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I think that's it...actually I'm pretty sure that's it...Okay, anyway, here's what I like to call the alternate ending to the story...If I had gone with this one, there would have only been one story...BUT, since I love all the books sooooo much I wanted to do the rest of them, but I still figured I'd put this one up...It starts up right after the ballet studio chapter, so Sarah/Bella thinks she's waking up in the hospital because of that, but...there's something there instead...DUM DUM DUM!!!!


What Just Happened?

I don't know what it is about anesthesia-induced sleep, but it is the worst thing in the entire world! Well, I might be exaggerating a bit. It's just plain strange. I get the weirdest dreams in the world when I'm 'under the influence'. For example, the one that I'm trying to wake up from is about as random as they come. It's involving Emmett making pancakes, Edward covered in chocolate (yum!), carving knives, and someone's death. Strange, right?

I can feel myself waking up, but my eyes are like glued shut. That is so not fair! I need to wake up. Everything feels so…fuzzy…like I've been asleep for too long. I can hear voices in the room, but none of them sound immediately familiar. None of them are Edward, is what I mean. Where could he be? He should be right next to me.

I could hear Mom and someone that sounded like Uncle Charlie talking in low voices about a new door or something. I started feeling some pain, but not in the areas I expected. I mean, my head was throbbing, but I could move both of my legs. I'm pretty sure that James broke both of those.

Okay, I need to wake up now. Like right now! I'm just going to have to force my eyes open…okay, bad idea especially with all the bright lights in here. "Mom? Can you turn some of the lights out?"

"Sarah! Sarah, honey, are you alright?" Mom and Uncle Charlie both rushed towards my bed.

"Yeah, I'm fine I think. What exactly happened? Where's Sue, Uncle Charlie?"

They both looked really confused. Uncle Charlie spoke up. "I don't know anyone named Sue, Sarah. Where'd you get something like that?"

What's he talking about? "Umm, only the fact that I've been living with you and someone named Sue for the past few months in Forks, that's where I got something like that. What's going on?"

Mom looked annoyed all of a sudden. "How can you honestly think of Twilight right now?" She sighed and continued. "Sarah, you haven't ever been to Forks. Nor will you likely ever go there unless you take yourself."

Okay, this is seriously not right. "No, I've been there for months! And I met…I mean, I think I know…the Cullens! No, I know that's true. I met them all, and I'm Bella!"

Mom sent Uncle Charlie out to get a nurse so she could talk to me alone. "Sarah, sweetie, you tripped when you were going down the stairs and went through the front door. You've been in a coma for about a month. Ava's been out of her mind worried about you, well, all of us have been too."

I tripped again when I accidentally missed the last step, but my dad was there to catch me.

"Come on Sarah I thought you had gotten over that adversity to gravity."

"Very funny dad, but I was just testing gravity to see if it still works. It does."

Dad didn't catch me. I tripped down the stairs and fell through the door? Really? "A coma? Wait, but what about Sue and the Cullens and everyone in Forks? Was that all a dream?" I whispered mainly to myself. I cannot honestly believe that I fell in love with a dream, I mean, that's just not possible. It can't be true.

"Honey, you must have had some vivid dreams because your uncle doesn't know anyone named Sue. But he was there that night with a friend of his that just moved here. Carl, I think his name was."

"Carl?" That's strange…that was supposed to be Carlisle's fake name…

"Yes, he and his wife, Emma, just moved back here from somewhere up north, maybe around Washington if I remember correctly. He's actually been your doctor for the past month. One of his sons was with him that night, Ethan, I think his name was. Anyway, he's about your age, and he and Ava have been visiting you almost every day since you were put in here." Ethan? But I made up that name for Edward. Didn't I? And why would this random guy visit me if he didn't even know me?

"Why would he do something like that?"

"Well, he saw the fall you took, and he thought it would be considerate to make sure that you had flowers next to you once you woke up." I looked over to the bedside-table, and sure enough, there was a bouquet of freesias in a vase on it. I think I started laughing, but it came out in painful gasps.

