Author's Note:

Okay, I know I have been terrible at updating lately. Real life has been kind of chaotic (doing three people's work at the office is not that easy) and I've really haven't had a large amount of time to write.


I do have some teasers for you all till my next update, which I'm hoping to do (seriously, I mean this) on Saturday. LASV is definitely my top priority update, but in the meantime, you can enjoy some teasers for the OLAS series as well as a new teaser for The Notorious Bella Swan, co-written with AmandaCullen84.

To view the teasers, read my ramblings (consisting of rants, inspirations, and future story projects), please visit my new blog, Her Lips Aren't Sealed. The address is:

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Thanks for all your patience. Hopefully I haven't lost you all...

Hugs, -Toxic