AN: I have decided to try a Ranma/Ukyo match up, or at least my twist to one..

Shikabane Hime

ch 4

She saw Ranma holding hands with Akane and Shampoo...

"Going somewhere, sweetie?"

She almost sobbed, "Why was I told I was asked for? It looks like Ranma has chosen."

"More like you were chosen for him." The Elder poked Ukyo in the back, just above her hips, causing the girl to collapse to her knees. "Akane and Xian Pu have lost any chance at Ranma for the time being. Ranma will fill you in on the details later. Right now Ranma needs a friend. someone to hold him, while he heals those two girls."

On shaky knees she crawled over to Ranma and wrapped him in a hug, pressing her body into his back so he would not have to pull away from the two girls laying on the floor. "Ranma-kun, you will fill me in on the details. but in your own time. Know that I am here for you, no matter what." then she buried her face in shirt, and just held him.

The Elder nodded her head, and stepped out, sliding the door closed behind her


In most any City in the World, a robed Monk and a girl wearing a fuku and carrying a naginata would rise public attention. In a subway station, it would resulted in the notice of the local Law enforcement. In Japan, the robed Monk drew the eye of the curious, but not of worry. In Tokyo the Weapon wielding girl was commented on.

On the 'platform' a uniformed officer walked up to the girl. "Nermia or Jubban?"

"Huh?" The girl looked up at the officer.

"Are you going to Jubban or Nermia ward?" the Officer cocked his hip. "Either way I will need to see your License."

"License?" the monk turned inquire.

"Yes, Do to the combat skills of the residents of those Wards, Law enforcement is limited to retiring officers who do not mind filing paperwork in exchange of crime fighting." The officer had a glazed look in his eye as if he was talking about some great promotion. Shaking his head to clear it, "Carrying a weapon of that size, requires a license out side of the Ward. "

"We are going to the Nerima ward. We were not aware of the need to have a license."

The officer pulled a ticket book from his belt. after writing it out he passed the ticket to the girl. "This is a warning, you can get your license at your local station. Next time it is a 3,000 yen fine. Have a good day."

Shortly after the officer walked off the train arrived. As the odd pair entered the train, everyone moved to give them room. As they were headed to Nerima ward, as to Juuban, they were ignored. had they been going the other way... she would have been asked if she was the 'Sailor of Silence' ...

They stepped off the train, as it came to the stop for the entire ward. Touching the arm of a salary man heading off the train, the monk asked, "Why just the one stop?"

"To cut down on the city's repair costs. Low crime rate, high property damage." The man grinned. "Welcome to Nerima." he then vanished in a puff of daisy fresh smoke.

The girl looked about, frowned. then in a burst of insight, laughed. "Urban Ninja, to survive one must adapt."

The monk looked at her, looked at where the man had stood. "Kami-sama. That almost makes sense. Lead on, 'Oh Killer of things already dead."


Pale arms encircled his upper body, as a someone leaned on him. "Ranma-kun, you will fill me in on the details. but in your own time. Know that I am here for you, no matter what." then she buried her face in shirt, and just held him.

He could feel the dampness from her tears soak into his shirt, and knew that before long he would be a short redhead. but the core of his mind did not need to worry, for this one was there for him.

And so there he floated in the pale darkness between his sorrow and her support, and he cried, as the holds on his life fell away one by one, like the chains that they were. He soon fell asleep like that, kneeling between Akane and Shampoo, holding their hands, as Ukyo clung to his back...

And for once, his mind was open, his soul was free, and his grief, pain, and fear were set aside.

he began to dream...


above the ruined pools of sorrow...

Ryoga watched the Battle from his stand point. he saw the godling knock Ranma around with power that was not of human origin. he saw Ranma return the favor. He saw Ranma take apart and rebuild moves on the fly that took masters years if not decades to learn in the first place. What he saw, made him proud to call Ranma; friend and rival.

Oh, there was no way he could do that, but he was the only one to increase his skills to be even close to Ranma's level.

Then to his horror, he saw Akane and Shampoo fall in A cowardly attack. He saw Ranma run to them. He saw the old ghoul and mouse arrive, saw them collect the bodies of the fallen, and then disappear.

Then the warriors of the Musk and Amazon nations crawled out of the shadows. while to far away to hear the words, the hand signs, the body language, spoke of anger, rage, betrayal.

