Title: Impalpable

Author: Ria Rose

Summary:A summer road trip through Muggle America turns ill when the car that Ron, Hermione, and Harry have purchased breaks down. Walking to the nearest gas station, Harry encounters the last person he thought he ever wanted to see…and his 87 Camaro. But there's a side to Severus Snape that no one knows about: a free riding rebel that would rather don older rock tees than robes and still breaks rules wherever he can. Little do they know it, but the Golden Trio is in for one hell of a summer. - Summer after sixth Year - Non-HBP and DH compliant.

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING identifiable to the Harry Potter world. J.K. Rowling gets that privilege. Anything you don't recognize, that shits all mine. And I will open up a heaping can of whoop-ass on anyone that tries to steal my shit. Thank you, come again!

Just as a side note, so you all know, this story is also archives at the (Wonderful!) PotionsandSnitches[dot]net. I have several chapters written. I'm trying for a light and fluffy story with some drama to keep things interesting.

By the way: I was a little shit and made this contemporary. Meaning, I moved this up about ten years to make life easy concerning what Harry listens to. Don't like, don't read. Nah nah nah nah nahhhhh nah!

Chapter One: Guns, Roses, Beer, and Antics

The heat was unbearable and though the beat up old Chevy may not have had air conditioning, it was quite apt to large windows and strong wind on their faces as they broke speed limits while racing down interstates. It was gloriously cooling in a free-living sort of way. But the car had broken down some 4 miles east of where Harry Potter was currently walking on I88 and the 70 MPH concocted wind had ceased. The exit ramp was looming closer and the 16-year-old reveled in the brief breezes he was gifted with as cars zoomed past him.

Hermione and Ron were both still with the car, Ron passed out in the back seat snoring away and Hermione keeping watch over their possessions. Harry had volunteered to be the poor schmuck to retrieve help, always the one with the hero complex. Starting down the exit ramp, Harry hastily wiped another bead of sweat from his forehead. 'A gas station,' he thought as an Exxon came into view, 'perfect.'

The last steps leading to the gas station were torture. All Harry wanted to do was use the American muggle change in his pocket to buy himself an ice cold Coke from the vending machine in front of the service station. Then, he'd enter into the air conditioning and call a tow truck.

It had started with a muggle movie. Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry had gone to the theater in London only to become entranced by the idea of a road trip. And it couldn't be just anywhere; it had to be in America, just like the movie. And it had to be in an old Chevy. But, Fred and George had the shop to run and Ginny was too young. That left the three best friends and a road trip before their final year at Hogwarts sounded perfect. To Harry it was his last shot at normalcy. He knew, without a doubt, that this upcoming year could very well be his last.

Obtaining a muggle driving license wasn't hard at all and neither was buying the old car and 'putting it on the road.' True, the insurance they had to buy and the registration fees they had to pay were a pain, but it didn't take nearly as long as they had thought it would. The hard part was making it out of London without the Order or You-Know-Who knowing. But, when they finally did sneak away, it was two weeks of awesome anonymity on the country roads of the United States.

Then the car broke down.

With the service attendant nowhere to be seen, Harry pressed 5 quarters into the machine, selected the cola and instantly drank down half the bottle as soon as he picked it up.

Leaning against the outer wall of the station, Harry caught his breath from chugging the soda and surveyed his surroundings. A black Camaro pulled in and drove up to one of the pumps. From the driver's seat stepped a tall man with shoulder length black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wore a fitted black tee, blue jeans held up by a black belt with silver belt buckle, and black boots. His face was hidden behind dark sunglasses.

With arms littered with tattoos and a black band covering most of his left forearm, the man swiped a credit card and began to fill his tank. There was something positively familiar about him that Harry couldn't place. But, it meant nothing to him; he was too hot to care and this guy was as good as any to help. The early July sun beat down upon the young wizard as he pushed himself off the wall and walked toward the man.

He did not notice Harry approaching as he leaned back against his car, clicked the nozzle so it would continue to fill without him holding it, and very daringly lit a cigarette. Propping one leg against the car, the man inhaled his cigarette and sighed contently. The pack of Marlboro Reds was left on the hood of the car next to a green Bic lighter.

"Excuse me, sir?" Harry spoke in his most polite tone.

