-The Konoha Cobra

Ch01: A New Beginning

By: MikeJV27


Author's Note: The actual timeline is kinda vague on when everything happened, so I'm taking some liberties, if my facts are wrong that's too bad, this is an Alternate Universe and Timeline, deal with it. By the way, I don't own any of the characters.


----Oct 10, 10:47 AM, Outside Konoha, The Kyuubi Attack----

A gigantic Toad landed half a mile from Konoha's outer wall, on its head stood Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage of Konaha, in his arms was his newborn son Naruto, wrapped in a blue blanket. He looked ahead, a thousand yards away was Kyuubi No Kitsune, greatest of all the Tailed Demons, and was slaughtering his ninja by the dozen. "EVERYONE FALL BACK TO THE MAIN GATE.... I'LL STOP KYUUBI!" Minato commanded in his most powerful voice.

Everyone within half a mile heard him and instantly recognized his voice. Without a moments hesitation they all retreated, leaving Kyuubi very briefly confused and annoyed and the few who saw Kyuubi's face could tell.

"Thank you Bunta, I'm going to miss you." Minato said sadly then carefully placed Naruto down on Gamabunta's head.

"You sure there's no other way?" Gamabunta asked.

"None. Please tell Kushina I'm sorry, I love her and hope she can forgive me for what I have to do to our son." Minato said solemnly.

"Let me do it." Jiraiya said seriously, having just landed on Gamabunta's head just before Minato spoke.

"No, as Hokage it's my duty. As my Sensei and Naruto's Godfather I want you to promise me you'll watch after him, and I have a final order as Hokage. As much I love Konoha, if they find out Kyuubi is sealed in him they'll see him as the Kyuubi, so I'm authorizing you to do anything you have to to protect him.... especially from that old War Hawk Danzou and his flunkies on the Council. I will not have my son taken from Kushina and turned into some damn weapon.... oh, and tell Baa-chan she'll make a great Godmother and Fifth Hokage.... if she lays off the sake." Minato said and gave Jiraiya one his patended smiles, then turned back to Kyuubi and started flashing through the hand signs for the jutsu.

"I promise.... and I'll curse your name if she knocks me through a wall for calling her Baa-chan, you know she'll only let you call her that." Jiraiya said.

Minato chuckled briefly, but never lost his concentration for an instant. He finished the jutsu and saw the Shinigami appear before him.

Jiraiya let a single tear run down his right cheek when Minato froze a moment, then collapsed backward.... dead. He saw Kyuubi roar in agony then there was a massive explosion and it was gone. "You were the greatest shinobi I ever met." Jiraiya said solemnly then checked Naruto's stomach, the seal was there, and working just as it should, even he was impressed by it, Minato had exceeded him with this seal. "Come on kid, let's get you back to your mother before she sends Tsunade after you." Jiraiya said and felt a chill run down his spine at the thought of facing Tsunade.

----11:22 AM, Konoha Hospital----

Jiraiya stood there in stunned shock as he watched the ANBU carry a barely alive ANBU from the room, a kunai buried in his chest. He'd killed Kushina in her weakened condition, but she'd still managed to get him. He had no doubt in his mind the man was a member of Root and had gotten his orders from Danzou. They were going to save his life just to get the proof they needed. Well, assuming Tsunade didn't get to him first, he knew it wouldn't be long before she was told, they'd need her skills to save him. He moved to the bed next to her body. "I'm sorry Kushina, I'm not a member of your Clan but I give you my blood oath, I'll do everything in my power to be sure Naruto is safe." He said solemnly, bit his thumb and wiped a stripe across his forehead.

----1:36 PM, Council Chambers----

Jiraiya stood near Sarutobi who'd temporarily taken back his title of Hokage to preside over the meeting. Inside he was ready to explode he was so mad. The Clan Heads and some of the Council members were having a very hot debate against Danzou, Homura and Koharu, Danzou wanted Naruto handed over to Root for training as a weapon, and his Sensei's former teammates just wanted Naruto killed as a threat to Konoha. He was astounded Sarutobi was as calm as he was.... he was ready to use his Ultimate Rasengan on them. He suddenly turned when the huge double doors to the room exploded and the whole room got deathly quiet. Standing in the doorway, her right bloody fist stll extended was Tsunade, and the look on her face TERRIFIED him to his very core. He'd known Tsunade her entire life, and more times than he could remember had seen her in a full rage, occationally it was directed at him, but he'd NEVER seen her this mad in his life, even he was struggling to withstand the unbelievable ki she was radiating. Her hands up to her elbows were bloody, as was part of her exposed cleavage and grey shirt, she only removed her green coat when she got serious.

