A Brief synopsis: An obsessive Twilight fan learns that her aunt and uncle are moving to the very place where Twilight takes place, Forks! After some begging and pleading, she moves with them in the middle of her junior year, just like Bella in the book. But something strange happens on her first day--everyone seems to think her name is Bella Swan, the niece of the new police chief, and no one will believe her when she says that her name isn't Bella. What happens when she meets the Cullens? Will she change the story of Twilight, or once she meets the supposed love of her life/existence want to keep everything exactly the same? I don't know how far into the Twilight series I'll do...but it should be really interesting once or if I get to Breaking Dawn. This is also set after the first Twilight movie being out on DVD or whatever. Enjoy!

Please, Please, Please? I Love You Uncle Charlie!

"Ava! How can you not love Robert Pattinson? He plays Edward freaking Cullen! Who is the most gorgeous vampire in the entire world! Even more gorgeous than your little friend Angel aka David Boreanez…"

"Hey, shut up Angel is amazing. And you can love Edward Cullen all you want Sarah because one, he's fictional, two, he's in love with Bella Swan, and three, he's fictional!"

"Yeah, but I practically am like Bella! I mean I have brown hair and eyes, I'm so clumsy I'm practically disabled, and you and I both know that I am so pale that I can't even tan, I just burn."

"But you aren't fictional. And Bella and Edward are. And what if maybe I'm Buffy the vampire slayer? I could be. I'm short and blonde, and a cheerleader. Maybe one day we'll just find our perfect Angel and Edward men."

"Yeah, you're right. But I want the real Edward Cullen, you know, the one and only, not one of the wanna-be's running around pretending to be vampires."

"Sarah, get over it and live. It's never going to happen, so take your head out of the clouds."

The doorbell rang; I suppose Uncle Charlie was here. Now before I say anymore, I realize he has the same name as Bella's dad from Twilight. I screamed the first time I figured it out, and what is even funnier is that he is actually a cop. My mom and dad always have Uncle Charlie over because he's so lonely since his wife Isabel died a few years ago. Apparently he was going to be promoted to the head of the police in our home city, Louisville, Kentucky. I heard the news from my mom earlier, so I thought I should run down to give him a congratulation, which meant I could get off the phone with my over-bearing best friend, Ava Loraine.

"Look, Ava, I get it already. I'll take my head out of the clouds to somewhere around skyscraper level, but I have to go. Uncle Charlie just got here. Bye!" I hung up before she could say something else about my dreams of marrying Edward Cullen.

I ran downstairs, still wearing my t-shirt and sweatpants that I slept in the night before, nearly tripping over the too long pants legs. It didn't make any sense that pants legs could be too long for me--I was nearly six foot tall. The one thing that Bella Swan and I didn't have in common. I tripped again when I accidentally missed the last step, but my dad was there to catch me.

"Come on Sarah I thought you had gotten over that adversity to gravity."

"Very funny dad, but I was just testing gravity to see if it still works. It does." I said with a smile on the end. Dad and I were always in a constant battle of wits over my 'problems' with coordination. It is not my fault that I was so terrible staying upright, maybe gravity was angry with me for some reason. 'Just like Bella' I sang in my head.

I heard laughing coming from behind us. I looked up to see my middle-aged balding uncle standing in the door frame with my mom, both clutching their sides like they had been laughing their heads off. I stuck out my tongue out at them before going over to hug my uncle. I ended up tripping again, and sort of awkwardly landing in his arms.

"Still the same old Sarah." He said with a laugh. When I looked up again, I noticed another woman who was standing a little behind mom and Uncle Charlie. She looked about my parent's age (both in their early fifties) and somewhat Native American.

When my Uncle saw me looking he walked over to the lady, and sort of led her over to where we were all sort of congregating in the living room. My Dad cleared his throat and Mom and I both took a seat on the couch. Uncle Charlie led the lady over to the love seat. We all sort of sat there in silence for a few minutes before Dad piped up and asked, "So Charlie, who's your friend?"

The lady (I needed to know her name, stat, it sounded weird calling her 'lady') blushed before Uncle Charlie said, "This is Sue Clarey. She's a little more than a friend, and she's my umm-well fiancée."

Since my mom was Uncle Charlie's sibling, she always worried that he would be alone for the rest of his life, so I wasn't completely shocked when mom screamed and ran over to Uncle Charlie and Sue and enveloped them in a huge hug.

Uncle Charlie just laughed and said, "Oh, calm down Bobbie! There's more to the news that you all might not like so much," he looked sadly over at Sue, who just smiled at him encouragingly, "Sue is from up in the Washington area, and we are going to move there together along with her two kids before the wedding."

