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Italy's weapon

"So, Tino," Arthur gave little Fin the pot. "you look pretty harmless. You're perfect for this job"

"But…" Confused Tino started, but Berwald stood before him like he wanted to block Arthur way to Finland.

"N' w'y." He said or rather growled. "Y' w'n't s'nd h'm."

"I've said already, that I will do it." Feliciano sounded serious.

"And we've told you already, that West ordered us not to send you." Gilbert answered.

"Come on, guys." Italy whined. "Only Italian know, how to make everyone eat pasta. I'm good at trade. They will eat it, even if they hate Italian food."

"Sorry," England put his hand on North Italy's shoulder. "but Germany and Japan are right. Sending you to this fortress will be equal with your death. You aren't strong enough to defend yourself, if something would gone wrong. Look," He smiled friendly. "we know, you really want to help them. You've done a lot, believe me, Italy."

Feliciano rolled his gaze from him to earth. Arthur left him and rest of nations started to looking for next candidate for spy. Canada was looking equally harmless as Finland and North Italy. But France, England and America protested right after Prussia had suggested it. Russia wanted to go, but once he felt a knife behind his back, he knew, Belarus won't let him. Once again they all started to argue. Someone was volunteering himself, someone – from care or just saying, that person didn't suited to quest at all – was refusing. Somebody was fighting with somebody else… And Feliciano was watching it all with bitterness. He felt just like during their meeting, when they were preparing the plan. If they didn't want to let him go from the start, why they didn't choose a spy earlier, when Italies were making pasta?

Feliciano looked at fortress and felt like his heart was tighten in his chest. Ludwig and Kiku was waiting there for help. Every lost minute could have fatal effects. England and Prussia's report were clear – Germany and Japan were in serious states. If they stay in this place, they could even… Feliciano widened his eyes, when this thought crossed his mind. No, he can't let them die. And suddenly he made this decision.

He quickly took the pot with pasta, hugged it tightly and – for everyone's surprise - started to ran with it as fast as he could into fortress' direction.

"What are you doing, bloody git?!" England yelled after him.

"Germany will kill us, if you go there!" America added.

"Feliciano, you dumbass! Stop!" Romano screamed angrily.

They were screaming many other things, but he didn't care. He wasn't thinking on it, why they weren't going after him. He was just blindly running to fortress. The memories of Ludwig and Kiku were flowing in his mind chaotically. The moment, when he met Germany, the moment when tall, scary looking man took him out from box for tomatoes and said: "I have one question to you. Are you descendent of Rome?" And then Italy stopped crying and with light smile asked: "Huh? You know Grandpa Rome? I'm his grandson. I'm silly boy, who likes pasta and pizza…". Next was the moment when Feliciano met Kiku, or actually when Ludwig introduced them to each other. Japanese seemed to be really serious, but after few minutes of talk they got along very well. Then he remembered, how he made a Pact of Steel. And – in the end – how after the WW2, they were still meeting with each other, even if Axis wasn't existing any more.

He finally reached the main entrance to his friends' prison. He put the pot on the ground and took a deep breath. His eyes rolled on the top.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey!" He screamed.

After few seconds he could see heads of ten guardians. Feliciano smiled to himself.

"I'm travelling pasta seller." He tried to sound as innocent as usually, which was hard with his shaking voice, caused by adrenaline. "I heard there are a lot of hungry soldiers out there."

Silence. It seemed that guardians were observing him. Feliciano heard how his heart was pounding crazily in his chest. Please, let it be that he will look as weak as usual. His prayers had been listened, because soon the gate had been opened. Feliciano smiled with relief, took the pot and came inside.

When he was finally there, he had been surrounded by guardians. He frown with fear, but he quickly calmed himself down and wore his usual smile. He had to use all his trade tricks to make them all eat his pasta.

"Come here, come here, dear friends!" He started. His voice was as friendly and enthusiastic as he could manage to make it. "Taste the best pasta from sunny Italia! So hardly working people as you, deserve for five minutes of pleasure." He opened the pot, leaned upon it, took deep breath and said: "Could you feel this aroma?"

"Yummy…" Some guardians whispered with delight. "I want some."

"Yeah, me too."

"You have no plates." Guardian, who seemed to be officer here, said to Italy. "So we have to eat this with fingers?"

"Wait, commander." One of minor soldiers said to him. "We can take the plates from kitchen."