Tsunade glared at Danzou. "Danzou ordered the death of Kushina, as Godmother of her son that makes me part of her clan and I claim vengence." Tsunade said in a voice so cold it actually lowered the tempature of the room.

The instant she said vengance, before even he could act, Sarutobi saw Tsunade cross the room at blinding speed, punch a hole in Danzou's chest and rip out his heart. She then dropped it, and before anyone could even gasp in shock she grabbed Homura and Koharu by their necks and snapped them both.

"These two were in on it, Ibiki witnessed the confession before the assassin died. If anyone has a problem with what I just did...." Tsunade said in a dead voice then cracked her knuckes. "Speak up, I have plenty of rage left to get rid of."

A dozen ANBU appeared.

Sarutobi raised his hand. "Please remove the bodies, no funeral, unmarked graves." He said sadly, he couldn't believe his former teammates had sunk so low, but he couldn't bring himself to get rid of them when he saw they were being corrupted years ago. "I'll take no actions against you Tsunade, if there is proof as you say then your actions were justified. Do you have anything to say before I make my final decion on Naruto?"

."I have something I must tell Tsunade first." Jiraiya said as he stood, his face was very serious.

Tsunade looked at him, and despite her rage she could tell just from his expression it had to be important. She nodded and waited for him.

Jiraiya walked over to Tsunade and told her Minato's final words. Her reaction wasn't what he expected.... she broke into uncontrollable tears, hugged him tightly, but not painfully and put her head on his right shoulder. The right side of his shirt was soon soaked. He'd only seen her like this twice before, if she turned to him for comfort she had to be deeply hurt.

No one said a word for almost twenty minutes while she cried.

Tsunade composed herself. "Don't read anything into that pervert, you were just handy." She said, and almost smiled when he smirked and subtly nodded. "Sarutobi, Minato's final act as Hokage was to name me as his successor. I hate this shithole for everything its put me through and all the pain its caused me.... but to honor his final request I'll take the job if no one objects to my conditions.... and they are non-negotiable. One. Except for the Clan Heads the current Council is disbanded and I'll chose the replacements. Two. I run this place my way. Three. Naruto lost his family, he needs someone to raise him that....."

"I can solve that." Jiraiya interrupted. "On the way here from the Hospital I ran into someone that volunteered to raise Naruto. At first I didn't think this was a good idea, but this person I believe is uniquely qualified to handle Naruto's special needs. She'll have to be told about his special guest, but I know she can handle it.... and raising him will help her as well." Jiraiya said and smiled.

When he interrupted her Tsunade was about to knock him through the wall, but what she heard intrigued her, Jiraiya wouldn't say that unless he belived it was best for Naruto. As much as she wanted to she wasn't ready to be a full time mother, and she knew Jiraiya couldn't.... or rather, shouldn't be allowed to raise him. "Who is it Jiraiya?"

----5:13 PM, Shinobi Residential District----

She'd just left the Hokage's office where she met the soon to be appointed Fifth Hokage Tsunade, and been told the truth about what happened that morning, what was expected of her and was now the legal guardian of the adorable blonde baby boy cradled in her left arm. She took out her key, unlocked the front door of her new house, the ANBU had moved her things from her little apartment during the meeting. She went to the bedroom where the cradle was, gently laid him in it and smiled down at him. She couldn't believe she was suddenly a mother and big sister all at once, and she was , but as a Chuunin, and because of her history, she was legally a responsible adult. "Welcome home.... Naruto Mitarashi." Anko said with a big smile.


End Chapter 1


Author's Note 2: I know this is far shorter than I usually do, and I apologize, but I need an intro story to set things up, as the next chapter or 2 will be full of time skips to get Naruto to age 6 and starting the Academy. And I kinda ran out of ideas on what to do next and this looked like a good stopping point. Future chapters will be my usual length and will slow things down. Also, this fic won't be like my others in many ways, as far as the characters looks and the feel of the story, I'm trying something new for this fic, a harder, darker edge I hope, though still filled with a little romance and humor. Pairings are totally undecided as of this writing, especially for Naruto.