The Konoha Cobra

Chapter 22: Water Cobra Part 2

By: MikeJV37

===August 18, 9:23 PM, Wave Country, Tazuna's House, Naruto's Room===

As Naruto pumped massive amounts of Kyuubi's chakra into Tenten's puppet arm, made of the same black metal in ANBU Headquarters, he talked to Kyuubi as the metal approached white hot intensity. 'Are you sure about this, I haven't even tested this jutsu combination yet.' Naruto thought, most of his focus was on his real world task.

"Trust me, once we're finished this will block even a chakra enhanced weapon, nothing short of the legendary Grass Cutter even has a chance of scratching the joints. Did you forget Chiyo told you the joints were the weak point of any puppet... your new design and this jutsu will make the arm invulnerable to almost any physical attack, just warn her about the weakness I mentioned, but that shouldn't be a problem against Zabuza." Kyuuyi said, despite the chakra strain it put on Naruto, but it was only about 5 tails, he could handle up to 6. Though she wasn't sure the floor, walls and ceiling would hold out, even with the seals Naruto placed on them before starting.

===10:06 PM, Hallway, Outside The Room===

"Relax Tenten, you're wearing a groove in Tsunami's floor." Sakura said.

Tenten stopped, looked at her friend and threw up her left arm and right stump in frustration. "I can't... I'm a weaponsmith, and as much as I love Naruto-kun, if he keeps me waiting another half hour I'll kick his ass all the way back to Konoha! Do you know how frustrating it is for me to have someone else work on my weapon without me? I feel like a katana without an edge, useless... besides Naruto-kun and being a kunoichi, the only thing more important to me is weapons, they're part of who I am, my first memories are of the weapons in the shop and watching my dad make them in the forge.".Tenten said in frustration, then spun around toward the door when the lock clicked and it started to open.

A very sweaty Naruto stepped out, and smiled. "Done, but you'll have to wait until morning, the final step will take eight hours, but I promise you can test it first thing in the morning, after the sun is up... which is about six-thirty I believe."

"That's right." Kakashi said from the nearby corner. "I'm rather curious myself as I've never seen any of these arms in action... oh, after this mission is over and we're home, I want a full demonstration of all of your weapon arms Tenten, I need to know everything they can do, weapons, weaknesses... everything. Now get to bed, I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day." Kakashi said then vanished.

"Eek!" Tsunami said from around the corner, then walked into the main hall where the 3 kids were standing. "I've never seen anyone vanish like that... I know you could do it, but seeing it is... surprising. Does he do that a lot?"

They looked at each other, smirked, then look at Tsunami. "Yes." They said in unison.

===August 19, 6:54 AM, Backyard===

He heard the series of clicks and snaps as Tenten's arm retracted all the blades, her arm still looked like she had heavy black metal armor on. With Naruto's and Sakura's help he'd just seen a full demonstration of what her arm could do, both offensively and defensively, and had to admit he was genuinely impressed. "That arm was your design Naruto?" Kakashi said.

"Yes, Kakashi-sensei. Tenten is a distance fighter, despite Baa-chan's training in avoiding attacks, she doesn't have the conditioning to withstand punishment like Sakura-chan who can hit back harder than most Jonin as you know. She needed an arm she could use for close combat that had blades for offense, but was strong enough to withstand hits from a sword, that was the original reason for the arm and what I improved on with some help from a friend." Naruto said and casually scratched his stomach. "I tried to improve on Chiyo's designs in the scroll with my medical training from Baa-chan and what Anko taught me about joint locks. I designed it to fix those weak points. Sakura specifically targeted the wrist and elbow with her attacks... did you hold back anything Sakura-chan?" Naruto said.

"No Naruto-kun. I hit Tenten's arm with everything I had Kakashi-sensei... Naruto did a great job, if I can't break it, he can't either." Sakura said.

Kakashi nodded then casually walked over to Tenten, crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Tenten's arm a full minute, his sharingan eye still exposed from the demonstration. "Hit me with this arm as fast as you can." Kakashi said casually.

Tenten nodded, she knew him very well, and though he only seemed to have 2 moods, she knew all his moods from how he acted and as well as what and how he said anything... and when that hitai-ite was up, he was in full Jonin mode, and you didn't play around. With no warning Tenten whipped her arm as his chest for a backfist as fast as she could deliver it, he caught her fist with his right like it was nothing.