Uncle Charlie came back with a blonde guy that looked surprisingly familiar. Like Carlisle Cullen familiar, except less pale. But, then again it could be..."Carlisle?"

He cracked up while he was looking at my charts. "You have no idea how many people call me that. But I don't think we've officially met, Miss Stiles. I'm Carl, Dr. Carl Callum." He held his hand out to me, but I was frozen. Carl Callum? Seriously?

I eventually snapped out of it and shook his hand. "Bel—I mean, Sarah. But I guess you already knew that?"

He smiled apologetically. "I'm afraid so. I'm very sorry that we didn't get to meet the night of your accident, but your family tells me you have a long history of clumsiness, but nothing quite as bad as this was."

"Yeah, I'm just a regular old klutz. So you and Uncle Charlie know each other?"

"Yes, we were friends back in college. He was the only person in town I knew, so he thought he could introduce us into your family. I have to say, I think you and my son would get along quite well. In fact, he should be coming by soon for a visit. He and your friend, Ava, have been talking to you almost every day about school and updates on all the news for the new Twilight movie." Oh, yeah, I bet some teenage guy would honestly be telling me about New Moon. Ava, maybe, but there's no way this guy would be.

"Ava must have been looking up the Twilight stuff for me, maybe that's why I was dreaming about it so much."

"No, actually it was Ethan who looked it up. Ava and your mother mentioned how much you liked it, so he printed it out and read it to you every day since I mentioned to him that it is possible for people in comas to be able to hear when people are talking to them."

I was thoroughly confused. "Why would he do something like that? I thought every teenage boy hated that kind of thing."

"Oh, he doesn't like it much, but he thought it would be nice to do something like that for you."

"Yes, but why? I mean, I know it's nice, but…"

He leaned in closer while my mom and Uncle Charlie were talking. "Truth be told, Sarah, I think he has a bit of a crush on you."

A crush? Some guy that I've never even met has a crush on me? Wow, now I want to meet this guy. With my luck, he's probably got a club foot and a uni-brow, all in all, looks nothing like Edward. Oh, Edward, just thinking about what happened or what I dreamed makes my heart start racing.

Just as Dr. Callum rushed to check what was making the heart monitor start beeping so fast, Ava walked into the room. "Sarah! Oh, My God! I was so worried I would never see you awake again! You clumsy idiot! What were you thinking?" She gave me huge hug, making me wince since she squeezed the part where I must have cut my shoulders.

"Ava, umm, I didn't exactly intend to fall down the stairs through the front door. You will never believe the kind of dream I had while I was in my comatose state. You were there and you fell in love with a vampire, and I was Bella! Like Isabella Marie Swan! And Edward was there, and the rest of the Cullens. And, oddly enough, Dr. Callum looks just like Carlisle did."

She rolled her eyes. "Sarah, I told you to get over that! You really do need to just let go of the whole Twilight thing. I knew Ethan shouldn't have been reading all that stuff to you. I even told him how obsessed you were, and that reading updates and the book to you would just fuel your obsession, but no, he said that since you liked them you should be able to hear all about them. I tell you, that boy is totally smitten with you, and he's only seen you while you've been unconscious."

I leaned in closer so that no one would overhear me. "Okay, Ava, tell me honestly, is he cute?"

Dr. Callum was still playing around with the monitor and Mom and Uncle Charlie had left to go get coffee or something. Ava had to think about my question for a while, but finally answered. "Well, if I didn't know he was practically in love with you, I would go for him. I guess you'll see for yourself in a few minutes. I walked up here with him, but he wanted to talk to his dad first. I don't think he knew that Dr. Callum was in here, though."

Suddenly my door burst open. Like really, I thought the hinges were going to come off. The person who came through, though, made my heart race so fast that most normal humans were not capable of surviving such a rapid circulation of blood through their systems. I think I broke the heart monitor. Then he talked, not even noticing me staring at him. "Dad! I thought you were in your office! The nurse said something was going on in here, why didn't you call me?"