The man exhaled the smoke from his mouth and turned to the voice. As soon as his eyes landed on the sweating teen approaching him, he stood up straight and immediately put his cigarette out. "Potter! What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

Harry froze. No. It couldn't be. "Professor Snape?" Disbelief was an understatement. Where were the billowing black robes? Where did the tattoos and the James Dean mannerisms come from? Bloody hell, what was he doing in America, of all places, and why was he driving a bloody Camaro and smoking muggle Cigarettes?

"Eloquent as usual, Potter." He slid his sunglasses off and peered at the teen. "Explanation, if you will."

"I…uh…" Well, if there was anyone who could help him and his friends, it was Snape (though, he knew that they were caught and in serious trouble), right? "Ron, Hermione, and I broke down up the road. On the interstate. I walked here for help."

"Oh, that perfectly explains why you're in America."

"We were on a road trip, sir. But the car started making this weird croaking noise and we pulled over but I think it's overheated or something because it won't start back up and I just need a phone to call a tow truck and-"

Snape held up his hand to silence him. The gas nozzle clicked off and he replaced the lever and closed his gas tank. "Get in. East or west of here?"


"I'm aware that, though in America, they do still speak English here, do they not?"

"Yes, sir." Harry obliged and opened the passenger side door. He slid into the seat and sighed contently as Snape restarted the car and cold air blew from the vents.

"East or west, Potter?" He snapped, replacing his sunglasses onto his face.

"East, sir."

Popping a CD into the radio, Snape skipped up several songs and hit play. The music that came blaring out of the speakers only served to confuse the teen's perceptions of his professor even more. A guitar began, sliding up and down the scales, followed by drums. Snape beat out the tempo in his steering wheel, barely aware of the child seated next to him.

It was Snape beginning to sing along that really took Harry for a loop, "She's got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories…"

"Sir?!" Harry - though he hated it - was quite used to and comfortable with his old image of his professor: the greasy bat of the dungeons. This was…unnerving. "Sir?" He repeated.

"Shh!" Snape scolded, as a guitar solo began, "Do not desecrate Guns 'N Roses by interrupting."

Harry's mouth dropped. What was this? "Who are you and what have you done with my potions professor?" Instead of answering, Snape just held up his hand, tapped his four fingers down against his thumb in a signal of a mouth shutting, and continued to sing along. "Oh, whoa, whoa, sweet child o' mine!" Harry wisely stayed quiet through the rest of the song.

As it ended, Snape skipped up two more songs and the blasting guitars made Harry nearly jump through his skin. They were nearing the break down site and as Snape pulled the car onto the shoulder, Harry could see that Ron was awake and sitting with Hermione on the hood of the car. They stood and walked warily toward the Camaro, only picking up pace when Harry stepped out, 'Hells Bells' still blaring from the speakers.

"Harry! Mate! We were getting worried!" Ron called out as he walked closer. "Who-" But he stopped speaking as Snape exited the car and pulled off his sunglasses.

"Bloody hell!"

"Beautifully spoken, Mr. Weasley. Now, if you would be so kind as to pop the hood of your car?" The Potions Master breezed past the two teens and stood by the hood of the Chevy, waiting.

Seeing that his friends were making no move to do so, Harry jogged over to the car, reached through the window, and popped open the hood.

Pulling out his wand, Snape did a quick diagnostic check on the engine and frowned. "You blew your head gasket. This car is as good as junk now."

"What?" Harry exclaimed, "Can't we fix it?"

"3,000 in American dollars. They'd have to take the whole engine apart to fix it. Are you willing to pay that?"

"No, sir."

"Figured as much." Snape sauntered over to the passenger side and opened the door. "Collect your stuff and put it in my car." He dictated as he opened up the glove box.


"If you wish to stay with a broken car, that's your prerogative, but I highly doubt Minerva would be pleased with me if I left her golden Gryffindors in the middle of the bloody highway!" Taking his keys, he began to scratch at the inside of the glove box.

Harry paused in grabbing his duffle from the backseat, "What are you doing?"

"Removing the V.I.N. number so we can leave the car here. This way it can't be easily traced back to you. Highway patrol would just as rather have it towed and junked instead of trying to find the owners."

"You've done this before?" Hermione, finally recovered from the shock of seeing her potions professor, said.

"These highways are littered with cars my friends and I dumped; I'm an expert." With an uncharacteristic grin, Snape shut the glove box and stood up. He tossed Ron his keys. "Open my trunk."

The redhead squeaked and did so, dumping his bag and pillow inside and helping Hermione with hers. After Harry had added his own to the trunk and had cleared the rest of the Chevy, he offered the two the rest of his Coke. Hermione declined, but Ron happily drank the rest.

