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"I've done it!" yelled dib as he brandished a large Gamegirl controller over his head.

"I have finally made a control for Zim's PAK! Now I can make him do anything! Even make him tell the world that he is an alien!" he monologued to no one. The controller was on the couch as he was yelling about his plan, and he never even noticed when Gaz came by and carried it away.

"Now I finally win-. . . . Where's the controller?"


in the dark purplish room that belongs to Gaz, horrible events were about to happen.

Gaz looked at the new game in her hands and clicked the power button. The screen glowed to life as the question "Would you like to play?" appeared on the screen and Gaz clicked the A button to show yes.

A picture of Zim came up and on the sides of the screen where tools ranging from tentacles to guns lined the edges. The words DO WHAT YOU WANT went across Zim's face. Gaz took out one of the guns and let it hover next to his head waiting deciding whether or not to kill him then and there.


Zim had no idea why he lost control of his pak or his body, but he did know that if the ray gun next to his head went off he wouldn't die.


He breathed out a sigh of relief when the gun suddenly went back into his PAK, but the relif was short lived when one of his tentacles suddenly went through his legs from behind, rubbing hard on his reproductive organs. The tentacle rose until it was in front of his face and the head changed into a knife and sliced his invader suit in half.

"Oh my freaking Tallest." he said as he stood frozen on the floor of the omega level with nothing but his boots on and a tentacle through his legs.


Back in the dark purplish room Gaz was drooling over the animated body of Zim.

'Wow if he looks like this in real life he would have girls all over him.' she thought as she made the tentacle twist around his body and pet his well muscled chest. she giggled at his pained/pleasured face as the tentacle rubbed hard against his alien penis.

'I wonder what he would look like if he came?' she mused. 'Well in the name of science I suppose I will find out.'

She smiled evilly as she chose her next instrument of sexual torture.


Zim's eyes were huge as he stared at the one thing in his PAK he was the most afraid of at this second.

A vacuum cleaner hose.

It slowly went closer to his penis and in a lightning flash latched on. He screamed and tried to get away from the thing that was sucking the life out of him. He tried to call for help but one of his tentacles slapped across his mouth. Another one slid up his legs and started to tug gently on his balls as a third tentacle petted his chest.

The pleasure was starting to out do the pain as he grew hotter and hotter. He was doing his best not to come when he just couldn't take it anymore

He let go


Gaz watched as the animated Zim let go and came with the hose around his large alien cock.

His face was red and he was breathing really hard as he appeared to give up the fight to hold back his pleasure.

He was so hot.

Gaz shivered as that thought went through her mind and she noticed her panties were wet.

'I'll have to take care of that.' she thought as she got up and turned the game off, heading toward the bathroom to take a shower.


Zim lay gasping on the floor of his base trying to come back down from the haze after the strong pleasure he had just had.

'How the hell did that happen?' he thought as he slowly raised him self off the floor.

He stumbled toward his cleaning station 'and why the Tallest did i like it so much?


Gaz stood under the hot spray of water as she thought

'I would love to do that to some one in real life, . . . . maybe someone green?'


Zim stood under the warm jell of the cleaner and thought.

'I loved being controlled like that, maybe someone can do that to me in real life, . . . . maybe some one purple?'


Dib had just finished looking everywhere for his controller and sat down on the couch.

"GOD DAMMIT WILL I EVER WIN!!!!!!????" he yelled to the roof and beyond.