Megan Meade: Life Sucks


Life is a fragile state where humans try to seek their belongingness in the world, their purpose for being fortunate and having the opportunity to live. Blah, blah, blah. Life only goes forward never backwards. Blah, blah, blah. MY life sucks major arse.

You want to know why? Well let me tell you why. My dear, DEAR parents just told me the oh so wonderful news (NOT) of them being transfer to KOREA.

"Damn it"

Being the good army brat that I am, I should be used to the whole 'we need to move because we were transfer blah,blah,blah,' bull shit. But on the contraire I'm not.

For once in my sixteen years of living I totally disagree with this move. Megan has put her foot down.

Come on people! Who wants to move to Korea where I will probably have to attend an all-girls-boarding-school with a bunch of crazy hormonal teenage girls who are either bi or lesbian (AN: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL OR BISEXUAL PEOPLE THEY ROCK) and the few that are straight are either rape or go crazy because of the sexual ennudoes they get from their peers and/or the lack of boys. At the end of their stay they either go to insane asylums or become prostitutes.

I know what goes on in those schools, I seen a lot of Korean Anime and Soap operas. I'm an expert. Also the fact that I have no friends there and don't know the language contributes to my opposition.

"Mother, Father," their fake plaster smile twitch at the tone of my voice. Yeah, I'm using the I-think-you-need-me-to-talk-slow-to-understand-me tone on them. Uh huh.

"I Will Not go to K-o-r-e-ahhhh"

Yeah, real slow. Very articulate.

"Megan," wow my father is a very brave man. He is actually trying to coax me into it. Good luck man, I am as stubborn as a mule.

"Your mother and I knew that you wouldn't want to move to a foreign country, " Damn right " so we have another option for you."

Two minutes of silent glaring pass before I said,

"What is this other option you speak of?" My eyes were filled with apprehension. My parents never give me choices. They always decide for me. I don't like where this is going. But at least their smiles are gone. Yay. They freak me out when they smile like that.

"Well honey, do you remember the McGowan?"

This time my mother was brave enough to speak.

"I guess I do." My eyes kept shifting from one to the other. Where are they going with this?

"Well Megan how about living with them and their seven boys until you go to college?" You got to be kidding me. Dad you couldn't sound any more happier could you.

I totally felt my eyes falling out of their sockets. Yup, they are rolling on the ground.

"My life totally sucks major arse."





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