Will they kill jace? (I know you're all most likely going KILL HIM KILL HIM) read on to find out~



There he was, with that little smirk on his face. But he wasn't facing me he was looking directly at Edward. "Back for more love" he whispered almost silently walking closer to him. I looked over at Edward. 'Attack him!' I thought. I lunged at him colliding into his hard body slamming him onto the ground. "Leave us, leave me" I hissed, "And leave Bella!"

"No! I will not leave without taking back what rightfully belongs to me! You Mary!" He roared, "You're not Bella's, Bella isn't yours. You are mine!" He threw me off him flying into a tree collapsing onto the ground as I cringed at the pain. He was as strong as Emmett. I quickly got up into a crouching position snarling at him. "I am Bella's no one else's Jace. Edward, Help me out here."

"Mary...." He whispered out brokenly his face contorted in pain, he collapsed into his knees. "I can't live without being by your side, I found you, and I can't leave you just yet. I just want to be with you" His shoulders rocked back and forth from his dry sobs. I felt sorry for him. I quickly stood up and walked over to him placing my hand on his shoulder, "I'm so sorry, but you will be no more than a friend to me."

He froze and my eyes glazed over and I saw what was going to happen next but I was too late. He grabbed my left ankle and snapped it in one go. I yelped in pain and slammed my other hand on his other shoulder and started clamping my hands down on them hearing the bones creak from the stress; about to snap. I kept my weight on my uninjured leg.' Edward!!!' I yelled in my mind. 'Help!!'

Jace grabbed my injured leg and snapped at bone at below the knee. I arched my back closer to him and groaned in pain, but he only made my close my hands on his shoulders harder and harder until I heard the loud cracks I wanted to hear. "You bitch, I will fucking kill you" He screeched grabbing my waist while his other hand repeatedly pummelled itself into my stomach and ribs each time the cracks audibly heard. I blanked out while he was doing this for milliseconds at a time but I put the pieces together. 'Edward! Kiss him, he will stop and then I will get him.'

I gasped every time he struck his fist into me until He froze after Edward whispered "Kiss me Jacey."

Jace let me drop onto the ground and walked over to Edward wrapping his arms around his waist kissing him deeply slipping his tongue in Edward's mouth. I got up limping I picked up a thick tree branch that was sharpened at the end and with my good leg I pushed off it and propelled towards Jace. 'Move, Edward! Now!' my thoughts urged and just in the nick of time he sidestepped away from the target as the tree branch penetrated through Jace's back and out through his stomach. With him skewered on the log I closed my eyes shut tightly and stood on my injured leg to push both me and him to nearby tree as hard as I could so that the log would get stuck in the tree and Jace would be stuck.

"Edward rip his legs off!" I half yelled-half moaned from the pain as I took hold of one of his arms and ripped it off quickly ripping off the other, Edward had already managed to rip of his legs and Jace was moaning squirming without any limbs. I wanted him to suffer. I closed my eyes and turned away from him. "Okay Edward, burn him, and the pieces"

I started to walk back towards Bella but collapsed but before I hit the ground Edwards arms caught me and he picked me up, "Hey Alice, I'm truly sorry, for everything, I talked to Bella and she told me how much you meant to her, and I knew you were the one for her, not me" he smiled sadly. "Now lets get you back to her, then we have to get Carlisle down here"

"Alice! What happened? Are you alright? I knew I shouldn't have let you gone." Bella said as soon as she saw me in Edwards's arms; her voice high-pitched. "Bella I'm fine, the main thing is Jace won't be bothering us anymore, I only have some broken bones. It's not that bad, they will be healed by the end of this week and my fingers-" I shot an angry glance at Edward, "-Will reattach good as new" I smiled. Bella looked bewildered.

"How can you be so happy and cheerful about this? You're missing two fingers and you looks hurt... really hurt"' she asked incredulous. I just grinned and jumped out of Edwards's arms onto my good leg and hopping and twisting in mid-air to flop down on Bella's bed next to her. "Because silly, I'm with you!" I giggled poking the human's waist and giggling more.

"Errr.. Bella she tends to act like this when she gets hurt. Just so you know" I heard Edward inform Bella. I pouted but it quickly turned back into a grin. I lifted off my shirt and looked down at my ribs and poked it once. "Oh shit... that hurts!" I almost yelled. "Don't touch it Alice, please don't" I looked up at Bella and she looked like she was about to vomit. "I hope you don't mind being my nurse for a few days" I smiled.

"Carlisle will be here any minuet, is it okay if I leave? Tanya is probably wondering where I am" Edward asked. I nodded, "But wait... WAIT!! I want my finger back" I said as he was about to jump out of the window. "Oh right, I nearly forgot" Edward laughed as his hand dived down his pants and he threw the finger at me. I didn't attempt to catch it I just meowed at Bella. Everything was perfect now. Jace was gone, and Edward had Tanya.

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