Title: The Feast
Rating: NC-17 (mature themes, language, and sexual content)

Summary: Part of the IchiRuki FC giveaway at the Bleach Asylum forum. We were asked to write a fic based on certain Bleach spreads that were given. This piece is based on the picnic spread, where Rukia is attempting to take a bite from Ichigo's meat. But it seems her harmless move stirs up more trouble then she bargained for. ;)

The table creaked from the weight of the food that was piled on it. Everyone had begun to settle down to eat, and things were relatively peaceful - except of course the next round of pointless argument that seemed to have started between Ichigo and Ishida, and to which everyone chose to stay out of. Chad remained silent on the other side of the table, eating as if no one else was there while Inoue busily shoved several pieces of dishes on her unsuspecting friends. By the end, Rukia had someone managed to get several different kabobs in her hand as she eyed the sauce that Inoue recommended wearily and politely declined. The raucous the two boys were creating was beginning to irritate her as she made her way to the chair next to Ichigo, ready to pummel him for some peace. But her eyes lingered to the drumstick that was in his hands as he waved it angrily about. It was far too big for her to finish just one on her own and Ichigo did seem far too occupied to notice if she just took one bite from it...

Of course, the idiot had to choose that very moment that she leaned forward to snap the drumstick back. She snarled at him, to which he took no notice.

"Oye, Ichigo," she muttered, leaning slightly to draw his attention. But no sooner had the words left her mouth that the drumstick was swung right back towards her. Startled, she staggered back as all the items in her hand fell uselessly to the ground.

"No..." she pouted as she stared at the wasted food, her eyes quickly shooting daggers at the back of the orange top's head. Sighing, she bent down to pick up the mess as everyone seemed too preoccupied to notice anything happening.

As she made her way to pick everything up, her eyes lingered to one particular piece that had fallen under the table and near Ichigo's feet. Grumbling, she bent to grab it as her hand pressed against his leg to keep steady. She could hear the fight finally die down and was happy to know that at least they could get some peace for a while.

"Ah, Rukia, what are you doing??"

Rukia turned and gasped at his head poked through the table cloth and stared at her, his cheeks slightly flushed.

"Don't scare me like that, idiot." she muttered. "Because of you, I dropped my whole plate of food. I'm picking it up..."

He scowled and shifted slightly. "Why couldn't you have just left it?"

"Because I'm not a slob like you..." she retorted, shaking her head.

She heard a long sigh before he shifted slightly. "Well...c-can you...hurry it up? And would you mind moving your hand..."

"I would if I could reach it..."

"I see it...a little to the right...no my right, Rukia..."

"Hold still, will you?! I can't reach if you keep moving..." she growled impatiently, finally spotting the last bit of food.

"Rukia..." he gritted his teeth. "Can you hurry and stop putting pressure on..."

"Hold on, Ichigo...there!" Triumphantly, she showed him the stick she was reaching for as she made her way out from under the table. As her head popped up, she noticed that the room had gotten unusually quiet. All eyes were pointedly staring at them as she turned to Ichigo, whose face was bright red as he tried shifting in his seat.

Ishida turned away, determined not to be in the conversation while Inoue watched in shock. "K-Kuchiki-san, wha-what were you doing under the table?" Inoue asked meekly, noticing Rukia's disheveled hair and deep breathing.

"Hm?" Rukia looked around in confusion. "Well...I was just trying to take a bite of Ichigo's meat here, and...and...well I was on the floor because...."

Ichigo's eyes widened and he turned to look at her, his mouth gaped while everyone turned their attention to him. "Oye, Rukia..!"

The other three stared in shock as Rukia looked back and forth between Ichigo and them. She couldn't understand why Ichigo was now groaning and shaking his head. Inoue chuckled nervously. "Well...if you guys...wanted some time...alone..."

"No!" Ichigo shouted, surprising everyone. "T-that's not what..."

"Hey...I got the drinks!"

All eyes suddenly shifted to the man standing by the door with two jugs of soda in his hand. He began walking towards them, his brows furrowing at the silence. "Eh, whats going on? Hey...Rukia...what are you doing...down there?"

"Apparently she said she was attempting to eat Kurosaki's meat..." Ishida smirked, staring pointedly at a very pissed off Ichigo.

Renji blinked, before his burning eyes shot at Ichigo. "WHAT?!"


Ichigo flinched as Rukia placed an ice pack next to his face.

"There," she sighed as she sat across from him while he fixed the position of the pack. "That should help with the swelling."

Only an indistinguishable mutter was her answer as he continued to scowl while staring at the ground. He knew she was watching him, but he was just not in the mood to explain just what had happened. Hell, even he wasn't sure how they had ended up in such a mess.

"I don't even know what got into Renji," she continued when she realized she wasn't going to get anything else out of him. "What did you say wrong any ways."

Ichigo snorted and groaned from the pain that came with it. "I didn't say anything. You started it with your comment."

Rukia scoffed and crossed her arms, her brow raising slightly as her scowl matched his. "And what in the world did I say that would get him that riled up? All I said was I was going to take a bite of the meat in your hand, and…"

"It...it means...other things, Rukia..." Ichigo interrupted, pressing the ice pack harder onto his cheek.


