Summary: After a one-night stand at a wild college house party Maddy O'Neil wound up pregnant with John Cena's baby. The only problem? John doesn't know. But when Maddy begins a romance with Adam Copeland and gets a brand new job the WWE can he keep his secret safe or will, or will things being to unravel for the Doctor of Thug-a-nomics? Slash. JohnxOcxEdge

A/n: Okay, so this is yet another story from yours truely and since I'm on such a role with slash this is going to be another slash story revolving around my own Oc and John Cena and Edge. Now the rosters will be a little different and the superstars and divas will be on different brands, mostly susperstars from Raw will be on Smackdown. And that's pretty much it, I hope you enjoy.

Warning:This story will contain slash which if you don't know means guyxguy, it will also contain mature scenes, launguage, alchol use, and male pregnancy. It any of the following offends you then you might wanna go and find another story.... like right now.

Disclaimer:I own Madison, Ullie, Ricky. That's just about it.




6 Years Ago: January 1, 2004

I sighed as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat on the velvet red couch. I was currently lodged in between to completely different guys, one large muscular drunk jock, and another less large, less muscular drunk emo kid. And right now they were both staring as if they were both two large pitbull and I was a big, juicy tender steak. I tried my best not to make any eye contact with either of them to avoid giving them the wrong impression. God, what was I even doing here anyways?

I was currently at this wild, crazy New Year's house party hosted by the O'Conor twins Whitney and Britney, they were pretty much the hottest, most popular senior girls at California University. Sure I was glad that I was even invited, but from the looks of it everyone in the entire school was here, including a few of the professors. The only good thing was they lived in a large mansion on the hill and there was plenty of room for everyone. I would get up off the couch and try to find anywhere else in the house to be but I was too afraid that if I got up one of these guys would try to cop a feel on my ass and I really didn't feel like punching anyone tonight.

"Maddy, hey!" My best friend Ullie squealed as she walked over with a half empty beer bottle in her right hand. I wasn't really in a mood to get all chatty with her because she was sorta the reason why I was even in the jam since she ditched me to go dance with the football quarterback, Chad Ryans.

"Hey," I responded coldy rolling my eyes as I glanced back and forth at the two men on either side of me, they didn't een seem to notice Jill come over. "A little help would be nice!" I said turning back to her.

"You two, move now!" The two guys looked from me to Ullie who gave them one of her death glares and they both quickly got up and walked away, I could finally breathe again, I just wished the air didn't smell of booze. "What's the matter sweetie, aren't you having fun?" She asked throwing her light blonde hair behind her shoulder. She was such a pretty girl, with flawless tanned skin, crystal blue eyes, and full pink lips.

"Oh yeah, I had one cheese puff and then I sat down and got stuffed in-between Marylin Manson, and Hulk Hogan, I'm just peachy-key," I replied sarcastically as I quickly got up from the couch and pulled my jacket back over my arms. "Well, enjoy the rest of the party, see you in class tomorrow."

"Aww come on, Maddy don't be a party pooper. Just grab a drink, and find you a hot guy here to dance with, there are like a million hot gay guys here... literally I've probably danced with more girls here than guys," Ullie responded with a giggle.

"Oh please, who would wanna dance with me?" I groaned as she lead me over to the drink table and grabbed me a beer. I normally hated the taste of those things, and seeing how I was only ninteen and still not old enough to drink I usually tried to stay away from them.

"Dude, are you kidding? Your like totally smoking hot, if you weren't gay... I'd date you,"

"Aw, and that makes me feel so much better," I replied with a phony smirk as I took a long swig of my new beer before gagging, and coughing. "Oh God, ew, this is awful!" I sighed as I brushed a strand of my jet black hair out of my face. Sure I wasn't bad looking either, I was a little paler than Ullie, and my eyes were a bright green color.

"Well keep drinking cause that hunky guy over there is totally checkin you out," she whispered with a smirk.

I casually glanced over to my right where she was gesturing too and I noticed a group of four, all very hot guys, but who I instantly noticed was the one in the middle who kept looking back and forth from his friends to me. He was tall, well taller than me, he had broad well.... everything and was wearing a black fitted t-shirt and a pair of baggy denim jeans. He was really, hot.

"Ull, there is totally no way that guy is looking at me, he has to be looking at you," I groaned placing the beer bottle to the side back on the table, I couldn't stand the taste of it anymore.

"Oh my god, he's totally coming over here!" She suddenly squealed softly.

"No way, are you serious?"

"Yeah, he's totally coming over her like right now,"

"What?! Well then I'm totally going over there!" As I tried to quickly get away Ullie grabbed my shoulders and whirled me around so my nose suddenly bumped into the hard, cement like chest of the man from across the room. I slowly looked up into his eyes and he smile with both of his large hands gripped on my arms which kept me from falling.

"Hey there, you okay?"

I nodded slowly as a lost for words. I just continued to look up into his beautiful light brown eyes a little dumbfounded that I was currently in the arms of one of the hottest guys in the room.