"You lose a little speed in exchange for the power boost, and protection, but with training I can fix that, you can put your normal arm back on now." Kakashi said then released her hand and pulled his hitai-ite back down over his left eye.

===August 25, 11:28 AM, The Bridge===

Kakashi was leaning against the shed set up mid-bridge for tools and supplies, reading the latest edition he'd brought with him and watching everything, though he didn't look like he was. He was really impressed with his team. Sakura was bodyguarding Tazuna and even acting like a foreman, she was good at barking orders, and the men had quickly learned to take the pink haired girl seriously... especially after she'd twisted 1 of the scrap pieces of inch thick steel bar into a pretzel, he almost laughed at the looks on their faces. Tenten was working with the men, the girl just loved using her hands, and with Naruto's help had made her Toolbox Arm as she called it, she'd had it made to help maintain and upgrade the obstacle Course in Anko's backyard. She got along great with them and they'd even nicknamed her 'T-box' because of the tools in her arm, she could do it all, drive nails without a hammer, wrench, screw and cut, all with that arm, and she was humble about it, just a regular working girl like them, as she'd said. She'd also politely turned down a job offer from Tazuna, she loved helping, but being a Leaf kunoichi and weaponsmith was her career. The real jewel on this job was Naruto, with a couple hundred shadow clones helping, they'd cut the completion time down to almost a third of the original schedule Tazuna had figured, they'd be done in 3 or 4 days. Tazuna, the men and the town, couldn't be happier about it. Kakashi had mentioned it to his team and Tazuna, but he knew they weren't out of the woods yet, their work hadn't gone unnoticed by Gato, which meant Zabuza knew as well... he expected a visit from the former Mist nin any time. The town had set up patrols at both ends of the bridge, he knew they could keep Gato's goons away, but Zabuza could get by them with ease and the'd never even know it... if he wanted to. He knew Zabuza's reputation, he'd rather cut through the villagers than sneak past, he just hoped Zabuza would focus on his target, they were still not completed enough to not need Tazuna, if Zabuza killed him the bridge wouldn't stay standing for more than a month, at most, the finishing touches to secure it he had to personally direct, no one else could do it. If it wasn't properly secured at both ends the wind and waves would bring it down, if Gato didn't do it himself.


"Everyone off the bridge, get clear NOW, move it!" Naruto yelled when a thick fog rolled in on the bride, he knew it had to be Zabuza, it was noon, mid-summer, there was no chance that was natural. He followed the last worker to mid-bridge and joined his team mates, behind Kakashi.

"I don't know how you got past me... but I must say I'm impressed, anyone that can slip by me deserves my respect and I take seriously as an opponent." Zabuza said as he walked out of the mist into view, his huge sword swung over his right shoulder, Haku behind him, still masked.

"I'm glad we impressed you, as much as I'd like to take credit, it was his idea." Kakashi said and motioned to Naruto..

Zabuza stopped. "Kakashi Hatake, The copy nin, so it was correct...or am I right in thinking that family was you and the brats?"

Kakashi nodded.

"Did you like my jutsu? Came up with it myself... and I'm glad you brought her with you." Naruto said.

"You're mistaken, I'm a boy." Haku said.

Naruto tilted his head back slightly and took a beep sniff. "I was right, you are a girl, so please don't bother lying to me."

Zabuza laughed... hard, for a moment. "Kid's good... you can smell her pussy, right?"

Haku blushed behind her mask.

"I was polite about it, but yes. Zabuza, before this gets bloody and anyone dies, I walk to talk to you, alone." Naruto said.

"What are you planning Naruto?" Kakashi said quietly.

"Look at Haku's body language, how she follows him, don't you see what I do?" Naruto said quietly.

Kakashi took a closer look then nodded a moment later.

"What is it Naruto-kun?' Tenten said, she just wished she had a few moments to switch arms.

"You think you can do it, I'd rather avoid a battle if possible." Kakashi said quietly.

"You've got balls brat, but I can spare a minute or two, you might even be good for a few laughs." Zabuza said loudly.

"I think so. I doubt Zabuza will, but Haku might." Naruto said then made a Shadow Clone that started toward Zabuza.

