And the thrilling conclusion. MelloxNear fans, you'll love the smut; and MattxMello fans, you'll love the ending. Well, the part /just before/ the ending.

You'll see ;D

His captors whispered to each other, their tones so urgently hushed Near couldn't make out distinguishable words even with the short distance between them. Mello had repositioned a hand over his mouth, so he sat in silence, impassioned gaze flitting back and forth as they switched roles in the conversation. He couldn't quite remember what he'd said, but whatever it was caused this heated discussion; Near hoped it had to do with the still aching problem between his legs, although that was honestly all he could seem to think about. Gratefully, they stopped speaking after another minute, and what they began next was much more intriguing.

With pink tinging his cheeks, Mello tilted his head, lips parted slightly, and stayed still, hesitant. Matt cupped the curve of his cheek and moved in, pressing their lips together; he didn't seem nervous whatsoever. Soon they were both lost of anxiety though, and they equally fought into the kiss. Parting just barely, stealing a breath; the barest hint of teeth, fervent tongues sliding against each other - and the entire display unobstructed for a currently shameless Near. It didn't help his situation, that was for sure, and he let Mello know that by means of a sharp nip to his palm. The blonde winced visibly, but refused to stop for his sake. In fact, had Near not been hazed by lust he might have noticed the dark smirk sent his way.

By now Mello had Matt pressed against the wall, fighting to learn and control this new skill that the redhead somehow already topped him in. Every time, however, he was the first to pull away, breathless; his efforts futile against the effective teasing his best friend had mastered. It was only natural Mello eventually decided to move on to someone he could dominate easily.

Parting a final time, a string of saliva between their kiss-swollen lips, he narrowed his eyes indicatively at Matt and turned slightly, facing Near. With another smirk that the snowy-haired boy definitely caught this time, he removed his hand from the youngest's mouth and replaced it with his lips, immediately tracing a line with his tongue to demand compliance. Near allowed it, willingly, in hopes that he would be rewarded. Upon letting the older boy's tongue slide between his lips, the tips of their respective appendages brushed, lightly, and Near suppressed a pleasured shudder. Every touch was maximized in effect, for some reason - he still wasn't sure why he felt so uninhibited and wanting. Even when Mello's arms slipped around his waist, only barely coming in contact with the clothed skin, his lower stomach burned exquisitely and he responded with eagerly encircling the other's neck to urge the inferno on.

It had been over a minute before Matt positioned behind Mello and began to let his hands roam the contours of his chest. Earlier, while whispering, they'd agreed to undress Near first - but that didn't stop the gamer from sliding a hand up his shirt. This caused Mello to gasp into the kiss, and he parted quickly to snap, "What the hell are you doing?"

The airiness of his voice lost it's commanding content, and Matt just chuckled and continued his ministrations, flicking at each of Mello's nipples simultaneously to receive a heavy groan. Left unguarded, Near glanced at his apparent problem through white pajama bottoms once more. After kissing Mello, or rather being kissed so fiercely by him, he could barely stand to take care of it himself - no, he wanted the two boys in front of him to help instead. Using the instinct he suddenly possessed from his entranced state, the youngest crawled into Mello's lap, holding his shoulders to keep steady and kissing ardently along the curve of his neck. He even whimpered softly, grinded himself into the other's lap... it was unbearably sultry.

At this point, Mello was trapped in a compromising situation. Personally, he felt he was the only one of the three not completely consumed by lust, and yet he was caught precisely in the middle of the activity. "Hey...," he began, forcing the authority back into his voice despite the two seducing him. "Before we go any farther... I want to watch you two kiss." Not only was it the curious truth, but a way to stall.