Grabbing a screwdriver from his own glove box, Snape proceeded to remove the license plates. "As Potter was the one who walked to the gas station, he gets shot gun."


Snape rolled his eyes at the redhead. "The front seat, Weasley."

"Such a wizard, Ron." Hermione giggled.

Huffing, Ron retorted, "So sorry I'm not up on muggle dialect, 'Mione. Wasn't exactly raised one, you know."

She shrugged and looked at Snape, "How do you know about this stuff? I never took you as the...well…muggle transportation type."

"There's much you do not know about me, Granger. Get in the car. It's too bloody hot out here and I'm late as it is." Snape said.

"Oi, where do you think he's going, mate?" Ron whispered to Harry as they watched Snape sit in the driver's seat. "Think he's going to the caverns we passed to recollect with the bats?"

Harry snickered, thinking of the billboards they passed that advertised caves to tourists. "Maybe he lives in them."

"I'm not deaf, you imbeciles. Get in the damn car." Their professor snapped. Squeaking again, Ron hurried into the backseat next to Hermione.

"Sorry, Professor." Harry said, taking his own seat.

But Snape just shrugged, they weren't at Hogwarts and no one other than his friends in America knew anything of him unless people recognized him through someone else. He could act himself here - he didn't have to scold anyone for rude comments he so often made himself. And, in truth, the comments about him living in the caverns and speaking with the bats were rather amusing - though he would never admit any of that to the three teens now seated in his precious Camaro.

"I am on my way to visit an old friend, yet seeing as how I now have three students with me…we are now on our way to see an old friend."


"But nothing, Ms. Granger. I'm not canceling my plans for you three. I expect you will all be on your BEST behavior. You will use Georgie's phone to contact whomever about finding new means of transport, and hopefully be out of my hair by tomorrow."

The muttered 'Ew' from Ron in the backseat made Snape inwardly chuckle.

"You mean…you're not going to send us back?" Harry asked.

"You're safe here, as no one, now save me, know that you're in America." Harry's mouth hit the floor when Snape winked at him, "This is the type of rebelliousness I condone, Potter."

Clicking through the CD, Snape put on the same song he had first shocked Harry with. 'Sweet Child O' Mine' was easily read on the digital screen that was an obvious addition to the car - it was definitely not stock.

Reenacting itself from when Harry first started driving with Snape, the potions master beat out the drums on his steering wheel and sang along. His speed picked up as they entered back onto the highway, weaving around cars moving too slow for him. Harry, glancing at the speedometer, blanched when he saw it reaching near 90 miles per hour. "Sir?"

Snape briefly looked at the teen seated next to him. "Relax, Potter, I won't get pulled over by a cop."

"A speeding ticket is the least of our worries," Harry muttered as they once again sped around a slow moving car, cleanly cutting off the other in the lane next to them. A brief glance in the backseat saw Ron clenching the overhanging bar above the window, his knuckles white.

Snape laughed when he saw the redhead in his rear-view mirror. "The 'oh-shit' bar, marvelous invention."

"Oh shit is right! Slow down!"

But Snape only grinned and sped up, the speedometer hitting closer to 100 MPH with each passing second.

"Professor!" Ron screeched in fright.

"Potter, please explain the rules when this song is on."

Harry angled his body to see his friends, "We do not desecrate Guns 'N Roses by talking." He shrugged, not fully understanding this new side to their professor, but beginning to find it overly amusing - this wasn't the Snape they knew, but almost immediately knew that he liked this one better. A lot better.

"Five points to Gryffindor for the respect of Gun 'N Roses."

Harry grinned and began to tap out the beat on his lap. He failed to see the smile on his professor's face when the older man noticed his interest in the song. Hermione, however, did observe this and wondered just how much of their professor they really didn't know about. He was still sarcastic and somewhat insulting, but it wasn't as…'Well,' she mused, 'he isn't being as mean about it. It's almost like it's all in good fun.'

To say she was confused was an understatement, but Hermione wasn't a prefect or top witch of their class for nothing. She was going to figure this out, figure Snape out.

It was near dinnertime when Snape pulled into the driveway of a large white house. As soon as he pulled the keys from the ignition, the front door swung open and a muscular man in a white tee-shirt and black leather vest filled the doorway. His arms were even more decorated than Snape's and his grayed hair was cropped short on his head. "Sev! You son of a bitch! 'Bout God damned time!" The American accent shouted loudly. The man barreled down the steps and took Snape in a crushing bear hug.

