Aftermath is a "what if" story…what if Anna wasn't crazy…what if Alex wasn't dead…and what if Rachel had really tried to kill them.

Anna and Alex sat on their dock. They watched as the sun set and both swished their feet in the water until they heard their father call them.

"He's doing better," Anna spoke quietly.

Alex grinned at Anna. "Come on miss doom and gloom; I'm starved."

Alex grabbed his shorter sister by the wrist and led her up to the house.

The dinner table was quiet; there were only the sounds of forks picking at food and the sound of drinks being sipped.

"Daddy, are we going to town tomorrow?" Anna hoped that getting him out of the house would make him feel better.


Once dinner was over the girls cleaned the kitchen while Steven went to his office.

"Anna, dad will be fine. We just have to give him time. It's only been a month since Rachel was found guilty. And you know he feels guilty because he was the one who hired Rachel and well because of the affair."

Steven Ivers sat at his desk. He leaned back in his chair and opened up a bottom drawer. Inside of it was an almost empty bottle Jack Daniels with four other empty ones and one not opened. He placed his hand around it and stuffed it back inside; slamming the drawer shut.

I can't do this. I can't…I have to think of my girls. We have to get through this. I have to step up and be the father they need. I have to make up for not listening to their warnings and I have to make up for being the cause of their mother's death.

He walked out of the office and turned off the lights.

8 months later

The house had been repainted inside and out. The furniture was redone or replaced. Almost everything about the Ivers' Estate had changed. Because when bad things happen, closure then change comes along as apart of the package.

Both Steven and Anna were in the living room finishing up decorations for the party they were throwing for Alex.

This would be the first time she'd been home since she had left for college.

Car doors could be heard being shut and many people had already shown up.

Anna ran out the front door and practically knocked her sister over with the force of her hug. Throughout the whole party the two were inseparable. Once the party was over the three Ivers stayed the rest of the night and all that early morning either playing games, talking, or watching movies.

A lot had happened to the family. Alex and Anna lost their mother; Steven his wife. Anna lost Matt when Rachel tried to cover her tracks. And they all had lost a sense of trust between them. With Rachel being put away they were able to overcome the obstacles.

Over the courses of their lives they were able to remain pleasantly happy and lead mostly normal lives.

Alex graduated with two degrees, married, and had a son.

Anna proceeded to get a doctorate in psychology, she became a doctor at the very ward she had once attended. She married and had a set of twin girls.

Steven Ivers lived out a long life in the Ivers' Estate. He went on to publish another 15 books, and enjoyed the company of three grandchildren.

Mildred Kemp or Rachel Summers lived out her lifetime in a small cell holding a pearl necklace.