While Near was already complying, avid to do anything that brought him closer to his goal; Matt just shrugged and took the snowy-haired boy by the front of the shirt once Mello had slipped to the sidelines. Naturally, since Near was defenseless against Mello's kissing, he was even less prepared for Matt - though it made an excellent display. The blonde observed, secretly enthralled, as Matt tugged his shirt harder, forcing Near into an obviously uncomfortable angle before he began kissing him again, biting visibly at his lips. Soon he began to uphold his earlier deal with Mello, unbuttoning Near's shirt slowly. As an ivory shoulder appeared, Mello suddenly felt overcome with desire. They were surely the first to ever see Near like this, the first to touch his skin with intimate intention. By the end of the night, if all progressed naturally, it was likely there would many, many more firsts as well...

Those revelations broke Mello's cautiousness, and he reached out, helping to slip off the cotton top and expose more flawless skin. With him still being kissed ruthlessly by Matt, the oldest boy leaned down and took a bit of the creamy skin of Near's neck between his teeth, biting lightly before sucking and working to break the skin enough to mark it. He watched as Near's eyes fell shut and he struggled to break away from the kiss, mewling in pleasure and eventually succeeding to turn and face Mello once more. It was almost startling to see his eyes half-lidded, lips parted, face flushed. More so, it was irresistibly attractive.

Pushing the unbuttoned shirt off his other shoulder, the loose material naturally sliding off of him at that point, Mello leaned in for another fiery kiss, his hands mimicking Matt's from earlier and exploring the expanse of Near's chest, seeking out spots that made him shiver. Now the youngest was trapped in the middle, with Matt taking on the unfinished mark on his neck, biting and sucking until it blossomed an angry red. Every touch and caress spurred magnificent noises from Near, and as accomplished the other two felt for bringing the normally stoic child to a state of such heedlessness, it worried them as well. If just the lightest brush to an area that wasn't particularly erogenous made him react so passionately, they could only imagine how vocal he would get when properly serviced - and being loud would attract unneeded attention.

Soon Matt addressed this problem, moving his lips higher to reach the snowy-haired boy's ear and murmuring, "You'll have to be quiet if you want us to help you with this..." His hand teased against the front of Near's pants, emphasizing the claim; and he stifled his reaction into Mello's mouth effectively, obeying. It seemed Near, although far gone with lust, could process orders... especially those relating to solving his ever escalating problem.

With their decision to undress the youngest first putting the activities to a standstill, Mello and Matt reached for a side of his remaining ivory article and eased it off his folded legs, needing to move him around a bit before they were completely removed. They both found it difficult to focus on the task, for Near's eyes were strangely captivating - they looked wide and innocent, yet as though he knew exactly what they were doing, and that things were going his way. It was oddly manipulative...

"Aah..." When the compliantly subdued moan left Near's lips, they both stopped pondering and turned their attention back to him; Matt tossing the pants aside and Mello kissing him once, ferally.

When he broke away, the blonde glanced over at Matt, his eyes holding the question 'what now?' and plenty of libido. Answering just as silently, yet a lot more physically, the gamer moved towards him on his knees and trapped his hips against the suffocating wall, kissing him lightly and beginning to work his black shirt off. Without objection, Mello assisted, rising his arms and contorting his upper body out of cotton as it was pulled insistently away. It wasn't as though he could resist, anyway; they had stripped Near, whom was now unwieldily assisting Matt in tugging off Mello's black jeans. However, when the redhead's hands went for his boxers, he pushed him away, teasingly.

"It may be fine for us to completely undress Near, but I intend for things to be more mutual between us." Eyes suddenly blazing, Mello crawled on top of his friend, straddling his hips down to the floor and pushing his striped shirt up his stomach. He kissed the skin as it was exposed, proving he could learn these new intimate activities at his leisure; and eventually worked the shirt, and his lips, up onto his chest, the cotton encircling Matt's neck.

"Haah..." Arching his back each time Mello's lips landed upon a spot that was particularly sensitive, Matt pulled the shirt off over his head, avid to see which article the older boy would tackle next. Just as he began undoing the other's jeans, however, Mello fell forwards, laid on top of Matt - Near had jumped on the blonde's back, obviously left ignored and in need of attention again.