"Good idea." Was commander answer. "Bring them here,"

After few minutes, which made Feliciano nervous, they came back with plates for everyone. Italy started to dish pasta up and soon every guardian in the place (and even some other, who heard about the seller, and came to entry to also eat some pasta) was eating the dish without any manners. Some five minutes later they were sleeping on the floor, because of potion from Romano's mafia. Feliciano started to check their pockets in search of any cell keys. He found only one, inside of commander uniform.

"Well, I guess it must be it. After all, Kiku and Ludwig are only prisoners here."

He hoped all guardians in the fortress were now lying on the floor, but if not, he took the pot with him. Fortunately it was a lot light then in first place.

"Now, where I should go?" He asked himself.

Then he smiled. He remembered Arthur's words that Germany and Japan are kept two floors down. So Italy looked around for any stairs, which was going down. When his gaze stopped on left side, he grinned even wider to himself and looked up.

"I hope, you see me, grandpa."

He dashed in stairs' direction and soon found himself in the completely empty hallway. It was dark and silent. Italy could barely see anything only, because of thin windows and torches, hanged on the black walls. But he soon realized it was absolutely no guardians there. It seemed, he only had to find Germany and Japan. So he started to slowly walking through the hallway and observing every cell, still holding pasta with himself. His heart was pounding like crazy. He knew, he had to be afraid of Mysterious Enemy, but on the other hand – his hope of rescuing Ludwig and Kiku was growing with every minute of walking through the dungeons. And when he finally saw them, he dropped the pot on the floor and quickly rushed to his friends.

Sound of metal pot, dropped on the floor, made both prisoners look at the hallway in search of either Mysterious Enemy, or rescue. They frown with disbelief, when they saw happy Feliciano. And when Italian reached the bars of their cell and grinned to them, Germany hissed:

"What are you doing here, Feliciano? I told them to not send you."

Italy's expression suddenly became serious.

"They were arguing about who should go for too long. And I solved this problem. I'm sorry, Ludwig, but" He smiled. "at least this time I can do something to help you both."

They all stayed in silence for a moment. Germany and Japan was observing with amazement Italy. His gaze was sad for a moment, but then suddenly his usual grin came back to him and he drew out the key from his pocket.

"Don't worry about guards. They're now sleeping. We can easily get out from here. United Nations will take care of you as soon as we will be outside." He was talking to them with excitement, trying with his shaking hand to put the key into keyhole.

"Feliciano, look out!" Germany suddenly screamed.

But it was too late. Italy felt how his head had been unexpectedly hit so hard, that he barely turned himself to his attacker and then he fall on the floor.

"Feliciano-san!" Kiku cried with fear.

His and Ludwig's eyes rolled from their friend to Mysterious Enemy, who was standing upon Italy. Feliciano hardly could put his gaze up. His head was horribly aching and his heart was pounding even quicker then in first time. Pain and fear paralyzed him, when he saw this horrific, laughing eyes behind Venetian mask.

"Well, well, well. Look who'd came here this time. Descendent of Great Rome, Italy."

"Leave him alone!" Ludwig barked, but Mysterious Enemy didn't pay attention on him.

"I know you better, then you think, Italy." He suddenly put his foot up and stood on Feliciano's left hand, crushing few of Italian's bones and making him scream with pain. Then executer took his boot away and hissed with giggle: "Poor, little Italy. You came all the way here, thinking, you can do something; that this time you will be the hero. But you was just fooling yourself." He kicked Feliciano's stomach so hard that Italian hit the bars of cell. Then Mysterious Enemy caught his victim by the collar and put him up, pinning to the cell. "You always were weak. You needed protection of others to survive. And you were so happy with this way of thing." He hit him once again into stomach. Italy choked and from mouth flew on the floor some blood. "So you didn't become stronger even a bit. You grew up into big, useless crybaby." He loosed his caught and just let Feliciano fall on the floor. "You're just worthless, weak coward, Italy."

Feliciano tried not to think about pain. He was shaking and all his body was aching, but he was thinking about what grandpa Rome told him.

"…Man, that you're talking about, isn't human. You can't defeat him just like that, but you still have good weapon to do it."

"Weapon? You mean pasta?"

"No. Not pasta, Chibitalia. I meant this."

Feliciano still couldn't understand what kind of weapon against this terrifying guy, could be his – Italy's – heart. How he supposed to defeat Mysterious Enemy with heart?

