Title: The Hunt
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: IchiRuki
Summary: Halloween Challenge for the IchiRuki FC in Bleach Asylum. Theme is an AU one shot of a vampire hunt. Hu 3

Night had fallen throughout the city and the once raucous streets were consumed by an eerie silence. The barren streets were filled once in a while by the carriages of those who were returning after a night of balls and gathering. But for the most part, there was nothing but the soft flicker of the flames in the lamp post that illuminated the walls with shadows that danced with each howling wind that swept by. The full moon's glow was hidden behind a blanket of ashen clouds, forewarning of a storm in the near distance.

When the city finally surrendered to their deep slumber, the game was ready to begin.

A young man stood perched alone on the roof of a towering building, his eyes narrowed and focused on an empty courtyard below. The wind swept through his orange locks as he leaned forward at the sudden influx of reitsu coming from one particular pathway situated at the entrance on the opposite side of where he was. A feral grin appeared on his face when he recognized who it belonged to, and sure enough, not a moment had passed when a small figure clad in a black cloak drew towards the center of the courtyard cautiously. He watched in amusement as the stranger surveyed the area, completely unaware of his watchful eye from above. It was only after a moment's pause though that the stranger's head tilted slightly towards his direction before turning back to face the opposite alley way. Within a flash, the figure sped through the alley as the man crouched in preparation.

The hunt had begun.


The cloaked figure stopped when it was certain the man was no longer in sight. Taking off the cloak wearily, the woman brushed her raven lock of hair away from her eyes and checked her surroundings. Leaning down, she placed her hand on the cold ground and concentrated on the reitsu she had sensed a moment ago at the courtyard. It was without a doubt his and she cursed at the missed opportunity as only a moment after she had detected it, it had disappeared. It would have been the simplest means of tracking him but now she could only rely on his scent, which she knew would not be enough unless he was very close by. By then it would be far too late. The night was too quiet and without a person in sight but perhaps it was for the best being who she was hunting. Shaking her head, she turned to decide where she would look next.

The man watched her from the shadows, clearly amused at how quickly he could turn the game around. The hunter had easily become the hunted as he watched her follow any trace of reitsu he would allow for a moment. But he was not about to underestimate her just yet. True that the game was usually his, but she was a feisty enough opponent that could easily win this if he weren't careful. She had proven many times that she was more then capable and he did have to admit that it was luck that he did gain the upper hand on occasions. It was probably this that had drawn him to her so long ago. He licked his lips in anticipation as her face turned for a moment to reveal those sapphire blue eyes that had captured his attention the first time she met him. And it was those very eyes that had him waiting for her every night since.


Many hours had passed since she last had felt his presence, but there was a growing unease in her that she was being watched. Anger boiled within her as she tried harder to figure out where he was, but found it useless. Gripping her crossbow tightly, she quickly got up and ran through the maze of cobblestone pathways until coming to a halt when she felt a faint glimmer of his reitsu. Slowly edging towards the corner of the building, her eyes lingered wearily towards the next several dark alleys where it was coming from. She contemplated whether or not it was worth taking a risk, knowing that the bastard was doing this on purpose and enjoying every moment of it. It was nothing more then a game for him. One she was determined to win this night. After a moment of indecision, she steeled her resolve and prepared to make her way to where she sensed his presence. If luck was with her, perhaps she too could reach him without being detected.

She sped through the first few narrow alleys with no trouble, but as she felt him draw closer, her unease grew. Perhaps she had been too hasty in her desire to finally capture him...

It was only when the sight of a dead end stopped her in her tracks that she realized that indeed she had acted too hastily. Panting for breath, she looked around at the small alley she had found herself in. His reitsu had again disappeared and she groaned in frustration.

A trap.

Her heart stopped at the sound of a low growl that filled the silence of the night air. The area was barely lit from the lamp post on the street nearby, but she was able to discern a figure standing within the corner. She slowly backed away as far as possible as her fingers inched towards the trigger of her crossbow, but new it was too late. Not a moment later he was in front of her, that smug grin on his face as she lunged for her stake. But he quickly grasped her wrist and twisted her, molding her back against his chest as he held her tightly to him. "Checkmate," he whispered in her ears as she attempted to pull her arm out of his iron grip. Her eyes narrowed at his amused chuckle and her elbow shot back hard to collide with his chest, knocking the wind out of him as she scrambled to pull away.

Choking on her breath, she lunged towards him with her stake ready but he was much too fast. No sooner had she made it to just a few feet in front of him that he disappeared, only to reappear behind her. Before she could even react, he grabbed her arm and thrust her against the wall. She winced in pain as he pressed her tightly against the cold bricks and attempted to calm her breathing. "You really believe you will be able to take on the one who killed your brother with just this much strength?" he taunted as her eyes narrowed. She struggled uselessly but he held her firmly, twisting her around so that she faced him.

She glared at his smug expression. "I can and I will, and I don't need your help."