Cursing under his breath, the wind knocked slightly out of him, Mello began to struggle to get up, only to have Matt suddenly groan and writhe under him. Of course, Near had pounced on him (as doubtful as it was that the action had been intentional) at a trajectory that landed his knees, the only probable way to get up, right on Matt's groin. Quickly straightening his legs out again, he frowned and snapped, "Get off me, you damn albino." It was noticeably an awkward way for the three of them to be positioned.

He felt the brush of feather soft hair on his back as Near shook his head, confirming the movement with an endearingly aggravating 'no'. Just as earlier, he was proving his ability to seem both cherubic and demanding at the same time. Near on aphrodisiac was certainly strange - it almost made Mello wish he'd never went through with the plan in the first place.


"Why the hell not?" Mello shifted his weight, searching for a point to press his knees down that wouldn't make the redhead below him uncomfortable. With the right angle, he would be able to get out himself; though there was no reason not to humor the snowy-haired boy until then.

"Mello and Matt are ignoring me." Reply simple and guileless, with no structured requirement, the blonde was reminded why he did like Near on aphrodisiac. His normally adept mind was only concerned with one thing - sex. However, the statement was also the first string of coherent words he'd heard in awhile... it possibly meant the drug was wearing down, which meant they would need to act fast.

"Are we?" Stalling, Mello continued moving his knees back until they were positioned upon Matt's thighs... hardly an delicate zone. Just to test it, he bent them slightly, and sure enough, the gamer didn't react side for a knowing smirk; he had deduced the coming action.

"Yes," Near responded, voice heavy in the way that let show he thought this was obvious and an unnecessary inquiry. "If Mello has forgotten, I- ah!" The youngest fell onto the carpet, thrown backwards suddenly onto his spine. Shaking his head, he looked up in annoyance to find Mello acting as though he hadn't just tossed Near aside, and sliding off Matt's unbuttoned jeans. He glared at them, propped up on his elbows, until Mello finished putting Matt at an equal state of undress as he and turned back to Near.

"We're not forgetting about you, Christ. It's not like we can do much with you unless we finish taking our clothes off, right?" He visibly threatened to slap Matt, though in good humor, as he saw the gamer was about to counter that actually, there was plenty they could do half undressed. Near looked wary to his accusation. "Well... if it will keep you from attacking us whenever we leave you alone, why don't you..."

"Have you ever had one of these before, Near?" Matt interrupted suddenly, genuine curiosity in his voice. When Mello pretended to be about to slap him again, this time for a more valid reason (breaking his train of thought), the redhead just laughed and hit his arm aside, saying earnestly, "I'm asking a serious question here, man!"

Tilting his head, Near seemed to dawn immediately upon what Matt was referring to, and replied, "Yes."

"Yeah, but have you ever done anything about them?"

Near blinked once and shook his head.

"That's what I thought..." The gamer trailed off, thoughtfully, before starting up with, "Maybe we should help him, first." The statement was directed at Mello, though Near took it with a lot more interest.

"Why?" Mello huffed, instinctively stubborn to any phrase referring to Near and the word 'first'.

"Because," Matt began, holding out the vowels in the word for a few seconds each. "We can corrupt his innocence together, and then have lots of time for ourselves."

Considering the idea, Mello shrugged after a moment and nodded. "I suppose I can't argue with that logic." With a nod and smile of subdued triumph, Matt moved over to the youngest boy and took one of his wrists delicately, motioning for Mello to do the same. Though it was a much rougher grip, the blonde obliged and waited, impatiently, for a cue or instruction - he wasn't exactly well briefed on what Matt planned to do about the situation. Soon enough however, direction wasn't required... instinct served as true knowledge, and he easily followed along.