Why, he cried, as her face still indicated her confusion.

"Just...please forget it, okay?"

"No, I can't. Everybody knew what was going on but me. You better tell me, Ichigo!" she growled, punching him hard on the shoulder.

"Meat...has another meaning. It....well..."

"What other meaning?"

"Please, Rukia..." he groaned, noting the headache that was looming ever so close. He looked over to Rukia, who was still watching him stubbornly and sighed. He finally made a slight indication with his hand, and Rukia's eyes followed until they set right below his belt.

Ichigo couldn't help but feel slightly amused as her features suddenly changed from one of confusion to one of realization. Her eyes widened to a phenomenal size, and her mouth slowly opened with no words able to come out.

"Y-you mean...meat is..."


"And when I said I had taken a bite of your..."


He didn't think it was possible, but her face turned an even brighter shade of red. The next awkward minutes passed in absolute silence as Rukia attempted to compose herself. Ichigo gulped when her shocked expression soon disappeared to one of anger.

"So...you mean to tell me that when I made such an innocent remark, you...you thought..."

"H-hey, it wasn't just me. Everyone thought it. Even Renji."

Ichigo didn't think that Rukia could look any deadlier, but this situation certainly was an exception. She glowered in her seat, her arms still folded as she muttered indistinguishable words, though he did manage to pick up the words "kill" and his name in between.

"It was all your fault, you know," he sighed, knowing that he might as well be honest if he was going to be killed anyways. "What were you doing under the table anyways? You got us both in trouble...and me twice..."

Rukia turned to him, her brow raised. "Twice?"

Ichigo nodded, scratching his head. "Yeah..."

"I thought he punched you just once...."


Rukia frowned. "Why the second time? I didn't see it?"

"Because you weren't there. You had already run to get some ice for me," he muttered, shifting uneasily. "The second one was when I got up...I told you, Rukia. You were...shouldn't have been touching me...there."

Rukia blinked and her mouth gaped open as she remembered. "O-oh...you mean..."

She gasped when he got up and sat right in front of her, his brow cocked. "Yeah. Can't do much about the first mess....but...you will definitely have to make up for the second one," he grinned.

Rukia scowled, "You are joking, right, Ichigo? One, its not my fault that is all it takes for you to...to..." she waved dismissively at him. "And another thing, our friends are outside and they can come any moment...and...oye...hey!"

He didn't even wait for her to finish before grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him. Her eyes narrowed, challenging him as he smirked.


A dark grin appeared on his face when he heard a string of curses escape her lips as he lavished her skin with open mouth kisses. He made sure to take an occasional bite that elicited a moan that drove him further past the control he could muster. It was her own fault, he reasoned, as he lifted her up by her thighs, wrapping them around his waist as he leaned her against the wall for support. His mouth remained latched on her tender neck, sucking it greedily as her soft pants filled the quiet room. Once sure that she was supported against the wall without his help, his hands gently swept up her legs, excitement brimming that she had chosen to wear a rather short yellow dress that made it more easier for him to touch her however he pleased.


She gasped softly as their bodies pressed together, grinding in more desperation as her hands tangled in his messy orange locks. While Rukia certainly did have the upper hand most of the time in their relationship, Ichigo knew well that this was one that he could have complete control as he heard her moan helplessly. Well...almost, he thought as her hand grabbed his face roughly and pulled it to hers, her lips capturing his with a hunger to match his own. He groaned softly as her soft tongue teased his lips, seeking entrance, to which he was most obliged. While thoroughly engaged, his hands reached the few buttons of her dress, opening each excrutiatingly slow. Her breathing grew heavier as his callous hands brushed against her skin until all the buttons were now open, revealing a white lace bra. His hands slid up the collar of the dress as he began to peel the annoying fabric from her shoulders. His lips reluctantly left hers and smiled gently at the pout on her face. Before she could attempt to close the distance again, his head slowly descended as he lifted her higher, causing her to yelp as his lips now had access to her creamy collar bone and the pert breasts that were still confined behind her undergarments.

"Don't...you...dare..." she warned, and Ichigo looked up at her. He smirked to see her still out of it, but attempting as much as possible to keep her composure so as to keep the upper hand in their game.

"What?" he mused as his tongue flicked playfully near her breasts. She breathed deeply, not letting him win, but the hitch in her voice gave her away. "I-I w-will not...t-tolera-ate...you...r-r-ripping my clothing...ag-" The sentence was stopped midway as his hands palmed her breast, kneading it in his hands.

"Hm, Rukia?" he asked quietly, knowing fully well he would pay dearly for this, if her eyes narrowing at him dangerously was any indication of that.

"Our friends are near, and its bad enough we are..." she puffed her bang out of the way, wiping away the sweat glistening from her skin.

She groaned as he squeezed her breast again, his lips gently moving to her ears. "And whose fault is that?" he whispered, nibbling her earlobe.

"I-Ichigo..." she gritted her teeth, biting her lip to stop herself from making any sound to call attention to them. "I-I just said...a simple...thing...and you...all of you...took it the wrong way..."

