Chapter 1

All around, beautiful people in beautiful clothes swirled and spun in an unrecognisable dance. Looking at them for too long almost hurt the eyes, they were so magnificent, illuminated by the hundreds of candles in the crystal chandeliers hanging from the glass ceiling, through which the glowing moon and seemingly effervescent stars shone brightly in the velvet-blue sky. The music was like water, flowing tangibly among the dancers, caressing them, surrounding them. Sarah moved with the melody, each shimmering cadence wrapping itself around her as she surrendered herself to handsome man who held her close as he twirled her across the dance floor, his eyes full of tender compassion; it couldn't have been clearer how much he cherished the act of holding her.

Sarah moved slightly on the bed, her muscles twitching to the rhythm of a long-forgotten melody. A soft moan escaped her lips and she rolled onto her side, pulling the blanket closer to her chest.

They were dancing away from the music, Sarah and her beautiful, starry king. Out of the crystal doors, the tangible music following them through the halls of the castle beyond the Goblin City, they moved together perfectly, their bodies completely in tune with one another. Even when they entered the room of twisting stairs they didn't falter, twisting and swaying up and down the ever-changing staircases.

On her back again, Sarah clenched her fists, her face moist with sweat. If only she could just wake up now, before the dream turned into a nightmare.

Something was wrong; Sarah couldn't tell what it was, but something was wrong…she was no longer in the king's arms, but facing him at a distance. Her lips were moving, but she couldn't hear her own words. No, she was speaking against her will, spewing terrible words which she didn't believe and couldn't hear. Only the last six were intelligible, ringing clearly through the misty air before the world was torn asunder.

'You have no power over me…'

Sarah woke with a gasp, sitting up abruptly, her breath haggard and her hands shaking.

'Jareth!' she cried, a dry sob wracking through her body. With trembling fingers she pushed her drenched hair back from her forehead and reached for the glass of water that stood by the bed, taking a long drink and trying not to make any noise. Her efforts were for naught, though, because a moment later the bedside light flicked on, revealing her flushed and anguished face.

'Sarah?' Adrian sat up beside her, his face creased with concern. 'Don't worry, Sarah, it was just the dream.' He reached out to put his arms around her, but she shied away from him, standing up on wobbling legs and walking to the window.

Why tonight? Of all nights for the dream to come, why tonight?

'I'm fine, Adrian. Go back to sleep.' Of course he wouldn't listen, though; he loved her, and wouldn't leave her alone when she was so distressed. The only problem was that, as usual after the dream had run its course, the thought of him made her feel physically ill with a horrid sense of betrayal.

'Can you remember anything about it this time?' He asked, standing and coming up behind her. She opened the window to let in the crisp autumn air, leaning forward and away from him.

'No, nothing,' she lied. Sometimes, during the day when nightmares seemed frail and far away, she considered telling him the truth. Telling him about the games she used to play and the fantasies she'd entertain, and how her mysterious Goblin King haunted her still, to the point where she sometimes believed her adventure in the Labyrinth had actually happened. She knew, though, that Adrian would only scoff and tell her that she was being ridiculous, and that the dreams would go away if she'd stop clinging to an immature love of magic. That was, after all, one of the things she loved the most about him: he was so sensible, so logical, so infallibly reasonable; he was kind and caring, but not in any way romantic.

Sarah almost gasped as she realized, for the first time, that he was the Goblin King's exact opposite in every way.

'Don't worry about it, Sarah,' Adrian told her, interrupting her train of thought. 'It's good, in a way—it made sure we got up on time. After all, it is a big day, isn't it?' He turned her around and smiled at her.

Why tonight? It had been over a week since she'd had the dream. Why did it have to return the night before her wedding?

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It's based on Celtic mythology, inspired by the myth The Stolen Bride. Google "the stolen bride" celtic mythology, and it should be the first link.

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"I am mist and I am sea

And I will give my heart to thee

I am the field where crops are sown

And I will take you for my own."