Itasasu Love Story

Chapter Ten


(I Don't Know Why I Try so hard, I guess my Heart just wants you back so much)



"That was actually pretty fun...Hope to do It again...very soon..." Pein smiles, Then leaves Sasuke alone, Tied up, And duck taped...

Sasuke proceeded to cry himself to sleep, Hoping that would make him less emotional...


Sasuke awoke drenched in tears that were wet and dry, He winced in pain, Then yawned, Blinking the sleep away from his eyes he realized the he was still tied and chained, But Pein must have came in and taken of the duck tape while he was passed out, Sasuke began to remember what happened last night, New tears started forming in his eyes.

"I-Itachi...N-Now your going to hate me...Aren't you..? Oh well...After all this I could just go home and finish what I started...And this time, I'll make sure Naruto doesn't save me...As long as I got to die with you as my first Itachi...I'm happy..."

The tears that were forming began to fall down his pale cheeks, He jumped up the door slammed open.

"So...Your finally awake..."


"You can't call me that anymore got it..."


" kono inbai ga..."

"I-I but-But you don't understand it was Pein wh-"

"I don't care..." Itachi walks over to Sasuke and un-chains him "Achi Ike Yo...kondo."

The coldness in Itachi's voice made Sasuke want to cry, But he stood up and began to walk out, Stopping at the door he turns around to take one last look at Itachi with sad eyes.

"Itachi... Zutto aishite imasu..." He paused for a moment and starred up into Itachi's cold eyes "You'll be in my dreams...Forever...I-I'm happy you were my first...Maybe we'll meet again...In my dreams..."

Itachi said nothing, Making Sasuke's heart ache even more than it already was, He just left and started making his way to the nearest forest.

Back in the room were Sasuke had just ran away a poof of smoke could be seen, Along with a sinister chuckle of victory, As the smoke lessoned, Pein could be seen.

"Well...That was easier than I thought it would be...Now Itachi has to come back to Akatsuki..."

"But...That Sasuke kid is probably going to kill himself..." A women points out as she comes out from under the bed.

"Konan. So it was you under there...Why?"

"I wanted to make sure that the kid wouldn't attack you..."

"I See...And you think he is going to kill himself...?"

"Well, Yeah...He just lost the love of his life..You could just hear the depression in his voice..."

"Konan, You know as Akatsuki were not suppose to care about other peoples feelings...Your just here for love anyway...We all know that..."

"T-Then what are you here for Pein-Sama?"

"That's obvious...I want to gain control of the strongest people I can get...Then Make them become my minions as I rule the world..."

"T-Then why?"

"Why what?" Pein repeats, Almost wanting to hit the women for asking so many stupid questions

"W-Why can't you just let Sasuke and Itachi in Akatsuki...That way you would all be happy..."

"Because, I hate love...And Sasuke is a wimp...He wouldn't last one second in a battle field..."


"That's enough. I'm getting tired of your voice...Now I'm going to wait for Itachi's arrival, You just go shopping or something...And leave me be..."


Pein made his way down the stairs, Only to have a hand grab his throat and bash him into the wall.

"Where's Sasuke?"

Pein opens his eyes calmly, Revealing Itachi's hate-filled ones.

"Who?" Pein says chuckling

"Who know exactly who....He has Black hair, Black eyes, Kind of looks like me, And a bit wimpish..."

"Oh, You mean him...Your too late you missed him, And the show." Pein smirks

"Show? What show?!"

"Oh, Nothing much really I just fucked his brains out that's all..."

"Pein...I'll kill you!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you...Sasuke seemed pretty depressed when he left here..."


"I transformed into you and told him some...Things..."

"Like what!?"

"Just different things...But, I think Sasuke might be already dead, He said something about always loving you and how you'll be in his dreams..."

Itachi threw Pein to the side and ran outside panicking.


I hope you liked it...

Sorry I know it's been Awhile...Gomenasai T.T


kono inbai ga- You are a whore

Achi Ike Yo- Get Out Of here

kondo- Now

Zutto aishite imasu- I'll always love you

I think that was all if I forgot to translate a sentence or a word you didn't know tell me...