Megan Meade: Life Sucks

Chapter 19

How am I going to tell the family that I'm leaving? I can't do that to them. They will miss me too much. Come on people don't you see that my awesomeness have infected the McGowans? They won't be able to live without me. I'm just too great to live without. I know for a fact that Regina will teared up, John will try to act tough for the family, Miller would probably shy away once again, Evan would be sorry(?) I have to leave, Sean would cry when I tell him that the bike is coming with me, Ian and Caleb will miss the extra monetary compensation, Finn will cry without a doubt (he is the softy in the family), and Doug will laugh in my face while he actually became broken hearted because of me going away. Yup this family wouldn't be able to function without me so I decided that I will not tell them that I'm going away.

Of course I have to tell the parental unit because I wouldn't want them to call the cops and report a missing child or something. Though that does give me ideas...

Well I should probably tell them now since everyone else is gone. I can't believe I actually have one more day of this stupid suspension. This is the worst punishment ever!

With my mind made I scrambled from my lying position in my bed and stumbled down the stairs to where I heard John and Regina discussing about the weather. WTF who does that?

Bracing myself for what I'm about to tell them I plaster a huge fake smile and greet them good morning. I know I will just break their hearts in a few minutes.

"John, Regina there's something I have to tell you." My solemn expression getting their attention immediately.

"What's wrong honey?" Regina instantly stood up with a worried expression. Her coffee forgotten on the counter.

"Did the boys bother you again? Because I will punish them severely." John added coming to stand next to his wife.

"No, they didn't do anything." I wave their suspicion away. I could deal with the boys myself.

" Well then what's the matter?" Regina asked more concerned now that she knew that her boys weren't involve.

"Well-, It's just that, er, My parents have decided-" I can't believe this is so hard to say. Damn it!

"Go on honey." Regina encouraged. I will just have to be my blunt self and spit it out.

"My parents heard about my suspension and they want me to move to Korea with them. Like actually pack all my stuff and leave tomorrow in the morning." I winced a their hurt expressions. I knew it, I broke their hearts.

"I'm so sorry Megan." John patted my shoulder like I was the one hurt by the exchange.

"I'm too honey. I can't believe they would make you leave just because of one mistake but they are your parents and we all have to accept their decisions." Regina hugged me tight and said in a teary voice, "Even if I want you to stay I can't go against them and tell you to."

Oh God she's crying. And John doesn't look too sharp either. Damn they are going to make me cry.

"Can I ask you both a favor?" I bit my lip knowing that the boys will be worst for wear if I don't tell them but I wouldn't be able to stand another cry fest.

"Sure anything Megan." John beamed at me.

"Can't you not tell the boys?" They looked surprised but accepted my request promising that they wouldn't speak a word of it.

"Well then I have to go pack?" I wanted to make it a statement but I couldn't bring myself to. I truly don't want to go.

"Go ahead." Regina smiled at me wiping her tears.

I rushed out of there as if a horde of wild buffalo's was chasing me. I don't do tears. I don't do tears at all.

Well that's done.

Crap I still have to tell Trace. Or I can keep her in the dark like the rest of the guys. She will be devastated to know that I have to leave her again so soon. Yup I won't tell her. Or anyone else for that matter.

I can't even say my goodbye to Aimee because of my stupid suspension. Sometimes I hate myself.

The boys were all in Finn's room discussing my surprise birthday party. Yeah I knew about it. They weren't that secretive to begin with plus when you hear 'Megan' 'party' 'b-day' 'can't tell her' you just assume things. And did I forget to mention that the walls are paper thin?

With a sigh I plump on my bed. I can't believe I'm going to miss my own b-day party. It sounded pretty cool. Even Doug was in there throwing some cool ideas. I knew he luv me. He will totally miss me.

Sighing again I gathered three super strong stink bombs from underneath my bed. I will have to tell them goodbye in the only way I know how. By pranking them.

Coming to my feet I tip toed my way to Finn's door and gently turned the knob. Idiots it's unlock.

With my super amazing reflexes I threw the bombs into the room and closed the door. Hearing the "SHIT!" "Fuck." "Yo man this fucking stinks!" "It smells bad!" "Megan!" made my day. Ah to think this is the last time I will prank them.

Megan: 5 Boys: 4

And I won too!

But my victory was too good to be true because the door opened and out came a pile of limbs and struggling bodies. Sprinting to my feet I rushed out of there as if a horde of wild buffalo's was chasing me, again. But this time it's a horde of wild McGowan boys.

"Megan!" Finn yelled as he untangled himself from his brothers.

He started to chase me and soon more and more boys joined him. Crap.

I was surrounded by them when Finn decided to tackle me. The rest joined soon and I was in the bottom of a dog pile. Reality came crushing to me as I finally realise this will be the last time I will mess with the boys. I couldn't contain my laughter at the irony of the situation. Reality did crush me because the boys were all on top of me.

The boys started to get off of me but I still kept on laughing. Tears came to my eyes but they weren't for laughing so hard.

"I think we broke her." Said Caleb as he stare at me laughing hysterically on the floor.

"I think so too buddy." Answer Evan who looked amused.

"It's, haha, just that, hahaha, you guys, hahaha, STINK!" I said in-between my laughs.

Finn offer his hand and helped me stand up. Which didn't work because I started laughing harder and fell back down.

"Yo crazy you look stupid." Said Doug smirking.

"You smell stupid!" Lame I can't believe I actually said that.

God I'll miss this. I'll miss all of them.

"My life totally sucks major arse ."

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