"Had a bit of detour, Georgie." He gestured toward the three teens slowly getting out of the car. "I found three of my students stranded on 88, Minerva would have my head on a platter if she found out I left them there, they're in her house."

The other man laughed, "Hah! Minnie would never! Who would she torment if she killed you?"

Snape grinned, "Good point, if these weren't the infamous Golden Trio. Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter," he pointed each teen out respectively, "And this is Georgie Bryce."

Georgie peered at each student and smiled in turn. When his gaze landed on Harry, he grinned. "The fucking savior of the world and the bane of Sevvy's existence, pleasure to meet you! You're my idol!"

He shook Harry's hand enthusiastically. "Huh?" Harry said.

"Anyone who can manage to annoy Sev as much as you do, earns my respect from the get go. You're up there with Minnie."

"Minnie…? Professor McGonagall?" The young boy couldn't even fathom ever calling the witch 'Minnie.'

"Come, come, everyone else is already here! I have the AC on, so you won't sweat your damn balls off," Georgie glanced at Hermione, "Figuratively speaking."

"Young ears," chastised Snape, "can we try for decent language?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely…NOT!" Grinning, Georgie led the four in the house, ushering them into the wide living room where three others were seated.

"Holy shit Sev, when did you have kids!?" cracked a curly haired blonde witch seated in an armchair. She pointed her wand at Snape, "Could've told me I was aunt, and then I could've started spoiling them rotten before this!"

"Lucy…these are NOT my children," he practically spit the word, "They are my students whose car had broken down."

"Aw, Severus, such a friggin' angel. Don't let the sarcasm sway you kids, he's a pussy cat."

Ron could barely imagine Snape as a 'pussy cat' but the woman was amusing nonetheless. "I'm Ron." He held his hand out to her. Instead of taking it, she stood and gave him a hug.

"'Name's Lucy! And look at you, brightest damn hair I've seen!" The tips of Ron's ears turned pink.

A wizard seated to the left laughed, "Lucy has a thing for redheads."

"Bloody hell!" Snape spewed, "He's 17 Luce, can we not?"

With a roll of her eyes she answered, "I already got a man. I just figured my daughter might want a shot at this good looking piece of meat." She grinned and her eyes caught Harry, "Oh, Merlin! And look at this one! Hey, Bay, your kid would like him!"

The wizard laughed, "She has been on the prowl." Harry blushed deeply.

Jena, a dark haired witch with her lips, nose, eyebrows, and just about every facial appendage pierced, was bouncing on her toes, obviously excited. She grinned at Hermione and winked. The young witch felt herself smile shyly, again wondering of this new side to her professor. These were not the friends she had thought he would be acquainted with.

"All right, so we know Big Red here is Ron," Lucy stated, "But what about this pretty lady?"

"My name is Hermione Granger." The teen spoke softly; she was overwhelmed by the people standing before her and Jena was still giggling and snickering like mad whenever her gaze landed on Hermione.

"LOVE your name! I need another kid, a girl, so I can name her that. Hey Sevvy, you be the Godfather!"

Snape groaned, "Again?"

Lucy laughed and said, "Every time I have another fictional kid I make Sev the Godfather."

Hermione said, "No wonder he groaned."

"Oh, he loves it!" She turned to Ron, "We got her last name, what's yours, Kid?"

"Weasley." he answered.

"LOVE it!"

Jena chuckled, "Luce, you love everything."

"What can I say," the blonde stated, "I'm a lovable type of gal."

Harry was practically hidden behind Ron, which wasn't that hard, considering how small he was. The woman's exuberance was intimidating. "And we seem to have a hidden child behind Big Red!" Lucy exclaimed. Snape looked at Harry, confused, as the teen seemed to want to melt down into the cracks in the floor rather than have any attention on him at all. Harry, for his part, had just learned that introductions were always awkward when it came to the Boy-Who-Lived. He gave a quiet wave, wondering how much caffeine these people had indulged in, and stayed behind Ron.

Lucy would have none of that though; reaching around Ron, she grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him from his hiding spot. "Hey, Cutie, what's your name?"

"Wow, Sev, you got some good looking students. Wish I was 17 again." Jena mused, eyeing Harry. "Gorgeous green eyes, right Luce?"