Okay, that was too much. I couldn't help it anymore, I really had to start laughing. I mean my Uncle Charlie was going to marry Sue Clarey (who sounds remarkably like Sue Clearwater) who had two kids and was from the Washington area. Just to be thorough (before I burst out laughing) I had to ask one tiny question. "What part of Washington, exactly?"

Uncle Charlie knew about my obsession with Twilight, but didn't know anything about Twilight itself. However, he knew that it took place in a tiny town in Washington. He narrowed his eyes at me, while Sue told me, "The La Push area, you may have heard of it from all the Twilight hype going on." It was my turn to run up to them screaming like a banshee. "Oh. My. God. I knew you were Native American, but I had no idea you were a Quileute! Oh my, do you all really have legends about the Cold Ones?"

Sue just laughed. "No, sorry. I think the author made those up, but there really are werewolf legends."

I really let out a scream then, not that I was a Team Jacob person or anything, but werewolves were cool. Uncle Charlie made me shut up though. "Sarah, we don't want to have to buy hearing aids already, we're not that old."

I blushed, something else that happens easily to me like falling. "Sorry Uncle Charlie. But you two have to let me visit you sometime, I mean there have to be some teenagers down there, right? Maybe someone named Jacob, perhaps?"

Sue laughed again. "You must really be into that Twilight stuff, huh? Would it make you laugh that my kids names are really Seth and Leah?"

I felt my jaw pop down. "You have to be kidding me. I think I just wet my pants. You aren't kidding me?"

Sue smiled to herself, probably happy that she was getting along with her new family so well, even if it was just me. "Nope, and Seth is around your age, he's 15."

I squealed again. "Yeah he's a bit younger than me though, I'm just a junior, but I'm seventeen. I turned seventeen a few months ago in October." I was on Christmas break now, halfway through the school year.

"Well you two would probably get along, he's always making friends, and he's tall like you."

I smiled. I bet Mr. Seth Clarey would be tall, since he's going to be a werewolf eventually. A thought occurred to me, since I was thinking so much about Twilight. Bella moved to Forks halfway through her junior year to live with her dad, Charlie, who in the fourth book, seemed pretty close to Sue Clearwater. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

"So do you think that maybe, possibly, if it is at all possible, that I could go and live up there in La Push with you all?"

It was quite for about ten minutes while my parents just stared at me. My mom would probably get the reference because I made her read Twilight with me. She finally cleared her throat and spoke in a slow voice. "Honey, why would you want to leave? What about Ava, your best friend? And your father and I would miss you too much."

Uncle Charlie stuck a comment in. "Sarah, why in God's name would you want to live up in Washington? It practically rains every day!"

'I know' I thought. 'Perfect vampire weather' I giggled internally. "Well, it's just that I feel I haven't been able to bond much with you Uncle Charlie, and now you're leaving, and I just thought it would be a good way to get introduced to your new family."

Mom narrowed her eyes at me. "You want to bond with them. Right…"

I narrowed my eyes right back. "I do, mother! I realize that I would have to leave my one friend behind, but she has other friends, and we could stay in touch. And I would literally call you every night, and e-mail you constantly."

Mom and Dad just exchanged worried looks. I thought to throw in another comment. "And I would move back for college."

They looked relived after that. Dad spoke up, "Well if you want to leave us so badly for La Push, Washington, and if it wouldn't be too much trouble for Charlie and Sue."

I looked over to Uncle Charlie and Sue hopefully. Sue looked overjoyed and came running up to me. "Oh that would be wonderful! I love having company over, and I'm sure Charlie and I could get you all enrolled in Forks High School."

I pulled back from her hug to look up at her confusedly. "Why Forks High School? I thought you all were living in La Push."

Uncle Charlie spoke up. "No, I bought a house in Forks, which isn't very far from La Push, so we would have to get you enrolled up at Forks High."

I looked over at Mom and Dad. "You two know I love you, but it would be so much fun if I could do this. I would be back right in time to go to Dad's alma mater, UofL."

Mom and Dad just pulled me into a huge hug. "You go have fun," Mom said after Dad let go and she pulled me down so she could look me in the eye, "and I know why you want to go to Forks so bad, don't go hunting for vampires while you're there, honey."

I rolled my eyes, "Like there would actually be any there, and besides the only one I want is taken."

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Preview for the second chapter:

I walked up to the front desk, practically bouncing with excitement. I was looking around the school frantically who would fit the characters of Twilight's description in anyway whatsoever. Especially the Cullens, in particular, Edward. When I reached the front desk, the secretary asked me with a smile, "You must be Isabella Swan, huh?"

I laughed. It must be some huge school-wide joke that every new girl would be asked if she was Isabella Swan just as a Twilight reference. I kept cracking up, so I just nodded my head at her. She handed me all my paperwork and schedule, and told me as I walked out of the room, "Get your paper signed by all of your teachers, then bring it back at the end of the day. And watch out for all the vampires!"