"Well, I'm just gonna.... be somewhere else now, bye!" Before I could say one word of protest Ullie had grabbed my drink and was gone across the room in the blink of an eye. I gotta get better friends.

"That you friend?" The guy suddenly asked drawing my attention back to him as he slowly released my arms after I was fully back on my feet.

"Unfortunately yes, that's my best friend Ullie. Did you want her number or something cause I have it?" I asked with a smile even though I felt so dorky inside. Why was I offering him my best friends number when I should really be offering him mine? I am so messed up.

"No actually, but I wouldn't say no if you offered me your number,"

My eyes quickly lit up as I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks, and knowing I was blushing I quickly looked around waiting until I returned to my normal color.

"My name's John. And you are?"

"Madison.... and yes I do know it's a girls name, it was my mom's idea, they happen to be very optimistic people. Everyone calls me, Maddy though." I responded with a laugh.

"Madison... I like it. So, you go to CU?" He asked picking up one of the crab puffs from off the refreshment table and popping it into his mouth with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm majoring in Psychology. You?"

"I actually don't go here, Britney and Whitney are my cousins, and I visiting with my folks over the weekend. They just happened to be hosting this party and I decided to attend," I nodded before growing silent as I glanced across the room and saw Ullie smirking and giving me a thumbs up from the other room as she danced with some random guy. "So do you wanna dance?"

I quickly turned back to John not sure if I heard right. "Um, I'm sorry what?"

"I asked if you would like to dance. You looked pretty bored over here before so I thought you might wanna dance with me,"

"Um... well, okay."

I smiled softly as he held out his right hand taking mine and lead me out to the dance floor where everyone else was currently grinding on each other to Fat Lip by Sum 41 which was ironically my favorite song, it was kind of like having sex on the dance floor except everyone's clothes were in the way. I giggled as John twirled me around so that my back was facing him. He gently placed his hands on both sides of my waist as I moved my hips pressed back up against him. Although I tried to ignore it, I knew that hard poke that I felt back there every time I moved closer to him definitely wasn't his belt buckle.

I suddenly found my arm snaking up around the back his neck. I turned my head to left slightly looking in his eyes and he looked down into mine. All of a sudden the muisc began to fade out, and everyone else in the room just seemed to dissapear. I didn't know what was going on but it seemed as if right now, in this moment we were the only two people left in the house, on the earth even.

Finally he slowly brought his smooth warm lips down to mine and gave me a quick kiss. That quick kiss lead to a hot and steamy make-out session on the dance floor, and before I even knew exactly what happened, or what the hell ever else we did together that night, we were both upstairs in one of the rooms in the O'Connor mansion. All of our clothes- both mine and John's- were littered everywhere across the floor as he was currently on top of me, his erect, and very large member slowly, and carefully with a little extra force pushed itself past my my tight entrance. I whimpered and my eyes snapped shut from intense amount of pain shooting through my body. Since I'd only been with one other guy in my life, and he wasn't nearly as big as John, the feeling wasn't all that comfortable a feeling for me exactly.

I slowly opened my eyes as John suddenly stopped and softly smiled a me in a form of wondering if we should stop, I gave him a nod to continue and he took it really slow and soon the pain quickly turned to pleasure as once he had fully buried himself deep inside of me and I gave him the approval to start he began to thrust in to me, then pull back out a little before repeating the process over and over again. It started off really slow smooth, and then all of a sudden the pace picked up and the only sound in the room were loud moans and the occasional swear words that were usually thrown around in situations like this. As I laid under him looking deep into his amazing eyes I realized, he was actually really great in bed. From all the drinks we'd had his rhythm would fall off a little but he got back on track really quick. It was actually the best sex I'd ever had.. out of the only two people I ever slept with, himself included.

The sex lasted for nearly two hours of pure ecstasy before John finally gave me one last good stroke sending me over the edge, and all over his very well chiseled chest panting hard. He smirked before he quickly followed coming to his earth-shattering climax as well. As soon as he did this I suddenly felt something strange which sent a serious spark of terror running through my entire body. I felt his hot seed fill me inside before he pulled out causing me to gasp softly and a little to dripple out of my entrance and down onto the bed sheets as he rolled over falling on his back beside me. Oh my god, He didn't used a condom! Oh crap! How could I have been so stupid?!

"That was.... absolutely amazing, you were... amazing," he said with a broad smirk still coming down from his high as he panted heavy and turned back to me brushing me sweat filled hair out of my face. I quickly turned over my back facing him as I continued to insult myself mentally. The room was filled with the smell of a mixture of John's calonge, my hairspray, sweat, and sex.

"Um... yeah. Thanks," I responded softly looking down at the mess underneath the sheets. I sighed as I suddenly felt his strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer into his chest as he rested his chin on the top of my head kissing it softly and before I knew it, we had both fallen asleep.

I had no clue how I ended up in this situation but wished at that exact moment that I could take it all back and stop myself from having all those drinks.

Everyone found out why nine months later.