Meanwhile Ludwig and Kiku were helplessly watching how his friend was victimized by Mysterious Enemy. They wanted to do something, but they felt useless. They couldn't defend Feliciano. They couldn't stand up and protect him as they were always doing. They could only watch and clenching their fists with hopeless anger. And when Italy landed on the floor before their cell and with a lot of effort put up his shaking head, he smiled to them. Then he pointed up little finger of his healthy, right hand and said:

"I'm… sorry… Ludwig."

Stunned Germany kneeled near him. Only cell bars were separating them from each other. Ludwig remembered the Pact of Steel. He remembered how he and Italy made it. And he felt a lot worse. He could see tears in glassy eyes of his friend.

"I've… I've tried, but I couldn't help you just like you helped me."

"Feliciano…" Ludwig whispered like he was about to cry, but Mysterious Enemy drew out from his belt knife and kneeled beside Italian.

"I will let you live and escape, Italy. I know you want to get away from here, to save your own life. So just leave those two and forget about something like friendship."

"I won't… escape." Was Feliciano's response. "I've came here… to help them… to rescue them. If I… If I now run away, what kind of friend I will be?"

Mysterious Enemy lurched. His eyes widened, but then his balance returned to him and he became angry.

"Die, Italy." Mysterious Enemy said, rising knife to drove it into Feliciano's back.

Italy closed his eyes and prepared himself for death. He knew he failed and he couldn't do anything to change it. He didn't rescued Germany and Japan. He wasn't useful. In the end he was once again worthless, weak, coward, Feliciano Vargas. He could hear the move in the air, when Mysterious Enemy rose his hand upon him and when he cast it down, like a hammer.

But knife didn't drown in the Italian's back, as Feliciano suspected. He was waiting for pain, but he didn't feel it, even after minute. He felt only something wet on his cloth. With fear he slowly turned his gaze and saw knife few inched from his back. The blade of the knife was tightly held by Ludwig's hand. Blood drops was running from finger to Feliciano's cloth.

"I've just realized something." Ludwig started to Mysterious Enemy. "You feed yourself with betrayal."

"Betrayal?" Kiku whispered with disbelief. Ludwig turned his face to him.

"Don't you remember, what he said, when he was practicing 'Toca' on me and you told him to stop?"

I wonder if you still will be a hero, when you know, that as long as Germany's suffering is extending, your pain isn't experienced by you. And who knows? Maybe if I get tired with him, I'll give up with you?

"Or when Gilbert and Arthur came to us? What kind of proposition he gave me?"

I wonder, what would your brother do, if I give him that kind of proposition: I will exchange him for you and England.

"But friendship…" Germany looked back to Mysterious Enemy. "Friendship makes you weak. That's why you left us alone, when I stood for Kiku. And that's why you now feel fragile, when Feliciano refused to you."

"Grandpa said that you aren't human." Italy added. He felt really dizzy from his head wound, but he turned it into Mysterious Enemy's direction. "Before he returned to underworld, he said: 'This demon must be stopped.' Now I understand everything. You are evil spirit, who needs pain and betrayal to stay strong."

"But you lost." Germany smiled, took the knife and threw it away. "We know your weak point and you don't have advantage upon us."

"Yes, I have. I still have enough power to play with all three of you."

"Oh, really?" England asked. "So maybe we should join to game?"

Mysterious Enemy was surrounded by United Nations. Italy smiled to himself and fainted. Mysterious Enemy stood up. His eyes was full of bitterness and anger. Suddenly, in one second, he just disappeared. Nations were stunned for a moment, but when they all saw the conditions of Kiku, Ludwig and Feliciano, they decided to help them. Romano rushed to unconscious Feliciano. Gilbert took key, which was lying on the floor. He opened the cell and with help of Vash, Arthur and Yao came inside with first aid.

When Ludwig's hand was been fixing by Vash, he looked at unconscious Feliciano, who was under care of Tino.

"Tell, everything will be OK with him." He suddenly said to Finland, who smiled to him.

"He has broken hand and some really ugly wound on head, but he will be fine." Tino answered.

"He was amazing in this three days." Lithuania, who was fixing Italy's hand, added with light grin. "Brave, demanding and serious. He was determinate to save you, guys."

All nations told Germany and Japan about Italy's plan with pasta and that he was prepared even for lost of his lands to help them. In the end both of them was too shocked and too touched to say anything.