"Absolutely!" She reached forward to swipe Harry's hair from his eyes but caught sight of his scar. "Merlin…"

A bit panicked by the change in attitude (not that he didn't expect it), Harry lurched from her grasp and backed away right into Snape. Blushing, he shifted to the side looked up at the witches, ready to take on any comment. Noticing his discomfort, Lucy smiled and used her usual ally in awkward situations: she made a joke at another person's expense. "No wonder Sevvy came in here looking like something crawled up his ass and died! It's Harry Potter!"

"Really?!" Baylor yelled, excited. He jumped up and all his 6'5 build scrambled to get a sight of Harry's scar. "Oh, this is perfect!"

Jena pounced, pulling him from the safety of his best friend's shadow, "Fantastic! We have a new way to annoy Sev!" Harry's eyes went wide, surely, if she had her way, Gryffindor would cease to have any points left!

"All right, ENOUGH!" Snape barked. "I'm hungry, I'm sure the brats are hungry, I KNOW Baylor is hungry, so can we eat?" Harry looked up at his professor appreciatively.

Lucy smiled at Harry and Jena, "We have plotting to do now, Sev. Go cook with the men."

"No. Harry is not here to entertain you."

Harry gasped, "You just called me Harry!" Both Ron and Hermione were just as shocked; they looked up at their professor, mouths practically on the floor.

"Ain't that your name, kid?" Georgie asked, looking back and forth between Snape and Harry.

"Well, yeah…"

"So what's he call you then?"

"I refer to him by his surname as I do all my students. Except this is summer; I'm no one's professor right now." Snape mouthed. "Food. NOW."

The elder witches and wizards took this as meaning the issue was dropped. Severus never became snippy with them so when he did they knew to oblige. "All right, all right, someone needs a nap!" Baylor quipped as he walked into the kitchen and out of the back door.

"You do not mind that they stay, Georgie?" Snape asked, glaring after Baylor - though his eyes held his amusement.

"Not at all! Could use a little excitement around here!" Georgie answered Snape. "We're having a bit of a barbeque." He said to the students. "I'll make sure Sevvy doesn't poison your food."

"How accommodating," Snape growled, rolling his eyes in the same manner he yelled at his students for. This also, did not go unnoticed by Hermione.

Lucy winked at the three students as she sauntered from the room, followed by a giggling and conspiring Jena.

"Come on, you old bat!" Georgie joked, half-hugging Snape as he laughed and led him out. That left the three teens standing in the center of the room, Ron's ears still slightly pink.

"Did he just call Snape a bat?"

"Did Snape actually laugh?"

"Am I the only one who noticed they call him Sevvy?"

Ron gaped at Harry, "Bloody hell, they do!"

"This is like The Twilight Zone via Hogwarts." Hermione quipped and rolled her eyes at the confused looks on the two boys, "Old muggle show on the telly. Even you didn't know that, Harry?"

"I never really got the chance to watch much television, 'Mione."

She just shrugged, "My curiosity is peaked. Let's outside and see what else we can find out about the old bat."

Dinner was steaks, chicken and burgers grilled on the barbeque with corn (also grilled) and salad. The adults drank beer and the kids, soda. They were seated at a picnic table perched on a cement patio. The grill sizzled with warming food, and the conversation was light. Halfway through the meal, Harry noticed that the pile of beer bottles in front of Snape was growing. He eyed Hermione and grinned. Perfect.

"Professor Snape?" She spoke up, her Gryffindor bravery only rivaled by her young curiosity.

Snape raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"

The giggling from the other adults drew his attention from her though as they mocked him. "Professor Snape!" "Yo Proff!" and "Snapers!" were just some of the taunts being thrown at him. Ron and Harry held in snickers.

Georgie leaned forward, "Call the old bat Sev or Sevvy. I can't bear to hear him called Professor; I just start laughing too hard."

Hermione sputtered, "I…I can't! He's my professor!" The thought of this made her pale; you just never disrespected the institution of learning by referring to a professor by their first name!

"It's either that or sir." Harry spoke up, shrugging, his mouth still twitching with a hidden grin.

"Oh, hell no!" Lucy yelled, "That is no 'sir'! That's Sevvy!" She pointed at Snape and nodded, "Sevvy. Not sir. Sevvy."

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt this lovely conversation pertaining to my name, but having my students call me Sevvy is none too appealing." Snape spoke, his annoyance showing.

"Then call him Severus." Baylor said, "At least it's not Sevvy?" He added when Snape glared at him.