"Brat can make a Shadow Clone, impressive for a Genin." Zabuza said then walked to meet him halfway. "Not bad brat, making a Shadow Clone at your age, you got my attention for the moment, so talk before I get bored."

"First, put your arm down, I can smell you two hundred yards away." Naruto said and waved a hand in front of his nose.

Zabuza laughed. "It's a shame I'll probably have to kill you brat, I really like your style. And up or down won't affect how fast I can swing this sword, but I like your guts, so I'll do it, but don't expect any other favors."

"Fair enough. We know who hired you to kill Tazuna, and we obviously can't let you do it, but what I want to know is why? A job like this should be below your notice, even if it is for someone as rich as Garo. Come on, killing an old man, and not even a shinobi... he's not even a challenge, so that leaves the obvious, you need the money for something. What is it?" The Naruto clone said..

"You're pretty sharp. Not that you'll get to tell anyone, but you're right, I could kill the whole town in under an hour and not even work up a good sweat, and Gato is a greedy prick, he'll probably try to stiff me regardless of what happens, if he does I was gonna kill him. His guards are thugs, not even shinobi... buncha pussies acting tough. I need the money for an army." Zabuza said.

"To kill who, if you need help it must be someone powerful." Naruto's clone said.

"The Mizukage, I tried to kill him and failed, that's why I'm a missing nin, I want to kill him. Why is my business, but I'm not the only person that wants him dead, that's why I need the money." Zabuza said.

Naruto thought a few moments. "What's his Ace?"

"What?" Zabuza said, slightly confused.

"His Ace, from what I know he's well past his prime, and even for a Kage you should be able to kill him, so what's keeping him alive? I know quite a lot about Mist, if he's still Mizukage at his age, he mst have a special advantage if no one has challanged him." Naruto said.

"Why should I tell you?" Zabuza said strongly..

"He made you a missing nin, only the Mizukage can cancell that order, maybe we can help you." Naruto's clone said.

"And I thought you were smart... fine, I'll tell you. He's a jinchuuriki, the three-tailed turtle." Zabuza said.

Naruto's clone began laughing. "That's it? I thought it'd be something harder. I could kill him easily."

"Now I know you're stupid. I can handle the one-tailed, even the two, but the three is a water element, my jutsu are useless against it and even I can't get close enough to take his head off, so how the hell can a little shit like you kill him, and don't bother with lightning of fire jutsu, those don't work on him either, no one is strong enough to do enough damage before he heals." Zabuza said.

"Simple..." Naruto's clone said then pulled down his glasses with his finger, looked at Zazuba and his eyes turned from blue to solid red with virtical slit piils. "I have Kyuubi, and full control of enough tails to wipe Mist off the map with a single jutsu."

Zabuza actually paled slightly at that statement and what he saw in the blonde's eyes for a moment. 'If this kid isn't bluffing... there's no fucking way I can beat him. If he can do this with a Shadow Clone...' Zabuza thought He had an unfamliar feeling in the pit of his stomach... fear. He wasn't stupid, he had no problem breaking his contract with Gato, since he had no doubts that the greedy bastard would try to short him, or even try to kill him, but the Kyuubi was way out of his league, and not worth his or especially Haku's life, at least she didn't deserve to die so young. "Since you're a Shadow Clone I won't bother killing you, wouldn't accomplish anything other than maybe piss you off... and if you aren't lying then I really don't want to fight that monster, even I'm not that stupid, I know my limits. I'm not afraid to die, Hell I'd even enjoy going down fighting kyuubi, but she doesn't deserve this life. I know how you Leaf nin are, so promise me that no matter what, you see that she gets a real life. And before ya ask, she's not registered, and only a few people even know she's with me, so the hunter nin won't come for her..You wanna kill me, fine, but you spare her. We have a deal kid?" Zabuza said quietly.

'Hmm, not what I expected or had planned, but I can work with this... there has to be some way to... that might work.' Naruto thought."Before I answer, you know only Kakashi can authorize any deals, but before I do, can you fake your death and stay hidden for... say, three months?"

Zabuza looked at the blonde a moment and raised an eyebrow.

"What's taking so long Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

"Not sure, but I do know Zabuza knows about... her, I felt the chakra used. Most of the chakra I used was hers." Naruto said.

