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I awoke slowly, taking in my surroundings before I lifted my head off the pillow, which wasn't there when I passed out. The first thing I noticed was that I was back in Edward's room. Thank you, Jesus. The second thing was that I was naked, but under a blanket. I clutched it tighter to me as I recalled the previous night's events.

I'd gotten so worked up when Edward had his...hardness moving against me. I couldn't control my body. However, he apparently could. He gave me the most earth shattering orgasm I could have ever hoped for. But how? Had he really bitten me? With...his fangs? As erotic as it sounded, it just wasn't possible.

I sat up in the comfortable bed, which I learned belonged to Edward. If I was staying in his bed, and in his room, I wondered where he was sleeping.

That's when I started taking notice of my surroundings a bit more closely.

Up against the wall, in a rocking chair that definitely was not there the previous night, was Edward, in all of his beautiful kidnapping glory.

His eyes locked with mine. I held the blanket closer to my body.

"I've already seen and felt it all, you know." He smirked at my disgusted expression. "You seemed to enjoy yourself last night. I'm sorry about the bite, but it felt good, didn't it?"

His toothy grin did not make me answer. I tucked my hair behind my ear and awkwardly looked at anything but his gorgeous face.

He cleared his throat, as if trying to get my attention, but I would not take notice.

In a flash, Edward was in front of me. He grabbed my face slowly and with gentle pressure. I decided it would be best to finally meet his eyes again. Once his reunited with mine, I saw the flicker of happiness that had not been present in them yesterday.

Edward leaned down to be eye level with me before murmuring, "I do apologize. Do you forgive me, Isabella?"

I melted, again. I nodded dumbly, and was rewarded with a crooked grin that gave me wrong feelings in all the right places.

"C-can I leave yet?" I whispered.

His eyes darkened and filled with what looked like remorse.

"I'm afraid not, Bella. I'm very sorry. It might be a few more...days."

Days? I didn't want to stay for days! I opened my mouth to protest but he cocked his head to the side, as if daring me to challenge his words. I quickly shut it, deciding to give up the fight that was left in me. I was done for, no matter what happened now.

Edward gave me a warm smile and spoke. "There we go. I want to make the rest of your time here as relaxing as it can be, given the situation at hand. I don't think we will be having another fiasco like last night, unfortunately." He ran his thumb over my cheek as he spoke the last word.

A wave of sadness washed over me. Did I...want it to happen again? Did I want more? I didn't even know what this man was! If he was even a man at all. He was obviously a...vampire. No, maybe he just had sharp teeth? That left a fucking scar and drew blood? I think not!

I opened my mouth before the thoughts had processed through my head.

"What if..." I stopped short. What the fuck was I going to propose? What if I want you to fuck me silly?

Edward's gaze penetrated mine. He wanted to know what I was going to say and it looked like he was going to get it out of me, even though I'm not sure what it was.

"What if what, Isabella?" He paused and stroked my cheek again. A shiver crept up my spine. I loved his caresses. "Tell me."

I was dazzled; it was like he had a spell on me and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. What was this feeling?

"I want you to touch me." I breathed. It was like an out of body experience. I was speaking and I could hear the words, knowing they were true, but I couldn't control them or stop them from coming out.

Edward didn't break his gaze, but he smiled. "Where, Isabella? Where do you want me to touch you?"

"Everywhere." I whispered. What the fuck! Where did my filter go? It was like my mind was in a haze and I couldn't make my way through it.

Then, suddenly, the fog was lifted. So was my blanket.

I gasped and brought my hands around my naked body to cover my girly bits, but Edward was faster and had my arms pinned to the bed with me on my back in about a half second.

"I glamored you, you told me you wanted me to touch you. Was that a lie?" He was now on top of me, letting his cold breath hit my face in the most delightful way.


Before I even got the whole syllable out, his hands were on my breasts, kneading them slowly. I let out a shaky moan, still unsure of why I was acting so out of character. His finger traced my nipple and I let out a long, sensual moan that time.

"There we go, Bella. Just feel it." Edward whispered to me as he pinched my nipples slightly, causing me to whimper.

I was bucking my hips, trying to get friction between my legs. Luckily, Edward and I were on the same page. He roughly shoved his denim clad erection into my bare womanhood. I yelped as he brought his hand away from my nipple and rubbed my clit. His hands were so icy. It felt wonderful.

I was gasping and writhing in no time. He was thrusting his hardness into me and rubbing me the right way; my second orgasm ever was approaching quickly.

I plunged my hands into his bronze locks, startling us both. His movements faltered. He hadn't been expecting that response, obviously.

My eyes slowly met his. They were pitch black again. I was going to move my hands away, afraid that I'd gone too far, but his fingers sliding inside me halted anymore of my thoughts.

"Oh!" I gasped loudly. He had 2 of his elegant, long fingers inside me, alternating with shoving them in and out; and removing them to cup my vagina and rub his thumb over my clit.

I was on the edge, almost there. I just needed one little push. I did the only thing I knew would help.

Shoving my neck upwards, I grabbed his head and tried to pull him towards it. "Please." I whimpered.

Edward's movements again faltered.

"Say it." He groaned.

Your wish is my command, buddy.

"Bite me! Please. I want you to."

And with that, I felt the familiar sting in my neck as my flesh was once again torn open. It was quickly replaced with the pure bliss I knew had yet to come.

I screamed, moaned, thrashed, the whole nine yards as my orgasm ripped through my whole body. I was buzzing with pleasure. I could feel my blood leaving my body and flowing into Edward's mouth. It was oddly sensual.

"Ah, Edward." I moaned his name slowly, taking my time pronouncing it.

He lifted his head finally, his teeth unlatching from my wound.

His eyes met mine. They were blazing red now.

"Thank you...for giving me that pleasure."

For the first time in what felt like forever, I giggled.

"I'm pretty sure that should be my line right now."