"Shotgun!" Rose and I yelled at the same time, charging for the passenger door, as Jasper walked around, laughing and shaking his head.


"I say we watch The Rundown. Dwayne Johnson is my kinda actor." Emmett grinned and picked it out from the four shelves of movies.

"No way!" Alice yelled, "We're so watching P.S. I Love You."She pulled out the DVD and shoved it in his face, making Emmett cower back, both at the proximity with the hard object and his face, as well as the high pitch of Alice's voice. Rose immediately agreed and Bella, who was sitting in between Jasper and I, made an 'ew' face.

"I vote Mr. and Mrs. Smith," said Jasper. Alice looked betrayed and Emmett shrugged. Anything with action would suffice for Emmett.

"I'm thinking James Bond movie night…" Bella said, contemplating the ceiling.

"What ones would we watch?" I asked, "There's so many, way too many to watch in one night."

Emmett looked though the movie, "We have only GoldenEye and Casino Royale." He held up the two movies, "Sound good?"

She shrugged, "Sure; why don't we watch GoldenEye first?"

"'Kay," He popped it in and everyone took their seats, Emmett and Rose on the loveseat and everyone else on the couch. I had no doubt Emmett would try and pull the 'yawn trick' sometime during the movie. I was sitting on one end of the couch, with Bella next to me, then Jasper on the other side of her with Alice next to him.

"Who do you like better as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig?"I asked Bella as Emmett got up again to make popcorn for everyone.

She thought for a moment, "Daniel Craig."

"Why?" She shrugged.

"I don't know, he just plays the really intense guy well."

She watched as Alice hit play and Emmett walked back in a moment later, giving me a bowl of popcorn, a bowl to Jasper, and keeping one to himself. Did he really think we'd need that much?

"How so?"

"I don't know," she said again, "Like, a close up on his face, he's just got those really intense blue eyes…"

An eavesdropping Alice and Rose agreed quickly. "He's pretty gorgeous, if I do say so myself." Rose grinned, staring off into space. Emmett rolled his eyes and I covered my snicker with a cough.

"I've always had a thing for blue eyes…" Alice said slyly, purposely looking at the screen and not Jasper, who she was so obviously directing the sentence at. Surprising me further, Jasper appeared to not even respond physically to it and Alice blushed with embarrassment. I was amazed she didn't hit him for not acknowledging it. Maybe he was teasing her just like she'd just teased him, which would thrill Alice like nothing else.

"I'm going to get some soda." I announced standing and leaving the room. "Anyone want any?"

"I do," was the response from Alice and Emmett.


"Hey, Bella, remember that one time you went to get some popcorn…?" Jasper trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows.

I whacked his shoulder, "I remember, but no one else needs too!"

"Oh, yeah, I remember that!" Rose grinned and exchanged a devious glance with her twin.

I glared, "Don't. You. Dare."

"We so dare," Jasper chuckled while Alice and Emmett looked on expectantly.

"Well, tell us!"Emmett said, watching Rose with eyes like that of a child about to be told an extraordinary tale.

"Okay, so this one time…"

"Rose, shut up." I growled and she just giggled and continued.

"Two or so years ago," Edward came and sat down next to me, after handing one of the sodas he was carrying to Emmett. He gave the other to Alice and sat down next to me with a soda himself.

"We were having a movie marathon Saturday," Jasper continued for her.

I switched tactics since apparently 'shut up' wasn't working. "Cierre la boca!" I barked as I bristled at the memory; I'd rather my new friends didn't hear it. It was Spanish. Yeah, I'm weird. They know that when I use Spanish I'm totally peeved though. (Translation at end of chapter)

Jasper and Rose rolled their eyes; they'd heard this phrase before. Emmett and Alice looked confused, while Edward let out a surprised laugh. In the silence, outside of Edward's laugh, the movie started and Emmett paused it, still looking at me.

"¿Usted habla español?" Edward asked, shocking me.

After a moment of silence I shook myself mentally and responded, "Un poco." I held up my fingers to demonstrate.

Emmett groaned, covering his eyes, "They're speaking Spanish…"

Alice made a dreamy/jealous face at us, "I wish I could speak one of the 'romantic' languages."

"Like what?" Emmett muttered.

"You know, Spanish, Italian, French, those languages." She said, and his eyebrows pulled together.

"French is supposed to be romantic?" Alice nodded and after a second of thought Emmett rolled his head around to look at Rose. Something about his posture just seemed to ooze confidence and cockiness. "Bonjour…" He said and Rose blushed, brushing her hair behind her ear.

"¿Cómo estas?" Edward asked, bringing my attention back to him.

"I think he just asked how she was." Alice murmured and everyone turned to watch us, making me blush a little.

"Bien. ¿Y tu?"

"Muy bien, gracias." He grinned and I smiled.

"De nada."

"So, that was something about them being good…" Emmett said and the others nodded, continuing to stare at us like lab rats.

I thought for a moment, trying to ignore them, "¿Qué te gusta hacer?"

He shrugged, "Me gusta escuchar música, pasar tiempo con amigos, y tocar el piano." Nothing I didn't already know.

"Something about music, friends, and piano." Rose said, and Edward chuckled.

"¿Y a ti?" He questioned.

I shrugged, "Me gusta tocar la guitarra, cantar, y patinar." I didn't admit anything new either.

"Me gusta patinar también."

"Okay," Emmett nearly yelled, "Let's just watch the movie before you guys give me a headache."

Edward held up a hand still looking at me, "How well do you know Spanish?"

I shrugged, and then he said some really long statement, really fast. I picked out several words, but missed a lot of it, "Pues… Yeah, I have no idea what you just said to me."

