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Biloxi, Mississippi 1920

Carlisle was working the night shift again and I was so bored I felt like I was going crazy. I had only been a vampire for a few years, but we had already moved several times...and this place was the worst. It was just too sunny and I had to stay inside almost all the time. It was around eight p.m. on October 14th- I remember exactly- when I decided to go out for a walk to nowhere in particular. I ended up walking towards the hospital where Carlisle worked, however, because there was just no other place I knew of to go. I walked for about twenty minutes before I neared the parking lot.

That was when I first heard it. Beside the hospital was a rather old, run down looking asylum. I had never been inside one, or really even near one before, but I wasn't stupid. Screaming was to be expected coming from a place like that. I could hear a lot of screaming, actually. All of it could be ignored. I was used to ignoring.

Except there was one mind I couldn't shut out.

It belonged to a girl...that much was obvious. What wasn't obvious was why I found myself scaling the fence outside of the building and breaking the lock on a back door just to find the owner of that mind. That was something that I had no idea about. Most of the other patients I could hear in the building were very obviously mentally troubled. It was evident in their inner thoughts, but this voice I was hearing was different somehow. It did sound insane. But it had something the rest did not...a picture of me coming into the building.

And I had no idea how that could be. My curiosity took over, and I went looking for the owner of the mind that knew I was coming before they possibly could have seen me. As I walked along the hallway the voice grew stronger…louder. The girl was screaming.

Please, please don't come back! But he will, of course he will, that's what happens I can see. But I don't…can't…please not again. Not another treatment! I'm not crazy…I know what he did! Why won't-

And then the mental dialog abruptly stopped. I could see something in her head. It was the sound of foot prints behind where she lay and someone putting a hand on her shoulder. She screamed. She turned to see him looking pale and unnatural and…just like me.

Huh… How did she know what I look like to place me inside her thoughts?

I could hear her thinking again. Crazy, crazy loon. That's what the doctor says before he does all of those things. I want to be left alone! But that man wasn't the doctor. Who was that? No one new ever comes in here. Maybe he's here to save me? No…no one would know or bother to do that. No one no one. That wasn't a real man. He was too beautiful. An angel maybe? The angel of death come to take me away from here?

When I reached the twenty second door on the left side of the hall way I immediately knew the cell belonged to the voice I heard. She thought that I was an angel? Ironic considering. I tried the door. It was locked, but unnatural strength had many advantages and I managed to break the lock and quietly open the door without it splintering or giving too much fuss. The room was dark…pitch dark to anyone with less than vampire quality vision. I looked to the far corner of the small 8 x 8 room.

Long ebony hair twisted and strayed over the pillow where the little girl's head laid. I could tell that she was not asleep…but only because of the way she clutched to keep her knees together to her chest with her arms wrapped around them and her fists digging into her knee caps. Blood had dried around where her nails had cut into her skin. No one asleep could keep that rigid of a position. I had never seen her before, but from her size I would have guessed her to be around ten or eleven…I couldn't see her face, as it was turned away from me. I could not distinguish how mature her features were.

I could smell her blood and it was almost enough to have me turn around and run the other way to avoid killing her. I had never smelled another human's blood before anywhere near that sweet. I paused to pull myself together, and then finally just decided to hold my breath. It's not like I strictly needed to breathe anyway.

She didn't move or turn around when I entered the room, but began to shake in a strange way as I came closer, as if out of fear. The room was dark. I could just make out some small pictures drawn into the unpainted cinder block wall where she faced. I walked over to the wooden chair beside her bed and sat down. The room was very small and I noticed that there were no windows. Pitch dark. I began to feel a little upset for the sight of this little shaking girl in this dark room. She seemed so fragile and scared. What had she done to deserve punishment like this?

I couldn't help but place my hand on the girl's shoulder as I had in the vision. Something about her seemed to draw me closer than where I sat. I needed to see the face of whoever it was screaming in her head for my help. She screamed, though not as loud as she had in her mind a moment ago.

"Are you okay, miss?" I tried to keep my tone soft so I would not scare her any worse than I already had.

She turned around to see me and I was surprised to find that her facial features seemed more like someone my age (or the age that I was supposed to play) than the small child I had guessed. I took a moment to look at her facial features. Her eyes were full of red cracks, as if several blood vessels had burst within her eyeballs and the area around them was dark black. It looked as if someone had punched her, but it seemed more likely that the dark circles were just the result of a lack of sleep and proper care. I thought it odd that she could suffer a lack of sleep in a place like this where there could be nothing else to do.

I could not tell if I would think her pretty under normal circumstances or not. She was quite small, if not abnormally so, and I wondered if that too was from a lack of proper care. It worried me, although I wasn't sure why I cared exactly. And then she smiled at me, as if this whole thing had been a joke.

"Are you coming to take me to heaven?"

I frowned, wondering what was wrong with her. "Why, are you dying?"

That would be nice. No more here, no more treatments, no more doctors touching...touching...always touching. Why did everyone touch-grab-hurt? She hummed in her head as if trying to block something out, like she knew that I was reading her every thought. She never responded to my question. Pale faced, pale like the moon...wait was the moon pale? I can't remember. Is it still? Of course it would be. The moon doesn't change just because I haven't seen it in...however long I've been here. No point in counting. No way to anyway. The boy, the boy...he's new. New nurse? No...too young...I think. I wish I would die. Too bad. Maybe the shock will do it next time.

I listened to her mental response carefully, as she did not verbally say anything. So she wasn't dying… physically anyways. No point in asking why she's in here though, obviously a mental patient. Poor thing.

"My name is Edward Cullen. What is yours, if you don't mind me asking miss?"

I tried to keep up with her thoughts and saw that her head was cloudy...too cloudy. I realized that she was probably heavily medicated. I waited patiently as she searched through her foggy mind for the answer.

"Mary…Alice?" She said, making it sound more like a question than an answer. Her voice was high pitched, but sweet sounding...though it was evident that her throat was very dry and also cracking.

"That is a very nice name." I smiled, trying to give her a complement. It was obvious that she didn't have people in here talking to her often. I could see in her mind that she was trying to block out a lot of pain in her head from...shock treatments? What were they doing to this girl?

I heard someone coming towards us from down the hall and decided it was time to leave. I would listen in to hear what is going on from outside.

I smiled down at her again. "Well, I need to go, I hope you'll excuse my rudeness. It was nice meeting you, Alice." I rose from my chair beside her bed to leave.