"Come on Em, don't be like that." Thomas didn't let go of my wrists. I bit my lip to keep from crying out again. I could taste my blood. He leaned in closer. Even his breath was cold.

"You hurt Claire and I will kill you." I threatened. My eyes were brimming with pain from the pain. It felt like someone was jabbing me with long needle.

"Just as feisty as you used to be, I see," he finally let go of the broken wrist. I ground my teeth together. The goons grinned when they saw the first tear run down my face. I really didn't like letting these guys see me cry. My arm hung limply at my side.

"Bite me," I bit down, hard, on the wrist that was holding me. He might've had amazing strength, but his skin broke just like the rest of us.

This time it was Thomas who cried out. He dropped my wrist and I flung my self back, into the goon behind me. The very same one who was holding Claire. I punched him in the face with my good had and grabbed Claire. I knocked a couple of goons out of the way and unfurled my wings. Before I knew it, we were up in the air. I pumped my wings. I was scared that if I let Claire go now, we wouldn't be fast enough to fly away.

"Emily!" The roar came from the spot we had just been. I knew it was Thomas. I also knew that he was pissed off. It was obvious that soon he would be in the air with us.

"Emily, drop," Claire pulled on my sweat shirt. I looked down into her very clear eyes. There was that same intensity in them that was there inside the forest. :"It'll be okay. Well be safe."

She sounded so sure. I reluctantly did what she said. I dive bombed into the trees, cover my face so that any branches would scratch my face or poke one of my eyes. I landed as gracefully as I could. I let Claire go and she pulled on the cuff of my sweat shirt, guiding me through the trees. The girl in front of me did not seem at all like Claire.

"Where are we going?" I felt like the child in this situation, clueless and innocent. I didn't like that feeling. It made me feel vulnerable.

"It's okay. They can't find us." She sounded like she was decades older than she actually was. I could help but me stuck on that. She seemed like a normal little girl before. As normal as kids like us could get.

"What do you mean?" They should have been able to find us. I mean, they found us before.

"Trust me. We'll get out of this. And then well find the other bird kids and they'll help us. Then we can live where ever we want to. We can see the ocean if we want. I do want to see the ocean." She led me deeper into the forest. The trees were so thick we could barely see the sky. Barely any sun peeked through them.

I could see the logic in her reasoning. The other bird kids could help us. They had more experience with this stuff than we did. I mean, they were saving the world. I just didn't want to expose ourselves. I didn't want more people coming after us. Thomas and the goons were enough.

"Em, I think I know why Thomas is chasing us now." Claire said in a grave voice. She stopped and turned to face me. Her eyes were filled with tears. Now this was the girl I knew. I hugged her.

"Why is he chasing us?" I stroked her hair, like I did when she woke up from nightmares.

"They want you." She shivered and I held her tighter.

"Why? Why do they want me?"

"They want you to be like Thomas. They want you and him to take over the world." Her words sent chills up and down my spine. They wanted Thomas and me to take over the world?

"How are we supposed to take over the world?" My voice wavered.

"You guys, together, can destroy the other bird kids. The only people who can save the world." She pressed her face into my stomach. Her shoulders heaved as she cried.

"Sshh, Claire, its okay. I won't let them turn me into a monster like Thomas." I soothed, and eventually she stopped crying. I wiped away my own tears before she could see them. Before she could discover that I was weak, too.

I didn't know how she knew all of this. Probably the same way she could tell Thomas was near us. I looked warily around. I listened closely but the only sounds were coming from us and the animals in the forest with us.

"Claire, is it safe to go now?" I studied her face. She seemed to concentrate really hard for a moment and then nodded.

"We have to get to the bird kids." She unfurled her wings but waited for me.

"Yeah we do." The feeling of dread at the pit of my stomach didn't go away, even when we were flying. I didn't want to see those bird kids. I didn't want us to get into any more danger.

"Don't worry, every things going to be okay." Her voice carried over to me even with the wind rushing in my ears. It was almost like she was speaking to me in my head. Her voice was whisper close.

"I know, hun, I know." But I didn't know, and I was still rushing into this. I focused on the wind in my face. It cleared away some of my doubt. There was still something there though. Something that told me to turn around and take Claire and hide. Forever. Claire looked over at me and gave me a dazzling smile. I returned it but as soon as she looked away it fell.

This was going to be a bumpy ride.