"Tsk, Rukia," he laughed. "You do need my help. Your brother was one of the best hunters out there and he was defeated by this guy. You really think you can do any better when you can't even last one night against me?"

Rukia turned her head to the side in anger. "That's because you cheat, Kurosaki."

She stilled when she felt his mouth descend to her neck, licking it playfully. "How many times have I told you to call me Ichigo? And you really think that this guy will not use such means to get to you? You really are very naive if you think that he will play fair."

Her breath remained still as she felt the slight scrape of his teeth against her skin before his face was in front of hers. For a moment she stared into his intense amber eyes while her limbs became nearly immobile at his slightest touch.

"This must stop now", she murmured as his lips brushed lightly against hers. "I can't do this anymore, Kurosaki. I will find what I need on my own."

He looked at her coldly as his brow furrowed. She swallowed and pulled herself quickly away from his grasp and made her way towards the street.

However, she yelped as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back, practically pinning her against the wall. Before she could yell, his lips crushed hers, She shuddered as she used what little power she could muster to slowly reach for the stake in her belt.

As her fingers brushed against the cold wood, she instantly met with a strong pair of fingers that quickly entangled themselves with hers and lifted her hand up. She gasped as she found him slowly taking her wrists and pinning them above her head.

"I do believe this night is not over yet and I did win this time," he murmured, his tongue slowly flicking on her lips as the stake fell uselessly to the ground. She pushed even further against the wall as her brow furrowed.

"Only because you cheated," she scoffed, writhing in his hold while trying to ignore the hand that had let go of her wrist and began traveling down to her cheek. She attempted to free herself from his other hand, but his strength was incredible. Grinning victoriously, his lips slowly descended to her jaw line, kissing and nipping at her soft skin teasingly as she bit her lip to stifle the moan that would betray her resolve to not let this go further. But the more she resisted, the more it seemed to excite him as his lips reached her neck, placing more open mouth kisses along the creamy column as her head arched back. She closed her eyes, waiting for the bite that she knew was going to be the result of her loss. But it seemed he was still not ready yet to relinquish the hold he had on her. His hand that had been brushing her cheek a moment ago descended and palmed one of her breasts. This time, she was unable to hold back the choked gasp as his body grinded against hers.

"S-stop, Kurosa-"

Before she could finish, his eyes looked at her dangerously. "Ichigo..."

Her eyes widened when he suddenly let go of her wrist and grabbed her legs. With complete ease, he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing her further against the wall so that she could stay in place. She shook as his lips returned to her neck, this time engaging in more intense kisses and bites as he ground into her more furiously. She shuddered and without realizing it, slowly tangled her fingers into his hair as thick beads of sweat began to trickle down her forehead. She whimpered softly when his hands groped her breasts again as his lips once again took her. She knew this was wrong, she knew that she needed to end this...

But at the feeling of his tongue seeking entrance, the desperation that she could feel on his lips as he stubbornly kissed her...she couldn't help but allow him to take her just this one night...just one more night. Her mouth opened and he quickly delved his tongue into her mouth, tasting and taking in every inch of her warmth. She turned her head slightly to deepen the kiss as her fingers slowly massaged his neck. She couldn't help the grin when she heard his moan at the feeling and pressed himself harder against her. Her own hands slowly began to descend down his arms. For several moments they remained still, their tongues battling for dominance as the kiss continued to become more intense. Rukia could feel her entire body shuddering, realizing that the kiss was indeed so different from before.

They had met nearly a year ago when she had first begun her search for her brother's killer. At that time Ichigo was completely wild and barbaric, and took her without a care of what she wanted. She never knew even to this day why he did not kill her that very night that he bit her, but after that he would follow her every night. In the end he agreed to help her train in exchange for his own personal benefit. She had regretted it very much that night...but now...

Something had changed. He was more gentle in his mannerism, even though he still got on her nerves more then she liked. But he had become more understanding of her, and because of him she felt more confident to become a hunter when everyone else laughed it off because she was a woman. But if one thing that had not changed, it was the passion and desperation that would there every time he took as he did this night. It unnerved her how much she too had begun to need him..,

She was quickly broken from her thoughts as she felt his lips part from hers and move once more against her neck. Her heart beat furiously as his hands worked on the binds of her blouse. She couldn't help but smirk at the difficulty he seemed to be having, but that smirk quickly disappeared when she heard a sharp rip and the cold night air on her now bare chest. Her eyes widened and turned to where her tattered blouse lay uselessly on the ground.

"You, foo-" Her words were silenced as he quickly raised her body up and began placing kisses against her collarbone. She cried out as his lips continued to descend and latch onto her now bare breasts, suckling on them as her body arched from the sensation. Her entire body trembled as a thick film of sweat began trickling down while he continued to suckle her and palm her neglected breast with his hand. She groaned in pleasure as her forehead rested against his shoulder, unable to do anything but feel his mouth begin to explore every inch of her. She writhed in his grasp, her body unbearably hot from the lingering touch of his hands.