A soft snicker was her only answer as his other hand palmed her neglected breast. "Well...it's not my fault you are that naive as not to get what your statement meant..."

"Not my fault I'm in the company of you such..." The words were lost as she bit her lip harder when his mouth latched onto her neck.

"You said it, love," he mused. "And I was the one who got a bruised jaw from Renji because of it. I want compensation."

She gasped as the rip of her garments filled the room and found her bra falling limply on the ground as he pulled her up. Oh, the boy was going to die...later...

Her head tilted upward, her breathing becoming increasingly rapid as his mouth fastened onto the breasts that were now free from their confines, suckling on them as Rukia's body writhed above him.

Bastard, she sighed while his lips moved to the other breast as their body continued to grind in wild abandonment. Her eyes closed and her mouth gaped opened, taking in the all the pleasure his now experienced hands and mouth lavished on her. His hands slowly moved down her waist, tickling her ribs as she bit her lip to hold back a laugh. He finally turned upward to look at her, a soft smile on his face as he stared into her dark violet eyes. The way she looked at him with her half lidded eyes, the way she stroked his hair, the way her voice softly whispered his name. He wondered how she could possibly think that he would not lose himself to her...

He lowered her gently until their lips met again, his tongue exploring the warm crevice of her mouth as her hands slowly descended to the buckle of his pants. She grinned softly into the kiss at the slight tremble she felt from him as her hands teased him with her finger. "I suppose a compensation is needed then," she whispered into his ears, delighting in the way his eyes widened at her statement. Her hands continued to tease his thick length as she placed warm kisses along his neck, the contours of his chest...

He attempted to control his breathing as her small mouth took him whole, his body trembled from her touch. A long guttural groan resonated from his throat as she continued to suck diligently. Knowing he was so close, his hands gently grasped her face, pulling her up. Her eyes met his as she watched him curiously, unable to understand why he had stopped her. "Is everything-" she whispered, but was stopped immediately by the soft kiss he placed on her forehead.

It was unspoken, but her eyes followed everything his silent gestures desired. Her dress finally slipped completely off, and her breath grew unsteady as his hands began the exploration of her petite form with no inhibition. "You're beautiful," he whispered as his hands gently slid down her arm, leaving small traces of goosebumps behind. Rukia looked into his eyes as he smiled gently and took a playful nip of her lips. He reveled in the smile she returned, and quickly captured her lips once more. Neither gave a damn anymore whether anyone was outside or waiting for them. Nothing mattered as he brought her closer to him, raising her once again and slipping her soft legs around his waist as her small hands snaked around his neck. Nothing was said other then the fervent whisper of their names as he slipped deep inside her.

His body moved in rhythm with hers, his thrusts becoming more rapid as she repeated his name in urgency. Their heavy breathing and pants filled the dark room, the soft sweet whispers of Ichigo in her ear soothing her. The taste of him, the feel of him, and the sound of her name from lips lips was too much, and before she could utter another word, she felt her entire body tremble with the intensity as she came. It was only mere moments when she felt his release as he continued to thrust within her until there was no more strength to bear. They stood silently in place, catching their breaths as Ichigo still held onto her protectively, placing soft butterfly kisses along her neck. She smiled and ran her hands through his damp hair, placing a soft kiss on his cheek as they remained still. Finally she felt his hands slowly loosen grip of her thighs as she carefully gained her balance. Leaning against the wall, she grinned when the weight of his body pressed against hers and the strong grip of his arm tightening its hold on her. "Wore you out?" she asked innocently, grinning at the snort that was her only response from him.

"Not even close..." he chuckled, tickling her ribs. She squirmed in his arms and gave him a playful smack on his shoulder. The sudden sound of their friends in the distance turned their attention to the locked door of the room they were hidden in.

"Ah, I think we were gone for longer then we should have. We should get going," Rukia sighed.

"Do we have to?" he whined, his kiss becoming more insistent as he pressed her gently against the wall again. Rukia groaned, "Yes, because they will turn the entire place upside down looking for us."

Sure enough, the distinct dulcet of Renji's screams at finding them could be heard closer to them then before. Ichigo groaned and buried his face in the crook of her neck. "I knew I should have killed him earlier," he muttered.

Rukia chuckled slightly as she continued to run her finger through his hair. "Yes, well, if you do not wish for the other side of your jaw to be bruised, we should get back..."

"I'm okay with that," he said stubbornly, pouting when Rukia rolled her eyes and pulled him off. "Well, I'm not," she whispered as she approached him, leaning up to capture his lips gently. "I'm in the mood for dessert later..."

The grin on his face reappeared within seconds, and Rukia knew it was all it took to finally convince him that for at least this moment, it was wise to end this before things went out of control more then they had already. Picking up her things, she sighed when she realized the state she must have been in at that moment. She smiled as Ichigo helped her with her dress, pressing soft kisses onto her skin as he buttoned it. She fixed herself up as best as she could, and with one last kiss, he took her hand and gently pulled her out of the room.

I hope you enjoyed.

Please know that this will continue to be updated with all of my one shots that are NC-17 since there are plenty more to come. ;)