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She Was A Skater Girl


"Come on, Jazz, you gotta move faster than that!" I smacked him on the back before skating past him, weaving in front of him, and causing him to try to stop so fast he almost feel off his board. "Smooth!" I called over my shoulder and then ollied up onto the sidewalk when I saw Rose's M3 coming up behind us, fast. She flew past us, waving at me before taking off. Jasper was on the sidewalk behind me now, coming up fast. "Crap," I muttered under my breath, he looked determined to get me, "Jazz I was just kidding!" I pushed off harder on the ground and bent slightly lower to gain some speed. "Okay, okay, maybe I meant it, but you don't have to take it so personally!"He pushed to close the little distance I'd just made so I pushed three times really quickly and pulled a sharp turn into the school parking lot that I was sure he'd forgotten was our destination as he attempted to catch up with me.

I laughed when I looked over my shoulder and saw him pull into a turn and crash into a bush for not leaning hard enough. He wouldn't hear the end of this one. I skated at a slower place to my tree, weaving in and out of the crowd, making sure I didn't hit anybody. I'd gotten detention for that last year and lost my skateboard for two weeks. "Tabbay, Marina the Mermaid, and Branday Seaweed; what's up?!" I yelled and they cheered. I hit the tail of my board and took it into my hands. High fives were shared all around and hugs, even though we'd seen each other on Friday. "Ready for another year of high school?"

They shrugged and then bombarded me with the usual question. "Did you write my mermaid story, Bells?"Marina asked, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

I laughed at the expression, "No, Marina, I did not write your mermaid story. I've told you a million times, I don't write about mermaids." I stuck my tongue out and she pouted.

"Can I be a talking tree then?" She waved her arms above her head, "Be the tree, Bella…I feel like a hippy." She dropped her hands, grinning. I rolled my eyes and then Tabbi interrupted.

"Nope, she was too busy writing my werewolf story, huh, Belly?" She smacked my stomach lightly and laughed, darting to the side when I aimed a punch at her arm.

"You know I hate that nickname, Tabitha." Her smile disappeared and she glared at me, before we collapsed into giggles. "Yeah, I wrote about a page for your story, Tabbi." Marina's mouth fell open at this news.

"What?! What do werewolves have the mermaids don't? I shall set the creatures of the sea upon you, Bella, you better avoid that fish in your Bio class!" On a second thought, she turned to Brandy and pointed at me "Sick her, Seaweed!"

Brandy rolled her eyes "Why do I have to be the seaweed in your story?"

"Because, you spoke too late and didn't say what you wanted to be."Suddenly all three of them fell silent and were looking behind me.

"What…Aaahh!"I screamed when I felt arms encircle my waist and heft me over a shoulder. Of course he would do this. "Put me down Jasper!" I pounded on his back and he laughed.

"Hey, Jazz." They all said and then sat under the tree as they watched the show.

"Guys help!" They just laughed and continued to watch, some friends. I looked up at Jasper as best I could as he picked up my bag and board in his free arm.

"Gotta go, girls, see you later." He turned and started walking to my first hour, gym. We were getting weird stares so I hit his back one more time before just chilling, I didn't need to be dropped on my head today.

"Hey, Jazzy, you have a little something here…" I trailed off and picked some twigs out of his blonde hair and he chuckled, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, thanks, little sis."

"Whatever." He set me on my feet and handed me my bag and board. "Maybe you should carry me around more often, you can get nice and strong." I pretended to flex and he laughed loudly, making me glare at him.

"Be a good little girl, pay attention, and be nice to the new kids, okay?" He patted my head and I swatted his hand away.

"What new kids?" We rarely got new kids in such a dinky town like Forks. What kind of name was that anyway? Unless you were born here, would you move to a place with a name like Forks? I probably wouldn't…

"The Cullen's apparently; three kids, one in your year and two in mine. I don't know their names, but their dad is a doctor and their mom just stays home and decorates their house or something. Now, go, be good." He smiled and walked away with a wave. Cool, new kids, this should be interesting.

I walked into the girls' locker room and dressed out in basketball shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Why did we have to dress out when they only explained the rules on the first day? I sighed and followed the crowd of girls into the gym where they sat in the bleachers. "Riggsy!" I yelled and our teacher, on the older side, came into the gym, smiling. I gave her a high five and grinned at her.

"I love you, Bella, but go get in the bleachers with the others." She said and I smiled.

"Right." I walked over to the bleachers and sat down next to Angela, she was quiet and we shared a common interest in books. "Hey, Angie." She smiled in acknowledgment and listened to Ms. Riggs' speech on appropriate behavior and sportsmanship. I tuned out one of my favorite teachers and looked around at my class. I recognized all the faces, putting names to most of them. I didn't see any of my close friends, but I also didn't see any enemies, and thank the rainy sky, no Mike, Tyler, or Eric.