He wandered closer. The leaders recognized him. Made way for him. Then asked what happened.

Then he did what he would later come to regret; he told them.


Akane opened her eyes and saw Ranma slumped forward, his hand grasping hers. a warm spot flared in her chest. Then she noticed that he was also holding Shampoo's hand, and the warm flare turned to ice. then she noticed that Ranma was not alone, that he was being held, and not by his mother or one of her sisters...

"Ranma! you cheating bastard!" she gathered her rage as she gathered her breath.

Now those who know Ranma, know he has a few deeply ingrained triggers, the big three are food, a cats meow, and Genma whispering. Akane's rage was added because he was dreaming that she was dead, her blood on his hands...

He flowed throw the forms, Ukyo still clinging to his back, as Akane attacked like the enraged rhino she was. Ranma quickly found himself where he could not move, or he would leave Ukyo in the open. He started to block her strikes, turn aside her blows.

then something happened; Akane's speed increased, her skill grew, and her rage fell away. Ukyo dropped to the floor, rubbing her tear-red eyes, as Ranma pushed forward, driving Akane away from the living girl.

then shampoo joined in, making it a three way fight.

"Everyone. Stand!" everything stopped.

"Dojo front!" the three girls and Ranma snapped to face the dojo 'front wall'.

"Not bad, my dear. you are another reason Ranma is one desired to be added to our bloodlines." Elder Cologne was standing next to Nodoka. As she waddled to the center of the dojo, she showed her age, her wisdom, and her pride. "the four of you. come, sit. we have much to talk about."

The teens blushed at the habbits drilled into students of a dojo, but moved to sit in front of the Elder as she sat on a custion that Moose hurried to place under her.

Once she was in place, "Akane dear, tell me what you remember of the fight between Ranma and Saffron."

"Ranma was not doing so well in the begining, but was steadyly improving as the battle progressed. everytime that Ranma improved his chances, Saffron would step up his game, At times it seemed that Saffron was using magic rather then Ki to fight, but ranma was able to keep up, just barely at times." She frowned, "About half way through the fight things get a little fuzzy, but i do remember Ranma firing a blast that ripped Saffron to shreads, then everything goes white, then black..."she placed her hand to her head, then to her shreaded clothing. "How did we get home? And why am I dressed in these rags?"

"Will get to that, in a bit." The Elder turn to the purple haired girl. "Now you Xian Pu. Tell me everything you know about the fight."

"Just as Destroyer says, Ranma fight from losing Position, just avoiding losing or dieing by skill alone. He finally defeat Saffron, then We are attacked. Wake up here to Destroyer fighting Arien, and fighting on a level above what she had before we left on journey."

A wizened eyebrow rose, "Really? We will have to see about that."

Before anyone could do anything else, a young teen attacked, driving her naginata through the space where Akane was sitting.


As they followed the tingling in his wards head they happened across a police box, with an officer in. After filling out a few forms, they were given a slip of paper and told; 'the License would be mailed to your place of residence, have a good day.'

With a shrug, they both turned and wondered deeper into the ward.

Soon they came the great gate of the Tendo compound.

"School of Anything Goes?" the monk asked, "And what cause them to suffer regrets great enough to become shikabane?"

"Challengers to rear gate?" the young girl looked up to the Monk, "Like we come in peace." then she grabbed her head and screamed.

"Ranma! you cheating bastard!" was heard from behind the high stone walls.

As soon as she could move, the young girl grabbed her weapon, and charged around the corner, heading for the back gate. the monk not two steps behind. She shouldered through the gate, and into the dojo at her top speed.

Even so, with the time it took to recover from the flash of pain in her head, had allowed for the youths in the dojo to have settled into comfortable spar, be called to order, and tell their stories.

In the single minded mindset that so many of the girls develop, she attacked the dead thing that was kneeling right there in front of her.

Only for the girl to slide like a silk scarf in the wind, out of the way. Then she was in the attacker face, weaving in and around the staff trying to strike the girl, who in turn was trying everything in her power to keep the staff of he weapon between her and the beast attacking her.


Ranma sensed them as they hit the gate. As Akane moved to counter the girl, he moved to counter the real threat, the monk. faster then snatching a chestnut from the fire, he drew the sword from his mothers obi, and it across the monk's throat. "Call her off." he hissed. "Akane, break off and back up!"

surprising, Akane responded.