The redhead's free hand stretching and tugging the waist of Near's white boxers, his lips caressing the soft curve to the other's neck - just his contact alone had their victim contentedly pleased; and when Mello began leaving quickly fading scarlet marks along his collarbone by means of sharp teeth, he squirmed in their hold and started breaking the code of silence. Being the only one with a hand to spare, the oldest boy applied pressure with four of his fingers to Near's lips until they tentatively parted, and slid the appendages inside, finding it was a more intimate method for keeping quiet rather than merely keeping a hand over his mouth, or worse, resorting to a gag. When Matt succeeded in removing his boxers, and let his hand dance across Near's swollen cock, Mello was even more sure of his decision - teeth bit down on the digits desperately, and it succeeded in sending more burning heat to the currently throbbing entity of himself. God, so much heat...

"Near," he hissed, voice suddenly husky. Without looking to Matt for a second opinion, he roughly pulled the boy into his lap, immediately subject to intensified friction as his captive twisted down, attempting to relieve his own pressure, yet only succeeding in making Mello's deeper. He could feel himself pulsing under Near... this couldn't go on much longer, for his own sake. The breathy repeat of his name coming from Near's lips wasn't helping, either.

"You know how this works, right?" Matt's voice was suddenly beside him. "If you want to take care of him yourself, I have no complaints..." A hidden smirk in his tone, and Mello knew he was merely eager to watch the two of them.

"Y-yeah." Holding a groan inside, eyes closing and head tilting back slightly as Near continued absentmindedly grinding against him. "Take him for a second, quick." Matt complied, holding Near away from Mello for the time it took for the blonde to just about tear his boxers off, and returned the snowy-haired boy.

At first it appeared Mello was going to impale Near, then and there, so Matt began, "Y'know, it's common practice to stretch them out first."

"I know that!" Mello snapped, though flushed enough to let the redhead know he had indeed been planning on doing nothing of the sort. After glaring him down for chuckling, he turned his attention back to Near, who honestly looked like he could stand anything at that point if it brought him to a release; but he wanted to prove his 'experience' to Matt, so he removed the fingers from the younger boy's mouth, which were conveniently slicked.

Suddenly careful, he slid the first one into Near, who stopped squirming randomly and began pressing downwards, onto the appendage. The reaction was indeed encouraging, so the older boy forced in another, spreading the two as far as he could. Near's wide eyes shut suddenly, and his lips tightened as though he was holding in a cry of pain that he knew to suppress for his own good.

"Here..." Pausing the preparation, Mello pressed the fingers from his opposite hand to Near's lips. Eyes now half-lidded, the younger boy directed his gaze to Mello, nodding in thanks, and let the digits in, sucking at them to distract himself from the pain. It didn't do much to help Mello's raging libido, but he dealt with it, knowing the best was soon to come.

Slowly this time, he worked in a third finger, noticing as Near bit down harder than ever and making a soft sound of sympathy that surprised himself. Still, he didn't let himself show mercy - the boy was drugged after all, the pain couldn't be agonizing.

"Haah... Christ, Mello." Matt's voice, still in close quarters, turned his attention and he gave him a questioning look. As expected, the gamer was stroking himself, and hadn't completely been addressing Mello, rather than groaning his attraction towards the scenario. Letting a soft smirk flit across his face, he looked back to Near, stretching out the three fingers wide within him again before seeing just how deep he could go.

Of course, with such a search, it didn't take long until Near's whimpers of pain escalated into pleased gasps of Mello's name, and he realized with a grin that he had found his rival's prostate. Now, with Near in obvious pleasure, he could move on to taking care of his own need as well...

Sliding the fingers out, eliciting a whine and harsh bite of disappointment from Near, he better positioned the small boy in his lap, feeling the head of his still aching erection finally press against the entrance he'd been wanting to break into for what felt like years. Such impatience had built up, that he naturally didn't wait another second and thrusted upwards, taking in the sudden taut compression with a throaty groan. Even with what he felt was decent preparation, Near was absurdly tight... every inch of his cock felt squeezed, in the most pleasurable and magnificent sense of the word possible.