When everyone started getting up, I looked around and saw that Riggs had brought out a basket full of basketballs. About half the girls were getting up and the rest stayed in the stands to socialize. I jumped up from my seat and grabbed a basket ball. I tested it for bounce and then lazily dribbled around the court. I stopped at an empty hoop and started shooting from random spots, missing most, basketball wasn't my sport. I didn't put my full concentration into it. A few minutes later, Riggsy blew a whistle that signaled we could change and talk for a couple minutes, until class ended. I changed slowly and grabbed my bag and board, waiting at the door for class to end. As soon as the bell rang, I bolted out of the locker room, heading to my Trig class.

Looking around at the less than half full class, I took a seat in the back and put my feet up on the chair next to me to save a seat in case someone I knew came in. "Marina!" I high-fived her and pounded her fist. She put her board at the back of the class next to mine, at Forks High; you didn't really have a choice but to carry it with you everywhere. Our Trig class passed quickly, Marina was fun, but also focused on her studies. We were both pretty good at balancing fun and grades at the same time in class. All of our teachers loved us too, we were totally obnoxious, yet they loved us, we had an unnatural talent there.

We said our goodbyes when the bell rang and went in opposite directions, me to my English class, and Marina to her government class. "Tabbay!" We pounded fists as she walked past me in the opposite direction to her class. I walked slowly into my class and again took a seat in the back. I didn't expect to have any friends in this class, I never seemed to, so I didn't put my feet up on another seat.

Class started and the teacher was about to start in on her lecture of rules and such when the door opened. A guy and a girl walked in and up to the front of the room, were they gave the teachers a slip of paper each.

I didn't pay attention, just searched through my bag for my book. I pulled out Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and started reading, tuning out the class. I knew the rules and the teacher already knew I'd read all the books on the booklist for the year. She was cool, she'd let me get away with it if she caught me reading, especially a classic. I heard the teacher say something and then my name so I looked up expectantly. The girl, shorter than me with dark hair that was short as well, was sitting down near the front of the room next to a guy I didn't know that well.

The guy she'd come in with was walking towards me. I returned to my book and tried to ignore the scraping noise of his chair being pulled out. He dropped into his chair and shuffled through his bag for a moment before pulling out a book that could rival mine in size. I tried to look and see the title without bringing attention to myself, but his hand covered it. I'd ask him later. I started reading again, forgetting my surroundings until the bell rang loudly. I placed my book in my bag and hefted it over my shoulder.

Turning to introduce myself to the new guy, I paused with my mouth open. Where had he gone? He'd just up and left without introducing himself to me. For rude! I closed my mouth and stalked out of the room. Whatever, forget him. I walked towards the cafeteria and soon met my friends, forgetting everything about the stranger.

Soon, we were all under our tree right outside the cafeteria and talking over each other, asking about summer's, and comparing schedules. It was a little crowded, what with Tabbi, Marina, Brandy, Jasper, Tristan, and I. Tristan then came and sat next to me, pulling out his schedule. Knowing the drill, I pulled out mine as well and handed it to him as I took a sip of lemonade. "Cool, we have government and total fit together."

"Crap," my head dropped onto his shoulder and I sighed. "I forgot I signed up for total fitness for my elective…"

"You love PE, you'll do fine, besides it's easy PE, can you imagine a better class?" He smiled and I laughed.

"No, I guess not." I sighed and we sat like that for a moment, this is why Tristan could be nice to hang out, we could have fun times, and we could also have quiet times. "Now," I moved so I wasn't leaning on him and gently pushed his shoulder. "Go kiss your girlfriend and let her lean on you." He grinned goofily and immediately got up to do it. I watched as he walked up behind Tabbi, from where she was sitting and chattering away with Marina and Brandy. He kissed her cheek from behind and she laughed as he pulled her into his lap. I smiled as I watched them and met Jasper's gaze from next to Brandy who was on the opposite side of the circle. He smiled and I grinned back. Then I rolled my head to the side to look around and saw the cafeteria's doors open.

The same guy from English came out and I rolled my eyes, but made a split-second decision which I was known to make, "Hey!" I yelled and automatically, he looked up at me. I waved at him and he stared for a moment before waving back timidly. I smiled and he just kind of looked around before waving again and walking off towards the parking lot. Hm, wonder if he's ditching the rest of the day, that didn't seem like a bad idea… "Hey, Jazz?" I beckoned for him to come over and he got up, before sitting down next to me.

"What's up, Bells?"

"What do you think about ditching the rest of the day?" I asked, looking after the boy's retreating form that disappeared around a corner.

I turned to Jasper expectantly and he sighed. "Not today, it's the first day. I think you should wait until at least next week." He grinned and I sighed.

"Do I have to?" I whined at him and he nodded seriously.