Edward was in my room. I mean, Ethan was, but he looked and sounded and moved and acted just like Edward! Or the Edward from my dream. His bronze hair was perfectly disarrayed, but that was all I could see at the moment. His back was to me since he was turned towards his father. "Umm, Ethan, turn around." Dr. Callum nodded towards me.

"God, Ethan, you spazz, nothing's wrong with her. She's just finally awake, that's all." Ava said with obvious annoyance towards him. I wonder what kind of arguments they've had while I was asleep.

Edward, or Ethan I mean, spun around. I finally got a good look at his face. He really looked just like Edward, except he wasn't quite as pale. In fact, I knew he wasn't a vampire since he was blushing rather profusely, I guess because he didn't know I was listening to the way he talked to Dr. Callum. But what really knocked the breath out of me were his eyes. They weren't the smoldering amber eyes I'd sort of grown used to, but were like molten emeralds. Just like I'd imagined Edward's to be when he was a human. I think we stared at each other for a while before Ava cleared her throat, causing me to look down and blush. I finally murmured out a timid, "Hi," which made me sound like a shy kindergartener.

He was blushing just as much as I was which only served to make him appear more gorgeous. "Hi, I don't think I've officially introduced myself. I'm Ethan, Ethan Callum." He reached out and lightly shook my hand like I was made of glass.

I felt little shocks of electricity up my arm when he did. "Bella, I mean, sorry, I just had the weirdest dream while I was asleep or whatever…My actual name is Sarah. Apparently it's your fault about my dreams. I heard that you were keeping me up to date on all of the Twilight news."

He threw Ava an angry glare. "Umm, yeah, I did. I apologize for making have nightmares, but I just thought…I mean, your mother said…"

"No, no, no! They were good dreams. I'm just thinking that you, well, you might have been in them." Great, more and more blushing. Ava looked slightly amused that we were being so…awkward. She must have seen this coming.

"I think you two should just admit that you love each other and get it over with. I mean, this little awkward small talk is cute and everything, but let's get this show on the road already!"

"Ava!" We both hissed at her.

"What? I am telling nothing but the truth. Seriously, Sarah, this poor boy has fallen way in love with you while you were playing Sleeping Beauty, and Ethan, you can tell by the way she's blushing, Sarah's smitten."

"Really?" Ethan and I both asked at the same time.

"Ugh! I'm going to call your sister, she said she wanted to meet Sarah once she was awake." Ava huffed out of the room, leaving Ethan and I alone except for Dr. Callum, who hurried made an excuse to go to his office. Oh, crap, now I'm alone with some guy who looks and acts just like Edward Cullen, and they're all expecting me to make small talk? Oh yeah, that's going to work. Especially since Ava sort of told us that we loved each other.

"So…you like me, huh?" I asked.

"What?" he cheeks started flaming up again, "No! I mean…well, I do…but I don't know you…and you don't know me…but I remember seeing your fall…and I couldn't help but thinking about how much that scared me and I didn't even know you! But I'm…I don't know." Wow, he was a babbler like I was. Not exactly like Edward, but still, he kind of acts like I would imagine Edward would if he was a human.

"I was just kidding, don't worry. Maybe we should start over. Forget the whole thing that Ava said about us being in love with each other already and start fresh without all the awkward stuff. How's that sound?"

Something flashed in those emeralds of his. It looked like mischief to me. What was he going to do? "That sounds good." He cleared his throat and took a seat next to my bed. He took my hand in his and gently kissed it. "I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself before. I'm Edward, Edward Cullen, and you must be…"

My mouth popped open to a little 'o', and he was just sitting there holding my hand with a grin on his face that looked amazingly like Edward's in my dream. I guess I literally got my dream guy, but just a regular old human. That doesn't mean I can't pretend, though. "Bella. My name is Bella."

Haha, man I wish I could wake up in a hospital and meet someone who looked like Edward.

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