Discaimer: Well, we all know, that Hidekaz made this awsome series. If I was making it: Russia wasn't such a madman, Italy wasn't coward and many, many things was different.

So I was wondering: "What if Italy had to save his friends?" and I've decide to make this fanfic, where our favorite pasta-lover is a hero. It's not any historical connection to a plot (I mean - it isn't based on any histirical event). There will be no pairngs, just friendship and family love..

Our last hope?

They just couldn't believe it. They just couldn't believe that quite strong countries, such as themselves, was defeated and captured so easily. Japan and Germany analyzed every single moment of their battle with Mysterious Enemy and still couldn't see what was the reason of their failure. This analysis, however, wasn't simple. They couldn't quite remember all the details of the battle. They remembered, that in the beginning Japan and Germany was the ones, who were wining. Japan, Germany and Italy went on simple, friendly picnic. They weren't prepared for any battle, during this peaceful meant-to-be morning. But even so, Germany and Japan weren't plain weak without guns and swards. They could defend themselves with their bare hands and this was fact. They quickly put out of action most of their attackers, but there was a weird moment in this failure battle. The moment when they felt strangely dizzy. And from this moment they couldn't bring from their muggy memory what was next.

Despite of reasons, now they were in really miserable situation. They were now sitting in the cell of big fortress in the middle of unknown fields. From the window they could see only grass, rocks and ruins of some ancient buildings. Their cell was small, dirty, cold and pretty much depressing. Kiku and Ludwig were surrounded by walls of black rocks, food they've already received was awful and inadequate, outside of their cell was group of really mean guardians and there were no chance to steal somehow keys. Two times in this whole day Mysterious Enemy came here to take them on tortures. Physical and mental, but for besides of all things – plain cruel.

Now they were sitting in their cell and didn't talk to each other. They was still feeling the pain all over their bodies, and coolness of the cell wouldn't help them. Their wounds were open and no one bothered to fix them. Just twenty hours of this nightmare and both countries already felt tired and miserable. Japan and Germany was still holding on, but the pain and execution made them wonder how long they will be suffer, when somebody help them or kill them.

Ludwig was hugging himself and rubbing he's own arms to feel warm. He looked at Kiku, who was sitting in the corner and watching something on the cell floor. In next moment Japan put up his gaze on Germany and eyes of two prisoners met.

"Do you think…" started quietly Germany. "Do you think we can survive this?"

"It depends, if we want to" answered Japan. Light smile spread on his face, but then changed into sad expression. His eyes came back to floor and then he said: "He don't want any information from us, that's for sure. During tortures he didn't even ask questions. For some reason he captured us, but I don't really know what is his purpose in keeping us."

"Maybe he just want to victimize us." Germany let Japan now his first thought about it. "Maybe his goal is torture us to make us want to die and then we will be killed really painful death."

"It's very likely, but if so, the question is: Did we done something to him, or just he do it all, because it gives him a pleasure?"

"We need to know his identity to find out."

Mysterious Enemy was tall man, taller, then Germany, or even Russia. He was wearing black robe and a white mask, just the same as masks in Venetian Carnival – emotionless and without any individual features. His voice sounded just like it was been changed by some voice-changing recorder; it was deep and creepy. He also wore a hat, that brings to mind Holy Inquisition. When he was showing his hand during tortures (for example touching faces of his two prisoners to make them more uncomfortable) Germany and Japan could realize it was long, osseous and also cold and scratchy in touch. Mysterious Enemy was the creepiest thing they were discovered in last few decades.

Suddenly on Germany's face there was formed little grin. He giggled to his own thought. Japan didn't say anything. He just stared at Ludwig, who give him a lightly happy look and explained:

"Thank God, Italy isn't here with us."

Kiku smiled. "Yeah, Ludwig-san. He's too afraid of pain. He couldn't stand even second in the torture chamber. But now," Japan's face changed into more serious expression. "he is our last hope."

"Our last hope? Yeah, right" said Ludwig with sarcastic tone. "Guy who can't even defend himself; who is the greatest coward we both ever seen, this guy, helping us? Don't say such thing, Kiku. It's better for him not to come near this place. At least one person in former Axis Power formation isn't stuck in this shit."

"Your right, Ludwig-san" said Japan and signed sadly. But still he couldn't stop thinking about Italy like about their last hope. He knew it was ridiculous, but Kiku couldn't help it.


Italy was hiding under ruined wall and staring on the fortress against him. His whole body expressed fear, that hide in his mind. His legs was shaking, his hands suddenly hadn't much strength to hold any weapon, he was sweating and his heart pounding like a crazy. Feliciano was fallowing strange group of soldiers, that captured Kiku and Ludwig, and came here. During all this time, when both his allies was imprisoned, Italy was standing in hidden and just observed. He was afraid, worry, even angry – on Mysterious Enemy and on himself, that he didn't help them.

Why? Why he was always such a coward? Why he always had to be such useless ally? Why he didn't try to be – for once – someone, who can help his own friends? His only friends… He was always such weak nation, despite of his famous grandfather. Always ruled by others. Always bulled by others, who wanted him to be part of his house. And after unification nothing much changed. He still was such weakling.

"Pact of Steel…" whispered Italy and clenched his hands in frustration. Helping them was his responsibility, his duty, a matter of his honor. Germany and Japan always run to save him and he didn't try to save them before. There wasn't such need. But now it's different. This time Ludwig and Kiku didn't have a chance to save themselves. This time someone else have to save them.

And Italy knew it have to be him. Cause they were his allies. Cause they were his friends. Forever and ever.

But even somebody, who wasn't good at strategy, like Italy, could say that lonely attack on huge, armed fortress is pure craziness, so Feliciano needed to make some preparations. He had on his mind some kind of plan, but he knew it will be better if somebody stronger and more experienced in war could support him. However, Italy was mentally prepared for everything, just to help Ludwig and Kiku.

Feliciano stood straight and started to leaving the fields. Last time he looked at fortress, where his allies was kept. Who knows how they feel right now? Who knows what they suffer in this big, scary castle?

"Don't worry" he murmured with determinate gaze on the fortress. "Italy will save ya."