that he wasn't alone: Hermione was seated on the kitchen table, her legs spread wide to accommodate her husband who was occupying himself by feasting on her breast through her shirt. Shit! Not again! Can't these two ever have sex in their bedroom like normal people?

Ron pulled back and said something to Hermione that made her toss her head back and laugh. Harry noticed that Hermione was only wearing knickers and one of Ron's white button up shirts – Not that she has much of it buttoned! – which now sported a large wet spot over her breast, giving him a glimpse of a dark nipple. Harry took in the sight of her bare round belly and suddenly remembered that Hermione was probably close to six months pregnant, give or take a few weeks. Ah yes, the randy phase. I remember it well. Course as randy as these two usually are, can't imagine how much they're doing it now.

Harry watched as Hermione slid her hands over Ron's bare shoulders and down his back, making Ron squirm as she laughed at him. Must be ticklish. The laughing stopped when she reached the waistband of his pajamas and her small hands disappeared inside to slowly uncover his tight arse. Ron sunk slowly to the ground and knelt in front of Hermione, slowly running his large hands over her pregnant belly while staring into her eyes. Harry didn't need to hear his voice to know Ron was speaking words of love to his wife and unborn child. The sight of his strong freckled hands caressing Hermione's swollen abdomen was oddly hypnotic. Hermione had reached down and was stroking Ron's fiery hair, before moving her hand to cup his jaw. Harry shook his head and forced himself to look at their faces. There it is again – that look. She looks so content, so serene. Ron's face was was alight with sheer joy and wonder. He looks like a man who has everything he has ever wanted, right there in his hands. When Ron's hands slid up Hermione's thighs and under the hem of her shirt to grasp her knickers and begin inching them down her body, Harry turned and walked away. There was no jealousy, no arousal, no resentment, only gratitude and relief that they all finally had the future they worked so hard for and feared they'd never have.

Harry Apparated directly to his own home. He crept up the stairs so as not to disturb his sleeping family. When he arrived in his and Ginny's room, his heart leapt into his throat at the sight before him. Ginny was curled on her side with James clutched to her, his tiny hands entwined in her silky hair. Harry toed off his shoes and carefully climbed in behind her and wrapped his arm over both of them, holding tight to everything he'd ever dreamed of having, all he ever needed. Love.

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