He slowly lowered her to the ground and she staggered back against the wall for support. He took a hold of her, his hands moving the damp strands of hair off her face. Their lips met once more as he kissed her fervently, his hands slowly working on the belt of her pants. She groaned as her hands too reached down, feeling his length and shuddering at what was to happen. He grinned into her mouth as she began to pull at his own belt impatiently. Those garments too fell and were thrown away near the other tattered clothing as Ichigo puller her to him.

But it was when his fingers enter her wet core that she pulled away from his mouth and let out a startled scream. He silenced her immediately with a kiss as his fingers continued to thrust into her. Her own trembling fingers latched onto his arms, her nails digging deeper into his skin as he continued to pleasure her. Yet it was when his name escaped her lips that he growled in approval and removed his fingers. Before another word could be said, he again pulled her up and sheathed himself deeply into her. Her breath nearly left her at the sensation, but could not stop the screams as he slowly pulled out and thrust back into her. It was too much. Their bodies completely molded with one another, moving in a rhythm that had now become their own as he latched onto her neck, sucking greedily as her moans filled the night air.

Her fingers continued to dig deep into his arms, but he didn't seem to notice or care as his lips met hers and kissed her with a passion and desperation she had never felt before. In a few minutes it was over as she felt her climax and shuddered as he too came as well right after her. They stayed still for several moments and attempted to catch their breath. Ichigo placed his mouth softly against her neck and she winced at the pain as his teeth pierced her soft skin, drinking in her sweet crimson blood hungrily. She could feel the blood coursing through her and into his waiting mouth as he held her tightly to him. Her body continued to tremble as he finished, licking her wound softly to ease the sting of the bite. He held her closely to him as her body was too weak to support herself. Her eyes closed, exhaustion and weakness consuming her.


Rukia knew the moment that she woke that she was no longer outside. Instead of the cold brick wall, her back was against a very soft surface with silk sheets seemingly wrapped around her loosely. She groaned at the aches and pains that coursed through her body, her limbs refusing to work. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a small room that she was unfamiliar with. Her throat was completely dry as she swallowed with difficulty, turning her head softly to either side to try and figure out where she was. It was at that moment that her eyes met with his intense amber eyes. He was sitting by her, waiting. When he found her awake and looking at him, he rose from his seat and walked over to her. She quickly pulled herself up and cried out at the sharp pain in her neck and body. He watched her as she fell back onto the bed in defeat and without a word, slowly rested his forehead against hers. Her half lidded eyes turned upwards to look at him. "I really hate you."

"I know…," he chuckled as he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "But I did win, so must be compensated for my time."

"I thought you already did," she muttered as she rubbed the raw wound on her neck, while looking around for any piece of clothing she could find that had been strewn on the ground. "You took more then you usually do tonight." she noted as she finally pushed him away and got up, forcing the pain to subside as she tested the floor lightly. Grabbing the wall, she pulled herself up and made sure to wrap the blanket tightly around her body.

She could feel his eyes watching her every movement, and wished that he would look away. She heard his footsteps approach her and a shuffle of clothing. A thick piece of fabric suddenly covered her shoulder and turned to see his warm cloak wrapped around her. She narrowed her eyes, willing herself not to take in his scent that lingered within each thread of the black fabric.

He looked at her with an unreadable expression before turning his head to a cupboard behind her. "There are some extra clothes in there that you can use. You are at the inn where we first met," he grinned as she gazed at him silently. "Just eat what was brought up for you and head back home. We will continue the training tomorrow."

Rukia groaned from exhaustion, but before she could even attempt to refuse another one of his 'training' sessions, he was already to the door.

"Why are you doing all this..." she blurted out before she could stop herself.

He stopped at the door for a moment, his head turning slightly so she could only catch a glimpse of his eye. Her eyes widened at what she saw within them and silently he left without another glance. She remained there for a minute before turning quietly to look at the sky that had suddenly erupted in a downpour. She clutched the cloak tightly before turning to where he was standing just a moment ago.

What have I gotten myself into...

Taking a deep breath, she touched the wound on her neck and winced at the pain that was still fresh. She did not know how she would be able to get by this. But most of all…she did not know how to escape from the lingering sensation of every touch, every affection he had put on her tonight. Her lips still tingled from the warmth of his mouth and she shook her head quickly, angered at herself for such thoughts. She quickly changed into the clothing that was there for her and placed his cloak around her. As she exited the pub, she looked around for any sign of him, but there was none. She chanced a breath of the scent from his cloak before heading back to the manor, all the while not realizing the longing amber eyes that watched her disappear into the night.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the fic. Been a bit rusty since I haven't written in a while, but I am starting to get back into the stories I'm writing. So hopefully updates for my previous fics will follow. Happy Halloween everyone!