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". . ." spoken

'. . .' thought

Iruka sighed and shifted in his chair. He didn't bother getting up. He'd spent the last hour pacing the small hospital room and now he was tried as well as restlessly bored. He sighed again and stared forcefully out the window. The sun was just starting to rise, painting the sky a blushing pink. He tried to watch the breath taking scene, but he eyes refused and kept trying to stare at the figure in the nearby bed. Finally he gave in and looked.

Kakashi was as white as the sheets he laid on. He looked thinner and more frail then he had the last time Iruka had seen him. 'Stupid idiot,' the chunin thought. 'You'd think he'd have something better to do then get alcohol poisoning.' Before he could stop himself, Iruka brushed a piece of hair away from Kakashi's face. He frowned at both his traitorous hand and the deep black circles around Kakashi's eyes. 'Stupid fool! Should have been sleeping instead of drinking.'

Iruka climbed tiredly to his feet and started to pace once more. Seven steps to the door, turn, seven steps to the opposite wall, turn, seven steps to the door, turn. Over and over he counted his steps. The steady tap of his feet on the tile helped to calm him. He stopped short when he started to yawn. "I should be sleeping," he mumbled grumpily, but he knew there was no way he could go home now. Tsunade had come herself to his home at 3:21 in the morning to tell him what Kakashi had done. Iruka had taken only a second to pull on a shirt before following her to the hospital; thanking Kami Misai had called the Hokage when Kakashi had finally passed out.

"Fucking arrogant idiot," he growled. His voice cracked as his chest grew tight. His eyes started to burn, but he blinked rapidly determined not to cry. Why should he care that some cold hearted jounin had tried to drink himself to death? He couldn't help but gasp as his breath caught and the tears started to fall. He couldn't stop it so he simply covered his face, hoping to hide until he could get a grip on himself once more. 'Damn you Kakashi, how could you do this to yourself? If you had . . . If you had . . .' Iruka couldn't finish the thought. It was too painful. He took a few calming breaths and wiped his face quickly before he sat down once more, and rested his hands on the jounin's bed.

For a month he had fought himself, determined to harden his heart, to make himself not care, to make himself hate the jounin that had broken him down for so long, but here he was sitting at his bed side waiting for him to wake up, praying that he would be okay. After all that had happened, all that had been said or that had needed to be said but had been ignored, here he was no closer to hating the silvered haired idiot then he had been the first day. He loved Kakashi with all his heart and he sometimes couldn't understand why. It seemed like every time Iruka would find a reason Kakashi would do something to destroy it, breaking Iruka's heart just a bit more in the process, until Iruka had no choice but to try and turn his back. He hadn't wanted to, he still didn't, but he couldn't be everything to Kakashi and gain nothing in return. Not without losing himself.

Iruka yawned again and laid his head down on the side of the bed. 'Just for a second,' he thought. He couldn't stay much longer, he had to leave before Kakashi woke up.

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