"Slept Right Through the Dawn"

By: singyourmelody

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. If I did, Eli Stone would not be cancelled and Jonny Lee Miller would sing and dance for me every day. Title belongs to The Weepies and their incredible song, "The World Spins Madly On." Seriously amazing. Listen to it. Love it.

A/N: Spoilers up through 2.10, "Sonoma." I haven't seen any of the remaining episodes beyond that one, although I know many people have. So, my apologies if this goes against anything that happens next to these characters.

"I thought of you and where you'd gone

And the world spins madly on."

~The Weepies

Sleeping together was supposed to change everything.

Maggie Dekker didn't have a long history of sexual conquests, but she did learn that relationships changed after having sex. They grew and stretched and morphed into something completely different. Sometimes they fell apart. Sometimes they became stronger. And sometimes they destroyed you, sucking all the oxygen from the room until you gasp for some piece of normality, for life to return as it once was.

Maggie's first boyfriend was Kevin Dunn. He was the boy-next-door type. Smart and somewhat cocky, but with a heart of gold. She fell for him instantly and he for her. It started in tenth grade and emotions were high. But there was always a piece she held back from Kevin. As if she somehow knew, in the back of her mind, that she wasn't ready for that kind of intimate connection. He dumped her on the eve of their Junior Prom. She was expecting it, but it still hurt. She went to Prom anyway.

She lost her virginity her senior year of high school. Matt Wilson was sophisticated and charming and they had been flirting for months. And so maybe she was a little bit drunk. It was a party, after all, that's what people were supposed to do. So with a three terrible peach margaritas threatening to come back up at any moment, she led him to his car, told him to drive to the nearest parking lot, and pulled him in the back seat. They dated for three months before they both left their separate ways for college. Somehow she doesn't actually regret it. The first time wasn't supposed to be perfect or anything near it, right?

Trevor Colson was a whole different ballgame and she knew it the instant she met him at their college orientation. He was quiet at first, but had a sense of humor unlike anyone she ever knew. He could always make her laugh, and she was drawn to his confidence. He never needed to put on a show, but he did for her, anyway.

She fell in love with him.

They dated for a year and a half and her first time with Trevor was completely different than her time with Matt. He was soft and gentle and assuaged all of her fears and nervousness. It was almost everything she dreamed it would be. The next day Trevor started bringing up the conversation of marriage. Talking about their kids and how they would buy a house in the suburbs where she would stay at home while little Katie grew up and he would "bring home the bacon." Maggie freaked. They broke up the next day. She cried for months.

Scott was the only man she had slept with more than once, she realized one morning as she made pancakes for them. She didn't mind though. He was her match. The long distance thing was hard, but they were making it work. It just made the time they did spend together that much more special. Or something like that, she kept rationalizing. When Eli told her that Scott was cheating on her, all she could do was think about that one morning when she asked him, pleaded with him, to move to the city and stay with her. He refused and now she knew why. She watched "Snapped" on the Oxygen network for a week straight.

Sleeping with Eli Stone was supposed to change everything. Maggie knew it would happen eventually. There was a friendship there and an attraction there and maybe, just maybe, the hint of something long lasting. So with "Red Red Wine" humming in the background and an empty bottle of red wine on the table next to them, Maggie kissed him. Or did he kiss her? Did it even matter?

Ten hours later he pretended to be asleep, she called him on it, and they had "the talk." The "I Like You as a Colleague and as a Friend, but This Really Can't Go Any Farther" talk. The "We Slept Together, but Nothing Changes" talk. And Maggie was sick of it. With Eli, it was supposed to be different. Relationship defining different. Life changing different.

So as she poured over emails and memos from their latest case, she heard her phone buzzing next to her. She looked at the caller ID. "Eli."

Maggie sighed, set the phone back down and went back to her evidence.

Eli wasn't supposed to be another one-time name to add to her list. He was supposed to be the last name on the list.

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