The sound of an engine woke me up. I sat up slowly in bed, adrenaline beginning to boil in my veins. I was out living in the middle of nowhere. A car shouldn't be here, especially in the middle of the night. I jumped off of the top bunk of my bunk bed and crouched down by the widow nimbly. Claire, one the bottom bunk, was as awake and alert as I was. I gestured with my right hand towards the back end of the house.

She nodded in understanding. Like I told her to, she headed to the back door to see if we were surrounded. We had gotten pretty good at communicating without words. I peeked out of the corner of the widow. A big black SUV was parked out on the dirt in front of our house. The glare of the head lights made it hard to see who was in the car. All I could see were two dark silhouettes in the front seat. I cursed will Claire was still away. I didn't want the nine year-old to become a potty mouth.

Claire crouched back into the room. The lights from the car illuminated her. Her dark hair was disheveled and her dark green eyes were filled with fear and exhaustion. I wanted to comfort her. But that would take too long and our time alone in the house was wearing thin.

She pointed towards the backdoor and nodded. Dang it, they had people at the backdoor. Our only escape would be through the widow in the bathroom. There was a thick wall of brush that would enable us to get out without them seeing us. Of course, it would take a little more than normal humans could give. Claire pointed towards the widow. I realized the light from the car was gone. I peered out the widow again. The moon illuminated the car, which was now vacant. Chills raced up and down my spine.

The sound of the door being knocked on froze both Claire and me. Her had shot out and gripped my forearm. Now was time for us to go out the widow. I tilted my head in the general direction of the bathroom. She nodded and her hand fell away from my arm. She went first on her hands and knees. You could easily see outside. I was pretty sure you couldn't see anyone inside. I was banking on that. If they didn't see us, we could sneak out undetected.

I followed her into the bathroom besides the open kitchen we had. The bathroom was dark. I could barely even see Claire. I had just entered the bathroom when the door was knocked off its hinges. I cut off Claire's gasp by slapping my hand on her mouth. I put a finger to my lips. We couldn't give away our location. I eased my hand off her mouth when I was sure Claire wouldn't gasp or worse.

"Claire," I froze as a voice called Claire's name out. Thomas, it was Thomas. I grabbed Claire's arm as she tried to go to him. Thomas wasn't dead, but he was with them. It didn't matter if I viewed him as a brother before. Claire whimpered into my shoulder, too low for them to hear. I patted her back once then pulled her to the widow. We had to get out of here.

"Em, I know you're here. Quite hiding and we can talk. The men won't hurt you, I promise." He talked to me with a soothing tone that once made my fear and anxiety melt away. It didn't work now. I unlatched the widow and eased it open. It did so without making a noise.

"Emily, please come out. Claire you come too." He sounded desperate. I didn't believe it one bit. I'd seen that SUV before as it tried to run Claire and me over. I boosted Claire up to the widow before she could escape me. She eased herself out of the window with one final glance behind her.

I was about to ease out myself when I heard an "Aha!" behind me. I whirled around to see Thomas in the doorway. He'd grown a few inches, now 6'1. His caramel colored hair fell in his eyes. I blinked right as he lunged for me. Somehow I made it around him. Claire gasped as she saw what happened.

"Go! Claire go now!" I commanded as I maneuvered my way out of the bathroom. One of the big guys by the door pulled out a dart gun. So they wanted us alive. I dodged out of the way of one of the darts. They weren't going to take me that easily.

"Emily, it'll go better if you just give in now." Thomas was out of the bathroom now. I backpedaled, making sure they didn't back me into a wall.

"Go to hell." I snarled and leaped out the widow I had backed up against. Did they not even see the thing behind me? The glass cut my arms and legs. I had ducked my head, so it didn't touch my face or my scalp. I heard the men curse behind me. I laughed and leaped into the air. I unfurled my 14 feet long wings. I joined Claire in the air. We sped away. The thing I forgot about was the fact that Thomas had wings too.

He was right behind us. Claire gave me a stricken look. She knew if we couldn't get away from him we'd be dead. I tried to beat my wings faster but Thomas's wings had grown along with his body. He was on us in seconds. I pulled Claire down with me as I folded in my wings. I shot down to the forest beneath us. I unfurled my wings again as we hit the ground. The landing was hard, but it didn't hurt as much as it would have if I hadn't unfurled. For now, we had to hide form Thomas.

"Are we going to die?" Claire asked, looking at the ground. I wrapped my arms around her.

"Not if I can help it." I let her go. I was going to keep Claire alive. Even if it took my life.