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His eye patch and mask were gone and Iruka could see the tears spilling from his eyes. He was curled up tightly, his blanket clad knees pressed to his chest. He was shaking slightly. Iruka closed the door quickly. He couldn't leave Kakashi alone like this and he wouldn't let anyone else see him so vulnerable.

"Kakashi," he whispered as he walked back over to the bed.

The older nin didn't look at him, he just cried harder. Iruka winced, his heart clenching. He couldn't stop himself as he climbed into the bed and pulled the sobbing man to him, holding him as tightly as he could.

"Please Ruka. Please don't leave me. I'm sorry . . . I'm so fucking sorry. I was a coward and a fool. I was so afraid of . . . of what would happen. I was an asshole . . . and I know I . . . I don't deserve your forgiveness, but please . . ." Kakashi sobbed, his voice growing louder as he cried even harder. He pressed his face against Iruka's neck before going on. " I love you so fucking much. Iruka . . . please believe me. I need you Iruka . . . only you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and never leave your side again. Please Iruka . . . give me one more chance. I swear . . . I swear . . . on Obito and . . . and Rin and my sensei that . . . that I'll never hurt you again! Please Ruka!" the Copy nin wailed.

Iruka didn't know what to say. In the two year they had been together he had never seen Kakashi so open, so unguarded. There was no way he was faking. And he had sworn an oath on his former teammates and sensei, Iruka more than understood the significance. Kakashi was serious, he wasn't lying.

Iruka felt a weight lift from his heart. Kakashi loved him. Iruka only wished he had been able to say so without being forced to fall so low. He grasped the older ninja's chin and made his look into his eyes.

"Please don't cry anymore Kashi. I believe you and I forgive you," he whispered before kissing his jounin's tear stained lips.

Kakashi moaned softly and kissed him back, but Iruka pulled away all too soon, mindful of Kakashi's exhaustion. Iruka looked seriously into the jounin's bloodshot eyes. "This doesn't make everything okay Kashi. We still have a lot to talk about. Things can't be like they were before."

"I know Ruka, I know," Kakashi babbled softly, his breath catching as he tried to calm down.

"Shh. . . no more tears. We can deal with this later. . . just rest for now," Iruka whispered as he snuggled the shaking man to his chest.

Tsunade sighed softly as she watched the two men sleeping soundly in the small bed. Kakashi was curled up to Iruka's chest and the young chunin was holding him tightly. Kakashi was still pale. Rest and food would help. Iruka, though he wasn't sick, didn't look much better. His eyes were puffy from crying and the dark rings around them said he'd been losing sleep. She didn't know who she was more worried about. Kakashi had almost drank himself to death only a few hours before, but Iruka had spent the last few weeks so depressed and despondent she was surprised he hadn't already done the same thing.

"What am I going to do with you two?" she whispered softly before she turned away and closed the door behind her.

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