Dear Readers (Athena's Note).

A random Prideshipping one-shot that I whipped up one night when I was supposed to be sleeping, but obviously wasn't. Short, sort of fluffy, and utterly pointless.


Pairing: Yami no Yuugi x Seto Kaiba.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any related characters.

Love is not picky. It blossoms in the most unexpected of places, oftentimes between the most unexpected of people. And when it hits you, you are powerless against it. Tears, rage, anger, hate, lust, longing... all these emotions are a part of that one, mysterious thing called Love.

And while people may think they know much about it, it is not so. They claim that love has no bounds. That love should not be forbidden.

Sadly, it often is. Without realizing it, many people damn a love before it can begin. Prejudiced views can lead to heartbreak, tears... lies.

But then... it can continue in secret. A lingering touch, a steady gaze; just one connection. One look, shared between two secret loves.

A Game King and a CEO.

Because in secret, love can bloom. In secret, in can continue.

In secret it exists, without the knowledge of those around them.

And in secret they can be their true selves; hiding nothing, sharing everything.

Sometimes it can be rough. Hiding the love they want to express, but scared of their friends' reaction. Of the world's reaction.

"We need to tell them, Yami... I don't like hiding."

"But we must. They wouldn't... they wouldn't understand, Seto. You know they wouldn't."

"Yuugi did."

"Yuugi's different. He's the other side of my soul. My light. I share almost everything with him. Like I do with you."

One kiss, and the doubts disappear. One kiss, and the love is rekindled; though it was never gone in the first place. A raging fire, burning the soul with pure ecstasy. Passion. An endless river; one that you would happily drown in for the rest of your life. Rushing, changing... endless.

Love is always there. Sometimes hiding, sometimes in plain sight; though only those who know how to look for it can usually find it. They try to hide it. And they succeed. No one will know. Their secret. Their love. Their hidden passion. Two rivals; two lovers. Two hearts. A hidden clandestine of emotions.

Because in secret, love can continue.

And in secret it shall remain.