"You know you aren't suppossed to do that, but if you did there must of been a good reason, any ideas?" Kakashi said.

"Based on my clone's and Zabuza's body language, Zabuza wasn't going to attack, but I know you saw that too... I'd say we're making a deal of some kind... wait, he's going to dispell." Naruto said, saw his clone nod then dispelled himself, a moment later he got the memories and quickly sorted them.

"Well?" Kakashi asked.

"Gimme a minute... interesting." Naruto said then waited a few moments for the information to sink in a little more. "Some of it is still sinking in, but the gist of it is that we can avoid a battle, get rid of Gato permanently, free Wave, maybe make an ally of Mist, and maybe even gain a new shinobi or two, but its all very tricky. We'll stay here, you go talk to Zabuza, what he wants I can't authorize, but you can. If needed I can send a message back to Anko-neechan with a snake, she'll pass it to Baa-chan." Naruto said..

"Do it, I want full authorization to deal before I talk to him." Kakashi said.

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb. "SUMMON!" Naruto said as he touched the ground and a white cobra appeared. "Go back to Anko, tell her Kakashi needs Tsunade's authorization to make a deal with Zabuza, and time is very important. Go."

The snake nodded and vanished in a puff of smoke.

"I'm getting bored over here, so what do you say brat?" Zabuza yelled, slightly annoyed.

"It shouldn't be long Kakashi-sensei, I think you should go talk to him, he's not the most patient guy." Naruto said and smirked.

"I noticed. You three stay here, just in case, and if something happens to me, the mission is cancelled and you get them out of here Naruto, understood?" Kakashi said seriously.

"I don't like it, but understood. Don't you dare die Kakashi-sensei... you break her heart like that and I'll drag your ass back just to kick it." Naruto said calmly, but seriously..

Kakashi nodded, then lifted his hitai-ite and started walking toward Zabuza.

"Doesn't that drain his chakra just exposing it?" Sakura whispered.

"A little, but he's been training with me for years, unless a big battle breaks out, he can leave it up for at least six hours with only a minor drain. He's been working on his chakra reserves heavily, not being an Uchiha he doesn't have the natural strength they do. That's really his only weakness, and its a minor one at that. I know for sure he can do two hours going all out, beyond that I don't know, he doesn't reveal everything, even training with me, he likes his secrets. Oh, and if you think I'm scary... you don't want to know what he can do." Naruto whispered.

===2 Minutes Ago, Konoha, Anko's House===

"Mm, is there anything hotter than two knocked up, baddass kunoichi fucking like animals... and I can't wait until our tits are full of milk and ready to pop, I'm gonna..." Anko said, full of lust as she was heading to her bed where Kurenai was waiting, when she stopped, jaw clenched.


Anko turned and saw a huge white cobra, she knew instantly it was Silver, the snake she use to have babysit Naruto. "Talk."

"Naruto-sssssama needsssss Tsssssunade to give Kakasssssshi permisssssssssion to deal on behalf of Konoha, he mussssssst have it immediately." Silver said.

"This better be worth it Naruto, family or not I'll bust your balls. I'll summon you back as soon as I have it, dismissed." Anko said and it vanished in a puff of smoke. "Get dressed Kurenai, I may need you with me on this." Anko said then moved to grab her clothes. 2 minutes later both women were racing across the rooftops nearing the Hokage Tower..

===3 Minutes Later, Wave, The Bridge===

Naruto turned to his right when his summon returned, a scroll in his mouth. He quickly opened and scanned it. He turned back to say something and saw the subtle body language "Damn, I interrupted her with Kurenai didn't I?" Naruto asked and it nodded. "Tell Baa-chan thank you, and tell Anko-neechan I promise I'll make it up to her. After that you're dismissed." Naruto said and saw it vanish. "You got it Kakashi-sensei!"

"So we have a deal?" Zabuza said.

"Hai, which means you have to die." Kakashi said calmly.

Zabuza smiled sadistically,.lifted his huge sword and rested it on his shoulder. "Sounds fun, I'm looking forward to it."

End Chapter 22

Author's Note: Sorry if this isn't what you expected, but I thought of this while I was writing. Don't worry though, I didn't take away the action, please be patient, and the next chapter will feature the debute video of Zabuza's hit single, 'Let the bodies hit floor'. *evil laughter*