They were silent, when they were transported into ambulances and when they met in one hospital room with still unconscious Italy. All this – pain after tortures, fear, tiredness after three days of no sleep, and information about Feliciano's effort to help them – was spinning in their heads. Now they only needed to rest and to forget about everything. So they fallen asleep and they were sleeping in hospital beds for unknown amount of time.

Germany was first, who woke up. Room was drowning in the navy blue darkness. From wide windows he could see the metropolis in the midnight lights. Ludwig looked at the bed on his left side, where was lying Feliciano. White bandage around his head and on his left hand was strangely illuminating in the darkness, but he was more focus on Italy's chubby, innocent face with expression of delight. German smiled. He had seen him like that many times, when Italian sneaked to his bed and was dreaming about something nice – about pretty girl, his grandpa or pasta. And this time Germany thought that Italy deserved for any kind of beautiful dream after all what he had done.

Ludwig observed slumbering Feliciano and still was amazed by Italian's determination. He felt like he was about to cry in happiness. Italy was his friend, he always knew it, but this time Germany was feeling bond between himself and Italy more, then anytime before. He wasn't sure how many of his "friends" would do the same thing as this little Italian, but there was no doubt about Feliciano's loyalty. And Ludwig was endlessly happy that he met him this one beautiful day during World War I. He wanted to say many things to his friend, when little Feliciano finally wake up. He wanted to show him all his gratefulness, all his happiness.

"Ludwig-san…" Soft whisper ordered Germany to turn his gaze to his right side, where was lying Japan. When he finally done it, Kiku said: "How long you doesn't sleep?"

"Not too long. I've woke up few minutes ago. And you?"

"One minute ago." Japanese answered and rolled his eyes to his leg, hanged on a sling.

"Kiku, are you OK?" Germany's voice was full of worry. Japan once again looked at him and smiled lightly.

"I'm fine, Ludwig-san. Everything is OK." Suddenly his eyes changed into sadder gaze and he added: "Ludwig-san, do you think this monster can return?"

"Even so, we have good weapon against him. Next time he won't take us so easily."

There was silence between them. They both didn't looked at each other and rather drown in their memories from fortress. Germany let tears drop on sheet of his hospital bed. He remembered all this times, when he wanted to sober, but he had to stay strong for Japan. He covered his eyes in hands and started to rub it, like he was cleaning his face with water. But noises of sobs could be easily heard.

And suddenly Ludwig felt someone's arms, hugging him in tight, warm embrace. Even if his vision was blurred by tears, he knew who was holding him so kindly. Smell and feeling of this person's arms was too familiar to mistake it with someone else. He was held like that repeatedly, sometimes even against his will, but now… Now Germany buried in Italy's hug with relief.

"If it will make you feel better," Feliciano whispered to his ear. "you can tell me everything or not, Ludwig. I won't be insisting."

So Ludwig didn't said anything. He just cried, really long in Feliciano's arms, until he felt that he can't shed any more tears. His heart was light and peaceful again. Then he tenderly broke the hug and looked at Feliciano, who wore his usual goofy smile.

But then they both gazed at Kiku. They nodded to each other and Ludwig got out from bed. Because Italy seemed to be still a bit dizzy, Germany helped him walk to Japan, who looked surprised that they were directing to him. When they both finally was at Kiku's bed and he saw their grinned faces, he felt a little nervous. And when they caught him in their embraces, he felt a mix of embarrassment, lack of breath, pain in the wounds from needles, and – warmth. His cheeks had been covered with blush. Japan wanted to scream at them and broke this hug, but he hadn't done it. Somewhere in the back of head he was happy, that he had been hugged, especially by those two.

"Good to have you again, Feliciano-san." He said to Italy.

"Yeah." Germany agreed. "You don't even know, how much we missed you."

"I also missed you, guys." Italy answered and looked on both of his friends. For a moment he seemed to be bothered by something, but then he grinned and said with his usual enthusiasm: "Hey, how about pasta on tomorrow's breakfast?"

And he – just like that – broke from mass hug and ran to entrance. Japan and Germany stared at him with disbelief.

"I will ask in the kitchen, if they could make it for us." He reached the door and opened it.

"Feliciano, wait!" Germany called after him, but Italy was already in the hallway.

For a few seconds Ludwig and Kiku were glaring at each other, but then they started to laugh so hardly, that probably they woke up whole hospital. When they finally stopped, Japan was first to speak:

"We have really weird friend, Ludwig-san."

"Yeah, but we are damn lucky, Kiku." Germany said with smile.