Hermione decided quietly to just not address him by ANY name at all for the moment, "My question…if you will?" Her hands in her lap, she tried to convey sheer politeness and respect: an obvious ploy to deter Snape from thinking she was going to pry for information.

"Yes? I apologize for the interruption."

She shrugged, "I was just wondering why it is that at school you stalk around the hallways with your hair down in your robes and never smile, and are a greasy git?" An innocent smile to top it off, Hermione waited for an answer. Fred and George would be proud.

Ron spurted his drink half way across the table - to the great amusement of Lucy and Baylor. Snape's mouth dropped.

Georgie and Jena were speaking quietly, Cheshire grins on their faces. They looked up at Snape. "Gonna answer the young lady?" Jena grinned.

It was Snape's turn to sputter. He was never caught off guard quite like this before. And the self satisfied smirk on Hermione's face didn't help matters.

It was then that Snape noticed the five beer bottles in front of him and Harry and Ron's smirks as they looked from them to their professor. Oh.

"How positively Slytherin of you, Ms. Granger." He finally managed. Just to be spiteful, Snape grabbed another beer from the cooler, twisted off the top and took a long gulp. The self-satisfied smirk didn't leave his student's face though as she waited patiently for an answer. "You're not getting a response. Give it up." he snapped when Hermione refused to remove her attention.

"Oh, yes she is!" Georgie answered, "If you really do act like a mean old bat at Hogwarts, she deserves an answer."

"That is decidedly not the best solution to this Georgie!"

"Sure it is! You tell them, or I will. Or Lucy, Or Baylor. Or Jen--"

"All right, I get it!"

"Then answer the young lady."

Snape grunted, "She's top witch in grades and her best friend is Harry Bloody Potter. She can figure it out. She's smart."

"Does this have anything to do with the Order--" But Hermione's hand snapped over Ron's mouth with a loud "Shhh!!"

Snape, again, rolled his eyes. "They know. They are actually part of our confidants in the U.S., The Dark Lord has affected here as well, or did you think he only had eyes for Europe?"

"Why have we never heard of them?" Ron asked.

Snape only shrugged, "Upon the Headmaster's orders you are only to be told what is deemed important enough to be discussed with you."

"Great bloody strategy!" Harry growled, "That how Sirius was killed! Because no one saw it fit to tell me anything!" He didn't quite know why, but hearing that Dumbledore had once again kept things from him angered Harry to no end.


"No! I don't want to hear it!" The anger on Harry's face was evident, the boy looked as though he was about to pop a hernia.

The other adults sat quietly, shocked at the outburst of the formally perceived 'quiet one.' Snape sighed in annoyance, "I admit things weren't done quite so…well…pertaining to your Godfather, but that is no reason to snap at me or at anyone else. Headmaster's orders, Potter, or has your simpleton mind been unable to grasp such an obvious point? ASIDE from the fact that your mutt of a Godfather should have KNOWN to keep his troublesome arse at headquarters! And if you had ever TRIED – ATTEMPTED - to learn Occulemcy, I dare say you have to be the most thickheaded, idiotic--"

"That's enough, Severus!" Georgie stood and grabbed his arm. "I'm shocked that you would...I have NEVER…I…This is a side of you I do not like Severus Snape. At ALL."

Instantly, Snape looked ashamed as he glanced from one friend to the others. It was yet another shock to the system for the students, though Harry barely registered it; he was too busy holding back tears at the thought of his Godfather. "Harry…" Snape began, in a kinder tone.

"Piss off!" Harry snapped, jumping up the table and taking off into the wide range of Georgie's property.

"Oh, nice, Sev, real nice!" Jena snapped.

"Real fucking smart, Severus, good job." Lucy pushed herself up. "Jena, let's go find him and allow Georgie to chew the asshole out."

"No, I'll speak with him." Snape said, standing himself.

"Absolutely not! No way! Because you did such a FINE job of it before?!" Jena hissed; it wasn't a wonder to her why Snape never had any kids, really.

"Then let me," Snape said through gritted teeth, "correct it."

Ron and Hermione were both quiet through this exchange, both knowing Harry well enough to understand that if he wanted to talk, he would not have left the table. They eyed the adults warily.

"I will." Georgie glared. "And I've said it before Sevvy, that Headmaster of yours may be brilliant in terms of magic and studies, but he's a sure fire idiot when it comes to social concepts." Without waiting for an answer, Georgie stalked away in the direction Harry had gone.

Snape was left sitting at the table, looking like a naughty toddler.