"A-ah, fuck, Near." Instantly he was slamming back into him, having slight trouble due to the angle. It wasn't quite easy to 'fuck' someone when they were positioned on your lap, he found. However, if Near was as feral as he appeared, he would be willing to abuse his prostate manually. With this in mind, Mello held the younger boy's writhing hips with both hands, trusting him to stay quiet, and gently urged him to move them up and down. Ever the fast learner, even drugged senseless, Near caught on instantaneously and rocked his hips up, slamming back down to impale himself as hard as he could on Mello's formidable erection. The prolonged moan that came from him at this proved that not only did the method make things less strenuous on the blonde, but Near was able to locate the perineum and easily please himself.

"Mello...!" The second time Near managed to strike upon the bundle of nerves, he felt already deathly close to completion. His entire body trembled, obviously not used to such harsh physical exertion; but he didn't stop riding the older boy, determined to let the heat blossoming unbearably in his lower stomach detonate.

Even Mello, who prided on lasting quite some time when he pleasured himself, was surprised by how quick his body reacted, and figured it had to be due to Near's undying tautness. The flaming pressure gripping onto him in succession would surely have the same effect on anyone. Of course, even in the heat of passion, he never failed to forget his rivalry with the one currently impaling himself on his cock, and decided he needed to last longer than Near, no matter what the cost. Reaching around the snowy-haired boy's thin, shaking frame, he grasped Near's hard member and began pumping it each time the other slammed down onto his own sweet spot. Sure enough, the desired effect took place, and Near's voice cried out his name more desperately than before. Pleasure coiled tight within Near, and he knew he couldn't last any longer. His goal had been to come to this point of exhausting ecstasy, and precariously he hung on the edge of that very destination. Any moment now, and he would be falling.

"M-Mello... I...a-ah!" Oh, he was plummeting. Even through flashes of white, curling toes, and an incoherent scream, Near felt himself fading - he had drained his body to it's breaking point. Just barely did he hear Mello's husky groan, or feel heat pouring into him. Only when he was pulled away by strong arms, the blonde's flaccid cock slipping out of him, did he process the other had also climaxed at all.

Never had he trusted Matt, the only possible candidate to be cradling his body at the time being, but Near closed his eyes and rested his lolling head against one of the other boy's forearms anyway. He was exhausted, and knew he would be asleep within the next minute; but he realized his train of thought was no longer askew and only focused on getting Mello to have sex with him. Full mental consciousness certainly felt nice, as ironic as it was he was slipping out of it again as he decided this.

"That worked out nicely."

Pulled from his enjoyment of the final waves of pleasure that gently slid into his being by Matt's comment, Mello exhaled deeply and turned to him, nodding. "Oh yeah." It was pretty obvious his redheaded companion had finished up as well, by himself, from the calmed expression he held. Near, curled up and asleep in Matt's arms, looked equally satiated, and strangely that made Mello smile.

Without words, they went about dressing themselves, as well as the unconscious Near, and soon they were leaving the fated common room. Surely that room would haunt them forever, though Mello hoped it would be pleasantly so. Fortunately, they ran into no trouble on their way to deposit Near in his bedroom.

"You think he'll like, remember tonight as a dream or something?" Matt asked, quietly, carefully setting the white-haired boy on the bed as Mello held up the covers.

"Nah, he's Near after all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he deduced exactly what we did and got us back for it." The slightest bit of spite worked it's way into his voice, but quickly he calmed as Matt took his left hand, entwining their fingers together and leading him out the door. They had never quite agreed on a relationship, but somewhere during sexing with the boy they supposedly hated, it had been silently decided upon. When they reached their own room and shared a chaste kiss inside the doorway, it was confirmed.

And on the other side of the orphanage, a snowy-haired boy, who had drowsily awakened long enough to hear and process his captors' exchange in his bedroom, smirked.