"Yes, you have no choice in the matter." I glared and Jasper realized his mistake, his eyes growing slightly wider.

"You know I'll have to rebel now, Jazzy, so just for that, I'm ditching Friday afternoon." I smiled and he scowled before I jogged off, right before I arrived to my next class, the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. I walked into the library for my Study Hall and immediately got out my book.

I read the entire period, never paying attention to a word said by anyone. When the hour ended, I grabbed my board and walked out of the library. On a second thought I placed my board on the ground and stepped on it, gently propelling myself forward so I was moving no faster than I would at a walk. "Hey, Bella!" I nearly jumped out of my skin and looked to my left where Mike was walking alongside me.

"Uh…Hi, Mike," I said slowly. Kill me now.

"What class do you have next?" He asked, walking a little faster when I picked up my pace a bit.

"Government…" I answered, hoping against hope that he wouldn't celebrate.

"That's awesome!" Crap. His face looked like it was gonna crack from his grin, "I have government next too, we should sit together!"

I searched frantically for a reason why I couldn't sit next to him. Tristan. Bingo. "Sorry, Mike," I put on a sad face and his face fell too, "I told Tristan I would sit next to him."

"If you're sorry about it, why don't you just tell him you're sitting next to me?" He whined and the sound grated against my eardrums unpleasantly.

"Because I don't break my promises, Mike." I picked up my board and walked into the classroom, happy Tristan was already there, near the back, saving a seat for me. I waved goodbye to Mike and took a seat next to Tristan. "Thanks, Trist. You just saved me from sitting next to Mike." I pretended to wipe some sweat off my forehead and he laughed.

"Well, glad I could help you out. I guess you owe me one." He said slyly and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"What do you mean?"I asked cautiously.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something." He smiled and the teacher called the classes' attention to the front.

"Now, the rules are simple in this class…" Mr. Banner started droning.

That class went fast since I passed notes with Tristan the whole time. Mr. Banner was blind and deaf it seemed. The bell rang and we walked together back to the gym for Total Fitness. "This should be fun; co-ed PE gives me a chance to show the guys that girls are just as good." I punched his arm lightly and we walked into gym together, heading in opposite directions toward our locker rooms. I sat through another boring rules talk, but this time it took so long we didn't have times to play basketball at the end.

Riggs blew the whistle and everyone left to change and go to their next class. "See you, Trist." He waved and left to go to his next class. I got on my board and skated at the speed of a walk. "Hey, Riggsy." I grinned at her when I passed by.

"Swan, I know you think I'll bend to your every whim, but you're a student here, off the skateboard."She was smiling but being serious at the same time.

I put my finger to my lips "Shh, if you don't tell I won't." I laughed and continued on to my Biology class. She was a push-over, I wouldn't get in trouble. I picked up my skateboard and walked into the classroom.

"Ms. Swan…" He looked down at a piece of paper before pointing at a desk in the middle of the room, "You sit there."

"Cool." I took my board and set it down next to my chair. The class started to fill up and people were seated by the teacher.

"Edward, you will be sitting next to Isabella." I looked up at my name automatically. And there stood the new guy, the one in my English class. I ignored him that class period, just like he'd ignored me. When class ended, I grabbed my board and left the room quickly, finally school was over. I jumped onto my board and skated, maybe a little too fast, to the 'skater' tree. It was just where our group hung out.

"Let's get out of here, Jazzy." I grinned at him and stopped in front of him. My smile faded when I saw how he looked slightly uneasy.

"Uh, Bella, I told someone I'd meet them after school…" He ran his fingers through his hair and I shrugged, I was a big girl, I could ride home by myself.

"Is it a girl?" He nodded, smiling sheepishly.

"Well, go get her! Wait, do you think I would approve?"

"Yeah, I told her about you, she wants to eat lunch with us tomorrow."

"Okay, cool, see you later, Jazz."I waved and turned, pushing off in the direction of home.

"See you, Bells!"

I moved through the crowd easily, narrowly missing a couple people, but they were used to it and just moved on. I looked into my bag for a second to grab my iPod. That was a stupid mistake. "Aahh!" I hit someone and fell off my board that hit a wall and rolled away. Ouch, ouch, ouch, that hurt. I sat up slowly and looked to see who I'd hit. Figures it's the new guy who already seemed to have something against me.

"Watch where you're going," he growled, picking up a bunch of stuff that had fallen out of his bag and putting them away. He spared me a glare and I returned it.

"Watch where you're going," I spat back and grabbed my stuff, shoving them in my messenger bag. I stalked off and got my skateboard which I got back on and skated past the jerk. It took all my strength not to whack him upside the head as I passed.

I took my time getting home, I would race Jasper tomorrow, and sometimes it was nice to just glide. When I got home I did my homework, had some leftovers for dinner, showered, and went to bed early. Tomorrow would be a long day.

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