"So, not as much as you," Emmett broke in again, then hit 'play.' Edward laughed, but let it go and sat back to watch the movie.

All throughout the movie, there wasn't more than ten minutes at a time of silence. The whole time, Emmett was commenting, critiquing the acting and effects, which was pretty entertaining. If you'd actually been watching the movie, you'd want to throttle him; but we'd all seen it and by the end we were all talking over one another, debating aspects of the movie.

Emmett was putting in the next movie, yelling at Jasper about which kind of gun was more effective, a rocket launcher or a silenced handgun, when Esme and Carlisle came into the living room.

"I'm telling you, James Bond would do so much better if he had a rocket launcher than a freaking nine mil!" Emmett hollered at a Jasper who was shaking his head.

"A nine millimeter is a lot lighter and he can carry more rounds. Besides, with a silencer, no enemy would see him coming."

Emmett was about to respond, but Carlisle cut in, "Kids," Carlisle said, bringing everyone's attention to them, "We're going to bed, try to at least not yell."

"'Kay night," was the chorus from the Cullen kids; Jasper, Rose, and I just shrugged and bid them good night.

"It was nice meeting you," Esme smiled before Carlisle wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her upstairs.

"Like I said," Emmett continued, getting right back into the argument, "He doesn't need stealth if he has a launcher. He'll just blow them out of the water." He held up a hand when Jasper started and to respond and I laughed at Jasper's miffed expression.

"I agree, Jazz, he does so much better with a handgun." I lightly elbowed him and he grinned.

"I heard that," Emmett said, flopping back down onto the loveseat next to Rose.

"Deal with it," I replied, sticking out my tongue in that childish way of mine.

He did it back, causing everyone to laugh as we stared each other down. "Bring it, Em, I can take you."

His eyebrows shot up, "Is that so?"

"It's so, so." He stood and charged at me; I yelped and leaped over the back of the couch so it divided us. "Come on, Emmett, come and get me. You can, can't you?" I goaded him and Edward, Jasper, and Alice moved to the side in case Emmett tried to vault over the back of it like I had.

His eyes narrowed at the challenge, "I'll get you Swan, mark my words. When you least expect it," he pointed a finger at me, "I'll get you."

I scoffed, "Yeah, yeah, expect the unexpected. Bring it." I stuck my tongue out again, but he had turned and sat back down so I walked around and sat in between Edward and Jasper again.

"Shut up," he grumbled, "the movie's starting."

It wasn't ten minutes in when Jasper, Emmett, and Alice were already debating and running commentary. That was the best way to watch any movie, in my opinion.

**Spoilers for those of you who haven't seen Casino Royale** "I don't get it," Emmett muttered when the movie was over half-way done, "why would she sit in the shower, with the water running, in her clothes?"

"She just said it was because she felt dirty, she did help him kill someone." Rose answered, still watching.

"It's kind of a tragic experience, Em." When he looked at me, I nodded slowly with a sad, indulgent smile; like he was a child.

"It's still stupid…she ruined a perfectly good dress!" Everyone laughed and he shushed us so he could return to the movie.

When the movie ended, Jasper was the first to say, "Okay, time for bed, it's after midnight."

"No way, party-pooper," Emmett said, looking offended.

"Don't you want to do something tomorrow? Or would you rather sleep all day?" Everyone considered this and Emmett reluctantly nodded.

"Yeah, fine, fine," Emmett muttered, standing and helping Rose up, "…party-pooper."

A tired chuckled rippled through the group as Jasper, Rose, and I followed the others upstairs. Emmett, Edward, and Jasper would be sleeping in Emmett's room while Rose and I would be staying with Alice in her room.

We slowly set up our sleeping bags with Alice chatting away about Jasper and teasing Rose for flirting with Emmett. I slipped into my sleeping bag as Alice shut off the light and continued to gossip with Rose about the boys. I fell asleep as they began to compare ways to get me a boyfriend, as well as a match for Edward.

A/N: So, that wait wasn't too long. The only reason I got to write it though was a weeklong break from school. I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing either :/ This doesn't change much though! I'll try and update once a month or so, but I make no guarantees. Life has been more than chaotic lately; and like I've said, I'm moving on to write my own stuff.

Spanish translation, at least how I know it, I only put it in there because my Spanish text book is right next to me and it dared me! I've only taken a quarter of Spanish, but if my Spanish profesor knows his stuff, this should be the main gist of the conversation:

Cierre la boca-(Bella)—Means: Close the (your) mouth

¿Usted habla español?-(Edward)—Means: You speak Spanish?

Un poco-(Bella)—Means: A little

¿Cómo estas?-(Edward)—Means: How are you?

Bien. ¿Y tú?-(Bella)—Means: Well. And you?

Muy bien, gracias.-(Edward)—Means: Very well, thanks.

De nada-(Bella)—Means: You're welcome.

¿Qué te gusta hacer?-(Bella)—Means: What do you like to do/What pleases you?

Me gusta escuchar música, pasar tiempo con amigos, y tocar el piano.-(Edward)—Means: I like(it please me) to listen to music, pass time with friends, and play the piano.

¿Y a ti?-(Edward)—Means: And to you? (As in, what pleases you?)

Me gusta tocar la guitarra, cantar, y patina.-(Bella)—Means: I like (it pleases me) to play the guitar, sing, and skate(board).

Me gusta patinar también-(Edward)—Means: I like to skate also.

Pues…-(Bella)—Means: Well…

Pointless conversation, but I was entertained. Maybe Edward will tutor Bella a little on the side later, I don't know...

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